Wall Street Survivor Review: Free Stock Simulator and Courses?

Wall Street Survivor Review

In today’s Wall Street Survivor review, we stumbled upon a company offering a free stock simulator and courses. The tool is a part of a well-known education company Stock Track. But free tools are usually a facade, which is why you should read our evaluation before committing.

But unlike Mtrade24, this firm is a reliable option for traders of all kinds. Besides being free to use, it can assist traders in enhancing their skills, especially beginners. Read on to better understand how it works and what it offers before making a decision.

About Wall Street Survivor

The leading global supplier of fantasy trading simulators to corporate, scholarly, and retail markets is Stock-Trak. On the other hand, Wall Street Survivor is a virtual stock game, or perhaps better described as a stimulating stock market.

With it, traders can invest fictitious funds and purchase stocks at market value. Traders can improve their skills and try out new techniques in live trading with this tool. A Wall Street Survivor account will be created with a virtual cash balance. Traders can purchase and sell virtual equities with this money, which is a simulated sum rather than actual cash.

Additionally, the tool offers instructional materials to assist users in learning about trading and investing. This consists of tutorials, articles, and other materials to enhance their stock market comprehension. Let’s check out the features in detail below.

Company Type Stock Market Simulator
Legal name Stock-Trak Inc.
Regulation Not expected
Registered in 101 Marcel-Laurin Boulevard, 330, Montreal, State H4N 2M3, CA
Established 2022
Website wallstreetsurvivor.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If a withdrawal is possible Yes
  • Free to use
If Active on Social Media:
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, Canada, United Kingdom;
Main threats None;
Main perks Free to use;

Wall Street Survivor Features

The Wall Street Survivor free stock market game is a rather interesting thing. Users can start their competitions for their class or group or participate in the monthly competitions for a chance to earn a portion of the $2,000 in prizes. 

To assist users in making wise investment selections, the platform also provides a variety of investing ideas and tactics. The platform offers guides on a variety of subjects, including stock reading, how to begin buying stocks, different investing strategies, and things to consider when selecting a broker.

Additionally, they offer stock charting for novices, what stocks to purchase, short selling, penny stocks, and their operation. Beginners can learn the fundamentals of trading and investing with the aid of these guides.

Traders can also make use of the Crypto trading simulator and read investing Wall Street Survivor courses that are best for beginners. Furthermore, traders can learn where are the best stocks to buy, play a financial literacy game, and learn all about getting started with stocks.

Wall Street Survivor Price

The Wall Street Survivor subscription is not required, as everything is provided for free. Users are not required to pay anything upfront or subscribe to a monthly service. Instead, upon registering, traders will receive virtual funds that they can use to trade stocks.

If you ever encounter a firm that advertises free services but requires your card on file, we advise against using them. If the services are free, taking your card information is absurd and you should never trust in the reliability of those companies.

Wall Street Survivor Reviews

Many traders praised the Wall Street Survivor app, while some had discouraging words. There are only 6 comments on Sitejabber and one 1-star review. The trader complained about the slow website and advised it could use a lot of improvement. Another 3-star comment suggested the same.

We were also able to find this discussion on Quora, where traders advise this tool is a safe and reliable option that is best suitable for beginners. Not many people commented on this post but it is important to note that the platform is active on social media with countless followers.

How Does It Work?

The website teaches users about investing, debt, and personal finance using articles, videos, and other materials. Gamification is used to teach lessons; users must complete missions to advance to the next level.

Traders will be rewarded with virtual funds that they can use to invest in stocks, which helps test their abilities and enhance their skills. The website makes money through referrals and advertising.

The platform makes its educational content available via partner websites and academic institutions like Seeking Alpha, Yale University, The Motley Fool, and Daily Finance. By using the Wall Street Survivor stock market simulator, traders will improve their skills and understanding of the market.

Final Words…

Despite being free, traders are still required to register at the Wall Street Survivor login page before using the simulator. The sources for educational resources are confirmed to be reliable, traders are leaving positive feedback, and WSS is overall a legit and useful platform.

When choosing a business, doesn’t matter if it’s a broker, proprietary firm, or trading tool, you should avoid ones that lack transparency like Inst-Global. Luckily, this platform is a transparent company that you can trust. 

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FAQ Section

What is Wall Street Survivor?

It is a virtual stock market game that allows users to invest fictitious funds and purchase stocks at market value, helping them improve their trading skills and try out new techniques without risking real money.

Is Wall Street Survivor Legit?

Yes, it is a legitimate platform that offers free stock market simulation and educational resources to help users learn about trading and investing.

Is It Better to Trade With a Prop Firm or a Broker?

Trading with a proprietary firm can offer advantages over trading with a broker, such as access to more capital, higher leverage, and potential for higher profits without risking your own money.

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