Wallmine Review 2024: Make Informed Decisions With Wallmine.com

Wallmine Review

If you are online looking for a good stock screener or new investment opportunities, our Wallmine review is the perfect place for you. We talk about features, pricing, reviews, and many more to present you with facts so you can decide if this tool is the right one for you. 

Among other things, the portal gives users access to advanced screening tools, an infinite number of portfolios, news coverage, and a daily newsletter. But with so many other comparable platforms out there on the internet, it’s critical to know if Wallmine is a reputable business.

About Wallmine

As you can learn about trading with The Trade Academy, Wallmine helps investors find and research new investment opportunities by providing them with a modern Wallmine stock screener, insider trading information, market news, portfolio tracking, as well as a cryptocurrency screener.

Wallmine has had tremendous development, with an anticipated revenue of over $9 million, as a result of its dedication to giving ordinary investors access to the same caliber of financial data and analysis as institutional investors.

Although Wallmine does not provide brokerage services, users can efficiently manage their portfolios by combining the platform with a different brokerage account. Keep reading our Wallmine review to learn more. 

Company Type Trading Tool
Legal name HODL s.r.o
Regulation Not expected
Registered in Rybna 24, Prague, 110 00, CZ
Established 2017
Website wallmine.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If a withdrawal is possible Depends on the broker;
  • No additional fees
If Active on Social Media:
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, Argentina, Canada, India, Dominican Republic;
Main threats Lack of transparency;
Main perks Great stock screener;

Legal Information

Like Statmetrics, Wallmine company is also not required nor expected to be a regulated entity. Instead, firms like these provide security measures in different ways, like protecting your personal information and offering security protocols like SSL. Luckily, Wallmine adheres to those rules. 

Regulatory requirements in these situations fall onto the broker you plan on using. If the broker is regulated, there is nothing to worry about. A regulated broker combined with Wallmine is the right step toward a profitable trading journey. 

Wallmine Features

Wallmine provides a flexible range of tools that are aimed at both the cryptocurrency market and regular stock markets. The platform offers traders and investors looking for in-depth analysis and insights a full feature set.

Portfolio Tracking:

  • Monitor the performance of portfolios
  • Analyze asset allocation within portfolios
  • Track dividend income
  • Evaluate and manage portfolio risks

Search SEC Filings:

  • Easily search and access SEC filings
  • Annotate, Download XLSX, and Look Up Similar Tables

Stock Screener: Filter, compare, and track stocks based on specific criteria.

Insiders Trading: Monitor and analyze how company executives are trading.

Heat Map: Provide a visual representation of ratios and metrics.

Histogram: View ratios across different industries.

Bubbles: Slice and dice ratios interactively for deeper insights.

Wallmine Crypto Screener: Filter, compare, and track various coins and tokens.

Heat Map (Cryptocurrency): Visualize ratios and metrics in the cryptocurrency market.

Bubbles (Cryptocurrency): Slice and dice indicators for a more granular understanding.

Wallmine Pricing

Here is a breakdown of the plans, costs, and features they offer: 

Hobbyist $50/month

  • Best for individuals
  • No ads
  • Unlimited portfolios
  • Unlimited stock screener
  • Extract tables to Excel from SEC filings
  • Full-text search SEC filings
  • Keep your highlights private
  • Look up similar tables in SEC filings
  • Combine historical tables in SEC filings

Professional $250/month

  • Best for teams
  • Commercial use
  • Every feature in Hobbyist
  • Consolidated billing
  • Shared portfolios
  • Shared stock screener configurations
  • Share your notes, highlights, and comments with your colleagues in private groups

Wallmine Reviews

There are no reviews on any well-known networks like Trustpilot, however, we were able to dig up a helpful Wallmine Reddit profile where traders left comments about the tool. While the profile belongs to the firm, it’s still a helpful way to learn what traders think since there are no other options. 

The unfavorable comments are focused on Wallmine not tracking stock splits properly and there is a discussion where one trader mentioned he isn’t satisfied with the tool but provided no reasons. Considering the company was established so long ago, we expected at least a couple of hundred comments. 

Payment Options and Process

Like with many similar tools, the only payment options are credit/debit cards, which include Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, and American Express. If you’re not comfortable with leaving your details online, you can also pay using PayPal. There are no additional fees besides the subscription. 

Traders are not eligible for a refund after purchase in case the service isn’t suitable. All sales are final and there is no free trial either. We advise you to research this or any other company you plan on leaving your funds with. 

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  1. Great Stock Screener
  2. Flexible Features
  3. No Additional Fees
  4. Established in 2017
  1. Lack of Reviews
  2. Stock Split Issues
  3. Payment Options
  4. Lack of Transparency

Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

In conclusion, tools like Wallmine can help elevate your skills and boost your profit chances, plus, they make trading easier. However, these tools may not be for every trader, which is why you need to make sure what your trading preferences are and whether or not Wallmine aligns with them. 

The same goes for our AI analysis bot. We won’t just let you get into trading blindly and spending your money without knowing what to expect. This is why we offer a 14-day trial for traders who find the bot interesting. And on the bright side, if you don’t like it, there are no commitments. 

To learn all about AI.F and what it offers, call us right away and book a consultation with our expert. Once you get a taste of AI.Fundevity, we promise trading without it will be impossible. Hop onto the ride to the future and start your AI profitable trading journey! 

FAQ Section

What is Wallmine?

Wallmine is a trading tool that provides investors with features such as a stock screener, portfolio tracking, SEC filing search, and more.

Is Wallmine a Legit Trading Tool?

Wallmine is a legitimate trading tool, but it is not a regulated entity. Users should rely on the regulation of your chosen broker for protection.

How Much Does Wallmine Cost?

Wallmine offers two plans: Hobbyist at $50/month for individuals and Professional at $250/month for teams, each with specific features.

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