Win-Traders Review – Who Is Behind Win-Traders.Com Broker?


Win-Traders claims to be a regulated broker, owned by a company called TRADING 212 LTD. Although a company with this name exists and is regulated in the UK and Bulgaria, Win-Traders in actuality has nothing to do with TRADING 212 LTD. 

By using a regulated firm’s name, Win-Traders is just striving to deceive potential customers and make them think they’re a regulated broker. 

Instead of providing legal documentation as proof of being regulated, Win-Traders chooses to stay completely anonymous. Not even a clear address is given and the location of the headquarters remains hidden. 

Company N/A
Website Win-Traders.Com
Address N/A
Email [email protected]
Phone +35725255140
Minimum Deposit N/A
Leverage From 1:100 to 1:500
Bonuses N/A
Regulation Not regulated
Warning N/A

Win-Traders License and Funds Security

Win-Traders.Com review

Unregulated brokers aren’t conducting their business legally and aren’t subjected to thorough supervision by jurisdictional regulators. Top-tier regulators are always on the lookout in case a regulated broker takes illegal action. 

Win-Traders don’t offer solid proof of regulated by any regulatory financial entity. The most crucial information about the company is missing, including the real name of the owning firm and other legal documents. That is a reg flag concerning this broker and utmost caution is advised. 

Trading Platform Available at Win-Traders

Win-Traders advertises the supposedly best trading platform in the industry today in several variations:

  • Desktop Terminal
  • Web Terminal
  • Mobile Android Platform and iOS Platform

As the website claims, this trading platform is a super fast, reliable trading software used for making money on Forex by beginners and professionals alike. It is said to allow efficient trading, and a multi-optional interface, all for the purpose of allowing users to trade and make money fast and easy. 

A dominant trait in all of the known fraudulent brokerage companies is the manipulative use of trading software. Their point is to delude the investor about a trade happening, while it remains completely fictional and their money is stolen.

Deposit/Withdrawal Options

It would be quite praiseworthy if Win-Traders really offered users the deposit/withdrawal methods they claim to offer. The FAQ page says that clients are able to deposit via ‘’multiple credit cards, multiple electronic payment methods, bank wire transfer, local bank transfer, and other payment methods’’. 

However since the client area is very buggy and barely functional, this claim cannot be confirmed. Neither anywhere clearly stated what the minimum deposit amount is. 

Withdrawals are also said to be processed in haste and don’t take less than 3 and more than 5 business days. No additional fees are charged but since this information is stated clearly nowhere, that cannot be trusted, either. 

This Is How the Scam Put to Work

Scammers are known to be acting as professionals offering their outstanding financial services for a certain price. Very eloquent and convincing, they cheat their investors into believing they would indeed make money quickly and with the least effort required. 

The main motive is to drag the unsuspicious victim into the sophisticated scheme. Less informed clients easily decide to invest only to find out their funds have been misused in the end. 

Win-Traders Summary

Newly registered scam brokerage businesses are a fast-growing trend in the world of online trading. Since scammer havens give them coverage and no jurisdictional authority is overseeing Forex trading, offshore brokers are opening legitimate-looking websites and starting illegal trading schemes every day. 

To make sure you are going to invest with a fully regulated broker, check the jurisdictional regulator’s database for necessary information on a broker.

Some financial authorities issue warnings against scamming companies but no one can keep track of them all. So do your best to protect your trading and funds. Choose a regulated broker and always report irregularities. 

Don’t feel ashamed to share your experience and post your reviews online. 

FAQs About Win-Traders Broker

Are There Any Restrictions for Opening An Account?

There are no restrictions when attempting to open an account with Win-Traders. After filling in the basic info, the email address should be confirmed. 

What Is The Win-Traders Minimum Deposit Amount?

The minimum deposit amount required to be able to trade with Win-Traders isn’t revealed.

How Much Time Does Win-Traders Process a Withdrawal?

Withdrawal is between 3 and 5 business days.

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