XAUBOT Review: Learn More About Pricing and Features of Xaubot.com


Check the XAUBOT cost, reviews, features, and more by reading our XAUBOT review. Learn everything about this business to understand how it works, so you can make a well-informed decision. Consider all factors and weigh the pros and cons in the end.

Additionally, you can check out My Funded Futures if you are looking for a prop firm. But we are here now for XAUBOT, which is an AI bot for gold trading on the XAUBOT MT5 or MT4 platforms. Additionally, the AI Pro version offers even more trading tools. 

But how can this tool help you become a more profitable trader? The answer lies in this review, so keep reading to learn more.


The Expert Advisor (EA) XAUBOT was created specifically for gold trading on the MetaTrader4 platform. With the help of powerful AI, XAUBOT seeks to offer traders small drawdowns and returns. The company is based in the UAE, which is where the majority of its users come from.

To maximize trading performance, it provides tools including risk management, news filtering, and technical and fundamental analysis. XAUBOT also offers clear live trading outcomes on websites like Myfxbook. Diverse subscription plans, ranging from a lifetime option to a free trial, are offered to accommodate traders of varied financial and expertise levels.

Besides WhatsApp, traders can use the XAUBOT Telegram group to reach out to customer support, however, several traders reported that they’re unresponsive. Let’s see what this tool has to offer by reading on.

Company Type AI trading tool
Legal name XAUBOT™
Regulation Not expected
Registered in Dubai, AE
Established 2022
Website xaubot.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If a withdrawal is possible Refund available within the first 15 days;
  • $59 per month
  • $49 per quarter
  • $468 per year
  • $1,199-lifetime XAUBOT AI Pro
  • $990-lifetime XAUBOT AI
If Active on Social Media:
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States;
Main threats Bad reviews;
Main perks Comprehensive features;


XAUBOT is a machine learning-powered Expert Advisor (EA) for gold trading on the MetaTrader4 (MT4) platform. By offering tools like risk management, news filtering, technical and fundamental analysis, and low drawdown, XAUBOT hopes to outperform rivals in terms of earnings.

A MetaTrader4 demo or live account with a minimum balance of $600 (or $1000 suggested) and a drawdown below 15% is required for traders to use XAUBOT. It is recommended to use a VPS or constant PC connectivity for best performance.

There are a few steps involved in the installation process: selecting a plan, obtaining the EA file over email, and installing it in the MT4 app’s Expert folder. Daily live results are made available by the firm with a 30-minute delay to avoid trade duplication on sites such as Myfxbook. 

Verified outcomes and transparency are prioritized to increase the confidence of traders. Traders can also use the XAUBOT Forex trading robot, which comes with the original AI model.


XAUBOT AI Pro provides more trading tools, a variety of strategies, and risk management capabilities for experienced traders or prop trading accounts. It has a drawdown limit and guarantees a monthly profit of 2-5%.

Personalized advanced options such as changing the magic number, adjusting lot size, enabling hard stop loss, and establishing daily profit and loss limitations depending on account balance are all included in the lifetime version of XAUBOT AI Pro. The AI Pro version is priced at $1199 for lifetime access.

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XAUBOT Pricing

The XAUBOT free plan has limited features but it is a great way for traders to test the tool before subscribing. The plan includes only one active demo, 2-5% profit, drawdown limit, and money management. Additionally, risk management tools like the risk tolerance level are also available.

The initial monthly plan cost is $59.00, and the following months will be invoiced at that same amount. The 6-month plan, which costs $49.00 per month and is billed at $294 every six months, is accessible to individuals looking for a longer commitment. 

As an alternative, traders can choose the yearly plan, which offers even more discounts at $39.00 per month when paid at $468 annually. XAUBOT provides two alternatives for traders seeking a lifetime commitment: the $990.00 XAUBOT AI lifetime plan and the $1199.00 XAUBOT PRO AI lifetime plan.

Access to a single actual account, profit potential between 2% and 5%, restricted drawdown, money management tools, risk tolerance, and management features, and the ability to operate at several levels and at no cost are all included in all plans. 

XAUBOT Reviews

Different user experiences are presented in the XAUBOT reviews on Trustpilot. XAUBOT Reddit traders are silent. Some users complained about problems they couldn’t figure out how to activate the program, about bugs they ran into during the trial, and about how little customer service they could get. 

Others voiced worries regarding the software’s functionality, including instances in which it failed to correctly execute stop-loss orders or commerce transactions. Some customers also expressed dissatisfaction with the software’s functioning, pointing out instances of deals being conducted without the necessary controls or a lack of profitability.

It’s important to remember, though, that not all evaluations were bad because some customers expressed satisfaction. XAUBOT is rated 3.6 stars based on 54 reviews, which is a pretty low score. The reviews show a range of both good and bad experiences, pointing to different user experiences.

Payment Options and Process

The payment can be made using credit/debit cards like Visa and Mastercard over Stripe, or alternatively, with Google and Apple Pay. If that doesn’t work, traders have the opportunity to pay over Coinbase as well. 

Refunds are available within the first 15 days of purchase and while there isn’t a free trial, there is a 15-day money-back guarantee to keep users safe in testing the tool before paying for it. Overall, the payment methods and the refund are both convenient and there aren’t any issues reported.

Final Words…

Overall, the company could work on stabilizing the program, especially on the issues with stop-loss orders. The XAUBOT affiliate program looks tempting, as it offers an opportunity to earn 25% of the commission, which is more than what the competition offers. Overall, the tool’s features are looking promising.

What you decide is up to you, and we hope our XAUBOT review helped in making a decision. Consider both the favorable and unfavorable reviews, test the tool with the free plan, and weigh the pros and cons before blindly subscribing. This is something you should do with every firm.

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FAQ Section

What is XAUBOT?

XAUBOT is an AI-powered Expert Advisor for gold trading on MetaTrader4. There are also a variety of other tools available.

Is XAUBOT Legit?

The legitimacy of XAUBOT may vary based on user experiences. Some traders reported issues with the platform, while some praised it. It’s advisable to test the tool prior to purchasing.

Why to Choose Prop Firm Over a Broker?

Among many other reasons, the most known is that instead of using your funds, you will trade for the prop firm and use its capital rather than your own. With brokers, you are forced to deposit and lose your own investments.

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