xPortal Review – Evaluating User Experiences and Reviews

xPortal Review

xPortal operates as a decentralized wallet platform, empowering users with full control over their transactions through private key management. It offers secure recovery options for users’ wallets and provides visibility into asset balances.

However, is there all to it? In this rapidly evolving and complex market, the question arises: does this newly established firm have a place? Are users satisfied, and can you rely on those reviews alone? To truly evaluate the platform, one must delve deeper and explore its features, security measures, and user experiences firsthand. 

Company type Crypto Wallet
Legal name xPortal
Regulation Not expected
Registered in Romania
Established 2023
Website xportal.com 
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts [email protected] 
If withdrawal is possible Highly unlikely
Fees Fees vary
If Active on Social Media: twitter.com



Investor Protection: None
Activity areas Romania, France, Poland, United States, Germany
Main threats Recent establishment and lack of reviews
Main perks Free version and recovery options

User Reviews – What Are The Ratings?

We delved into user feedback on G2 to uncover insights about xPortal, a platform lauded for its exceptional user experience and seamless integration with its card feature. Users on the platform have commended xPortal for offering valuable features that cater to both beginners and experienced crypto enthusiasts. 

However, despite the positive feedback, a concern emerges regarding the platform’s legitimacy due to its limited number of reviews. Even though these comments are from G2, we found that all ratings were posted in the span of one month, suggesting they were fabricated. This is only speculation since the platform was established in 2023, this can be the reason for the lack of reviews.

Additionally, the company can be found on Trustpilot, yet, only one review is posted. Moreover, the significance of feedback in shaping perceptions cannot be overstated. In a competitive market, where numerous crypto wallets vie for users’ attention, trust becomes a crucial factor. Established platforms with a wealth of user reviews have an advantage. 

While xPortal reviews commend the features of the wallet, this factor can’t be avoided. Moving forward, it’s imperative for xPortal to actively solicit feedback, encourage user reviews, and demonstrate transparency to bolster its credibility.

App – Features & Ratings

Users are drawn to the xPortal app for several reasons. With its non-custodial wallet feature, the app offers a secure method for users to safeguard their digital assets. Additionally, members can download the xPortal app for free from their mobile devices. It is also seamlessly integrated into the expansive MultiversX ecosystem, encompassing a DEX, NFT marketplace, project launchpad, finance gateway, social media hub, and metaverse. 

Even though the xPortal wallet didn’t receive many reviews, we found that the app has garnered some feedback on platforms like the Apple Store and Google Play. Among the sparse reviews available, there are indications of both enthusiasm and technical concerns.

Some users express optimism about the xPortal app. While on the other side, there are reports of technical issues experienced by some users. One reviewer mentions difficulties during the setup process, xPortal login, and specifically with the generation of their seed phrase.

However, it’s important to note that while some reviews indicate enthusiasm for the platform, xPortal itself lacks substantial user feedback overall, as evidenced by its limited number of ratings on these platforms. Yet, the app is free of charge, so if any potential user is interested in experimenting, they have the option to try it out.

xPortal Cards

In exploring its offerings, we found three xPortal card options that facilitate the swift conversion of crypto assets into cash. For individuals interested in exploring other wallets in the market, read about this one in our Onekey Wallet Review

Fresh Mint Card Eco Black card Diamond Touch card

There are payment platforms like Apple Pay and Google Pay that further enhance accessibility. Users can track spending limits, receive instant payment notifications, and benefit from safety measures like freeze options. The xPortal cards are available in three distinct variants. 

The Fresh Mint card provides essential features such as virtual cards and compatibility with Apple Pay and Google Pay, along with up to 0.5% cashback and moderate card limits. Eco Black enhances the offering with up to 2% cashback, Mastercard travel rewards, and merchant benefits, alongside a Spotify and Netflix subscription for the first 3 months while the Diamond card offers it for 6 months. 

The Eco Banks and Diamond Touch mostly have the same features, with varying percentages. The Diamond Card delivers premium perks including up to 5% cashback, airport lounge access, global data roaming, and travel insurance. However, currently on the platform’s official website, the only available card is the free Fresh Mint card, with all other offerings labeled as “coming soon.”


It’s advantageous for users to have the opportunity to explore a platform firsthand before making any financial commitments. Offering a free version of their pricing plan is commendable, and we’re pleased to note that such an option is available for users, a Fresh Mint card. 

Card Eco Black Diamond Touch
Monthly EUR 9,99 EUR 19,99
Yearly EUR 99.99 EUR 199,99

There are no issuing fees for any of the card plans, and card delivery is free for two plans, excluding the Fresh Mint card, which is free to purchase. For a comprehensive comparison of all cards, it’s recommended to visit the official website. Comparing other pricing options is a smart move. Check out this crypto wallet, Mycelium Wallet, and evaluate its offerings. 

Again we highlight, that even though there is a pricing arrangement for these two options, the packages are currently unavailable. We don’t see the point in platforms launching offerings that are currently not for purchase.


We found that the xPortal platform is present in several domains, including

  • Romania
  • France
  • Poland
  • United States
  • Germany

In terms of legal considerations, xPortal imposes limitations of liability to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law. This means that neither the platform nor any affiliated parties will be held liable for any damages or losses resulting from the use or inability to use xPortal. 

Such clauses are common in the tech industry and aim to mitigate legal risks associated with platform usage. Moreover, since the platform is registered in Romania, its operations are governed by Romanian laws, with jurisdiction falling under the competent courts in Romania. 

Regarding availability, xPortal may not be accessible in certain regions, countries, or jurisdictions due to compliance requirements with specific rules and regulations. Currently, the platform is offered in select regions, countries, or jurisdictions, visit the platform to see the full list.

Final Take on xPortal

In conclusion, xPortal presents an intriguing option in the world of cryptocurrency management. However, while it possesses valuable aspects, its overall standing in the market remains uncertain. Limited user reviews and feedback, coupled with the absence of some advertised features like the xPortal cards, sparks questions about the platform’s credibility and reliability. 

Additionally, concerns regarding the legitimacy of user reviews and the platform’s relatively recent establishment add to the ambiguity. While xPortal shows promise, we think users are in safer hands with other established firms in the market.


What is xPortal?

It’s a crypto wallet established in 2023.

Is xPortal Wallet Legit?

The legitimacy of this platform is debatable. Clients are in much safer hands with other established companies.

How Much Are xPortal Fees?

All fees associated with xPortal vary. It's best to visit the official website for up-to-date information.

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