Agap Capital Ltd Review: Can You Trust This Broker?

Agap Capital Ltd

Agap Capital Ltd doesn’t even have a website up and running, as of recently, this makes it pretty much obvious that this is an investment scam. After the research, it was discovered that this company does not have any license. 

It is a big threat for users who are planning to invest money with this scam broker. 

The broker offers various investment options such as automated trading software, large bonuses, guaranteed profits, or managing a user account with any amount. 

All these are clear indications that it is a scam. Be careful and think about whether you really want to invest with such brokers, because you will probably never get your money back. 

One of the bigger problems is that it is not known who is behind the company, which means that Agap Capital Ltd hides its identity and location. When such crucial information is missing, the best thing you can do is not even consider such a broker as an option.

The same goes for working with dishonest brokers, such as those listed below EmpireFxPlus, XTBInvesting, and Fx Zen Trade.

License and Safety of Fund at Agap Capital Ltd

While checking the legality of this broker, we came across a series of illogicalities. The first problem is that there is another company with a similar name, Agape Capital Investments UK Ltd, based in the UK, and the scam company Agap Capital Ltd is simply using another company’s name to manipulate their clients. 

In the terms and conditions on the site, we found that the company is based in Seychelles, as well as Habonix Solutions Ltd, which is listed as the paying agent.

It turns out that Agap Capital Ltd is supposedly regulated in the UK and Seychelles, but that is simply not true. 

After checking the register of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK and the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in Seychelles, we have confirmed that no company under the name Agap Capital Ltd, is registered.

Agap Capital Ltd Trading Platform Overview

Agap Capital Ltd previously offered MetaTrader4 on its website but we could not confirm this as the website is currently not active. 

Also, this broker offered a web trader embedded in the website, but again, since their site is not working, we cannot confirm this to be true Given that Agap Capital Ltd is not a regulated broker, we can safely assume that it doesn’t have a trading platform at all. 

This is not an uncommon occurrence with scam investments. Scam brokers do not own such a basic thing as a trading platform.

Company Agap Capital Ltd
Website AgapCapitalLTD.Com
Address UK
Email N/A
Phone N/A
Minimum Deposit 100$
Leverage 1:500
Bonuses N/A
Regulation N/A
Warning N/A

Deposit and Withdrawal Procedure

The conditions that Agap Capital Ltd offers to its users are devastating. Although the minimum deposit is 100 dollars, which is not uncommon among brokers, the way this broker demands payment is part of his fraud. 

The only way to deposit and withdraw funds is through a BTC wallet. Clients are encouraged to invest directly into the wallet although they are not told where their money will go. The biggest problem is that the funds paid through the e-wallet cannot be returned.

When it comes to withdrawing money, the information is not clear. The client must have the same amount of profit as the initial deposit to be able to withdraw the profit. 

If the client does not meet these conditions, he will only be able to withdraw his deposit. Everything about Agap Capital Ltd indicates that it is a scam broker.

How Is the Scam Operated?

This broker is misleading its clients. Fraud is carried out schematically. After attracting clients with high bonuses and guaranteed earnings, such brokers are only interested in taking as much money as possible. 

The scam broker runs a fraud by insisting their clients use an e-wallet. Transactions made with the e-wallet can never be reversed.

This benefits scam brokers since they know you won’t be able to get your money back in any way, once you’ve invested they’ll probably close your account or not respond to your requests.

Agap Capital Ltd Summary

Even if Agap Capital Ltd was a regulated and licensed broker we would not recommend it. But it is important that you see that regulation is the key thing because it is the only legal factor that users can rely on. 

Without regulation, it doesn’t matter whether you paid the money to this broker or threw it out the window.

Every segment that is important for broker trading is of poor grade with this broker because they do not intend to provide any quality service to their users, but to steal from them.

FAQs about Agap Capital LTD

Is Depositing with Agap Capital Ltd Safe and Secure?

Depositing money with Agap Capital Ltd is not safe as this is not a registered company.

How Long will it Take to Process my Withdrawal Request?

In order for the client to withdraw his earnings, they should be equal to the amount of the deposit he made.

What Is the Minimum Deposit for Agap Capital Ltd?

The minimum deposit is 100 USD.

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