All Capital Trade Review: Exposing All Capital Trade’s Controversies

All Capital Trade Review

Have you ever thought about handing over your money to an invisible stranger? Well, that’s essentially what you’re doing with All Capital Trade. This All Capital Trade review dives into the shadows of this secretive brokerage. This firm not only keeps its real identity under wraps but also hides its trading conditions. Let’s hop into more details!

Company type Broker
Legal name All Capital Trade
Regulation Unregulated
Registered in Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands
Established 2022
Website allcapitaltrade.com
Financial Authorities Warnings IOSCO, CSA, and CONSOB
Contacts [email protected], +442045930507, +61238147541
If withdrawal is possible No
Fees Low – undefined
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: No
Activity areas Australia, Canada, Germany, Singapore
Main threats No regulation and regulatory warnings 
Main perks Solid trading instruments

All Capital Trade: Legit Broker or Just Another Scam?

We can only say that analyzing this offshore broker turned into a puzzle. There is no real company info and no legal documents. 

This broker claims to be based in London, but we see an offshore location in the Marshall Islands. It’s like they want to remain the mystery flavor of the financial world.

Checking with major regulatory bodies like FCA, BaFin, CySEC, ASIC, and IIROC revealed nothing about the All Capital Trade scam. The website’s poor design suggests they might be tighter on funds than on security. Also, a jaw-dropping leverage cap of 1:1000 is a recipe for potential financial disaster. This is a fact!

All in all, this company works in the shadows with zero transparency. We would stay far away from it!

All Capital Trade Gets a Regulatory Red Flag

It’s essential to note that this scam received multiple warnings from regulators. Regulators like IOSCO, CSA, and CONSOB are waving red flags about it. They all say that this broker is providing financial services without authorization. 

Heed the warnings as they’re not just for decoration. All of this just confirms our suspicions from before.

Missing MT4 and MT5 Platforms

A common red flag on such sites is the absence of advanced trading terminals like MT5, MT4, and cTrader. As you can see, legitimate trading platforms like MT4 and MT5 are MIA here.

And we all know that these are like the gold standard of trading tools. These platforms offer extensive charts, technical indicators, and secure space to make your financial moves.

Clients are advised to choose platforms that provide these legit tools for a secure trading experience.

Tip: Did you catch wind of the fact that SuperForex is facing criticism from many traders? We checked platforms such as Trustpilot and TradersUnion, and it seems folks aren’t too happy. There’s even one person on Quora who spilled the beans on how the whole scam went down.

Trading Instruments Here

Now, the web trader we accessed spilled the beans on their asset groups:

  • CFDs on shares: Adidas, Ferrari, Paypal
  • Crypto: BTC, ADA, LTC
  • Indices: Nasdaq, JPN225. Dow Jones
  • Commodities: Aluminum, Coffee, Soyoil, Wheat

This seems like a decent offering, but remember, this trading company is shady.

Too Good to Be True Fees

Now, what about fees at allcapitaltrade.com? Low fees might look like a steal, but keep in mind that this means nothing with a suspicious broker. No transparency means those fees could turn into a financial horror story.

Remember that reputable brokers spill the beans on fees because it’s the law. We advise you to always choose transparency over a financial ghost.

Beware: This trading scam uses remote access. This is another indicator they want to scam you! 

Account Options

We can see that this trading company offers 6 account types, each with its own perks. Let’s take a look:

  • Basic – $250: No bonus
  • Silver – $10,000: 25% bonus
  • Gold – $25,000: 33% bonus
  • Platinum – $50,000: 50% bonus
  • Diamond – $100,000: 75% bonus
  • Premium – $250,000: 100% bonus

Beyond the bonuses, pricier accounts supposedly offer trading signals, news, education, tighter spreads, and higher leverage.

All Capital Trade Withdrawal Woes

Are you trying to withdraw your funds here? Good luck. All Capital Trade’s withdrawal process is extremely unclear and scammy. There are numerous user complaints hinting at delays and irregular conditions.

We advise all traders to choose brokers that lay it all out. Safe companies often include PayPal, bank cards, Skrill, or crypto payments. Keep this in mind! 

Tip: Have you heard of Trade Nation? Many people say it is a good choice for new traders looking for a broad range of instruments on a modern platform.

Revealing Scam Tactics

Scam brokers have many tricks, especially as online trading evolves. The first warning sign is a lack of transparency. And vague terms, hidden fees, and unclear withdrawal conditions are common tactics.

Also, you should know that some manipulate trades, ensuring they profit while traders suffer losses. Keep an eye out for pressure tactics, like aggressive sales pitches and constant pushiness. These are classic red flags! As you explore different companies, stay vigilant for these warning signs to avoid scams and ensure a secure trading experience.

All Capital Trade Reviews from Traders

We dug into Trustpilot for insights into this broker but hit a wall. Notably, there are no reviews in sight. This is quite surprising.

However, over on Sitejabber.com, traders left average ratings, adding more mystery to the mix. All in all, we advise you to look elsewhere for a safe and reputable company.

In the world of online trading, smart moves matter. So, stick with platforms that have a solid 4.5-star rating or higher. Your financial journey deserves nothing less.

Note: Scam brokers often play on our natural desire for quick profits by making promises of unrealistically high returns. Unfortunately, it’s a trick that many traders fall victim to.

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Final Words

Summing it up, All Capital Trade’s landscape is relatively foggy. With transparency issues, a lack of regulatory compliance, and iffy reviews, it’s smart to consider other options. From where we stand, exploring alternatives that match your financial goals is a good call.

In your search for the best, don’t forget our AI Analysis Tool! It’s the smart move for making informed decisions in the trading world. Your path to financial success deserves a touch of wisdom.


What is All Capital Trade?

This is a broker scam that received multiple warnings.

Is All Capital Trade a Safe Broker?

This company is not safe. There are multiple warnings against it!

How to Withdraw Money From All Capital Trade?

We cannot confirm that withdrawing money here is possible.

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