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Ambire Review

Although the entire team behind this wallet started operating in 2016, the Ambire wallet was released in 2022. Their crypto wallet is a non-custodial DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) owned by proprietary token holders.

The biggest advantages of these systems are security, easy integration, and simplicity. However, such investment opportunities are only tied to crypto, which limits your profit potential. To find out all the pros and cons, read this Ambire review carefully.

Company Type Non-Custodial Crypto Wallet
Legal name N/A
Regulation Not expected
Registered in N/A
Established 2022
Website Ambire.com
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts Telegram, e-mail, web contact form
If withdrawal is possible Yes
Fees 0.5% swap fees
If Active on Social Media: Yes – Twitter, Github, Facebook, Reddit, Discord
Investor Protection: ERC 4337
Activity areas United States, Netherlands, France
Main threats Hard recovery if clients lose passwords or keys
Main perks Non-custodial wallet;

How Does Ambire Work?

Since the Metamask was published, smart contract wallets have become increasingly popular. The main reason behind their creation is security. Hacking hot and cold wallet keys has been popular for a while. With smart contracts, that’s practically eliminated because stealing them is virtually useless.

The main idea is to offer traders safe trading on their network without holding their hands on the client’s funds. With these smart contracts, the whole system can be considered non-custodial. Practically, traders keep their access keys private. 

What Are Smart Contracts?

The main difference between regular wallets and smart contract wallets is in the transaction processing. Generally, smart contracts use scripts that are programmable to manage and control transfers. Some of the main security measures that are enabled this way are monitoring, multi-sig, access controls, and custom transaction rules.

Traders Experiences

As can be seen so far, the Ambire reviews look mostly positive. Whether you are looking on Trustpilot or the G2 platform, it’s all the same. 

In most cases, traders are sharing their thoughts about ease of use, intuitive platforms, and security measures. After all, it’s all you need with a crypto exchange. But we couldn’t say the same for SteadyTrade company.

Features Available With Ambire Wallet

When the wallet was first released, Ambire airdrop rewards were a highly popular feature. However, that was only available for the first year, and 75 million tokens were planned to be distributed.

Currently, traders can be involved in various activities through the Ambire platform. These include staking proprietary tokens on any wallet, staking tokens on the Ambire wallet for rewards, providing liquidity on automated market makers, trading cryptos on crypto exchanges, and participating in DAO governance.

Is Ambire App For Mobile Devices Avaialble?

The company’s primary wallet was designed to be web-based. But that shouldn’t worry you since the login procedure is highly secure. This is primarily because one of the keys is in-browser and password encrypted, while the other is on the HSM (hardware security module) company’s back end. Practically, two parts of the key are required to get access to the wallet.

Nevertheless, since Q1 2024, per plan, the company has released its iOS and Android apps. Even though there are only a bit over 1.000 users on PlayStore, the reviews so far are outstanding.

Ambire Community

In general, the biggest community can be seen in the Telegram group, which has more than 6,000 members. Other social networks like Facebook and Reddit have far fewer members and followers, on average around 150.

Slowly but surely, the business is growing, and the key to that is the Ambire token, which is gaining popularity. Not to mention, the token price doubled between March 2024 and April 2024. Therefore, it’s something to watch out for. Also, you shouldn’t skip our detailed review of AlgoTradingBots, where we cover the key pros and cons of this auto-trading tool.

What Are Costs Involved?

One huge advantage of this company is that it offers covering gas fees in altcoins and not only in ETH. Instead, traders can use USDC, DAI, or proprietary tokens for it. We have to give the company credit for it since they are the first in the industry to offer it. 

Nevertheless, the only transparent costs the company presents us with are swap fees of 0.5%. Everything else is related to staking, and it goes in favor of both the company and users.

Summary, Pros And Cons

With the current Ambire price of $0.029070 at the time of writing and the 24-trading volume of $583k, this token might become even more popular than usual. It definitely has potential. One of the key benefits of this platform is its security. We are seeing traders facing issues even with DEX and CEX exchanges. That’s why wallets like this are expected to be game-changers.

One disadvantage of non-custodial exchanges is that traders are directly responsible for their access keys and passwords. Even though smart contracts make it easier, keeping them safe can be quite stressful. It will be anyway, to be fair.

However, the biggest downsides of crypto investments are generally speculation and limitation. Instead, you can opt for trading on multiple assets, diversify your portfolio, and maximize profits. But how to do that safely?

Is Trading Without Risk Possible?

One new feature traders are facing nowadays is funded programs. One of the most popular companies offering such services is Funded Trading Plus. The whole idea of the program is to help traders use more funds in trading and maximize their results. Once they pass the evaluation phases traders can get funded accounts with up to $200 on their balance.

The most important benefit is that traders don’t invest their own money but company’s. Therefore, the risk of losing your money in the market doesn’t exist. And also, the split share goes up to 80/20 for a trader.

If you check the company’s reviews you will realize quickly what it is all about. Fairly, it’s even better when those results are applied to your account.

Therefore, sign up with the Funded Trading Plus program and choose a funded program that suits you the most. You can start small and build up from there. The best thing about it is that you will get adequate support, and you can learn a lot about investments overall. Get on board with a winning team now.


What is Ambire?

Ambire is a smart contract non-custodial crypto wallet that has been around since 2022 according to the company.

Is Ambire Safe?

Generally, there are no signs you shouldn’t trust this company. But to diversify your portfolio and maximize your results, you should try Funded Trading Plus funded programs.

How Much Are Ambire Fees?

The only transparent fees the company displays are swap fees of 0.5%.

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