Apteros Trading Review 2024: Introduction to Prop Trading With Apteros

Apteros Trading Review

Apteros is a global proprietary trading firm specializing in futures trading. Merritt Black, the former Head of Futures and Commodities at SMB Capital, founded Apteros Trading. In case you are not aware, SMB Capital is among the most esteemed proprietary trading companies and has been in operation for many years.

From providing capital to education, many features of this company could benefit traders. To learn more about this prop firm keep reading our Apteros Trading review and make sure to check out InvestorsObserver as well before you go.

About Apteros Trading

For those who are serious about pursuing a career in futures and options market trading, Apteros Trading is a proprietary business that provides training, mentorship, and access to a proprietary trading desk. To help traders succeed they place a strong emphasis on thorough education, generous capital allocation, and ongoing support from seasoned professionals. 

The way Apteros Trading works is that they are a prop desk; traders that pass their evaluation and hit trading goals, like profit targets and drawdown limits, obtain funds from them. Because of Apteros Trading’s business strategy, traders get a profit share of 60%, with the company keeping a portion of the earnings. 

They also provide advantages including minimal commissions, demos, trial periods, and a helpful trading community. Traders are required to pass the evaluation before getting an Apteros Trading funded account. All things considered, it appears that Apteros Trading wants to give serious traders the tools, opportunity, and guidance they need to succeed in the markets.

Company Type Proprietary Firm
Legal name Apteros Trading LLC
Regulation Not expected
Registered in 4235 Hillsboro Pike, Ste 300 #607 Nashville, TN 37215, US
Established 2020
Website apterostrading.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If a withdrawal is possible Yes
  • Desk Fee: $500/month
  • Tryout: $297/month
  • Data Fees: $105 monthly per market
If Active on Social Media:
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, United Kingdom, India, Spain, Canada;
Main threats Too many unnecessary fees;
Main perks Great reputation and favorable feedback;

Apteros Trading Challenge

The first step of becoming a part of the Apteros team is to enter the Tryout and earn your seat at the Prop Desk. The Prop Desk is a real-time trading evaluation that is designed to test traders’ abilities. Traders are required to prove they can manage risk while putting up returns. 

Here is a breakdown of the challenge and rules:

  • $50,000 Buying Power
  • $10,000 Profit Target (net)
  • $4,000 Max Drawdown
  • $1,500 Daily Loss Limit (net)

Apteros Features

The trading platform traders can trade on is a TT connection via Sierra Chart. They will make an exception for traders who want to use TT directly on the desk. Otherwise, traders are free to use any tools and platforms they wish for charting and analytics.

With the thorough NADRO course, traders may also join a community of like-minded traders and achieve constant profitability. You will receive structured training from knowledgeable coaches and mentors and learn step-by-step tactics that apply to all markets, including stocks, options, FX, and futures.

Tip: Check out OptionStrat as well as a potential option with their 7-day free trial!

Apteros Trading Accounts

There are three types of accounts to accommodate the varying needs and preferences of traders. As a new member of the trading desk, you will be automatically placed into the Developing Trader Account, which is the starter account you will surpass after some time.

This account type offers a no-desk fee structure to reduce initial overhead. Despite the elimination of this fee, you’ll receive the same commission rates as those in the Standard Trading Account. 

The Standard Trading Account has a $500 monthly fee, which is deducted directly from the account and not your pocket. Another account is the Junior Trading Account which comes right after the Developing and it has the same features as the others, however, there is no desk fee.

Apteros Trading Reviews

There are only positive reviews on Trustpilot and the overall score of 4.6 stars is given based on 24 comments. All traders are satisfied with the company, however, considering the year of establishment, we expected more comments. Nevertheless, it’s a great score they have!

Unfortunately, that wasn’t satisfying so we had to check if there were any Apteros Trading Reddit discussions but that was also a disappointment. The only thing we could find are two comments and both are promoting the NADRO course. Overall, the reviews are satisfactory.

Payment Options and Process

The benefit of this company is that the monthly fees or any additional costs are not paid from your pocket but instead, they’re taken from the account directly. However, for traders who just started doing business with the company, all major cards are accepted and PayPal is as well.

Unlike the competition, you can request a withdrawal of your profits at any time. The first payout is yours 100% while others are shared with a 60% profit split. There is also no commission on the first payout and all payouts are dispersed via Wire Transfer and there are no fees.

Final Words…

The Apteros Trading prop trading company is a legit and well-ran business where only serious traders can succeed. If you are uncertain about your trading journey, joining the Apteros team would be a waste of time, however, if you are sure that is your path, they can be an amazing choice.

Either way, traders who are still not ready can elevate their skills using AI.F, a potent analysis bot established by professionals. This AI bot can analyze billions of data points, such as past statistics, indicators, and current market news while providing insightful recommendations.

You can use the bot and combine it with proprietary trading to successfully prepare yourself to work with Apteros or any other firm. But enough with words, we invite you to test our bot firsthand with the 14-day free trial we offer. Call us now and start a more profitable journey!

FAQ Section

What is Apteros Trading?

Apteros Trading is a global proprietary trading firm specializing in futures trading, founded by industry veteran Merritt Black.

How Much Does Apteros Trading Cost?

Apteros Trading offers different account types with varying fee structures, including a Developing Trader Account with no desk fees. However, a monthly cost can be from $300 to $500.

How to Choose the Right Prop Firm?

Traders interested in joining a proprietary trading firm like Apteros should consider factors such as fee structure, support, and reputation before making a decision.

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