ATrade International Review 2024: The Worst Choice You Can Make

ATrade International Review

You found our ATrade International review, good job! That is the first step of learning about this sham broker. Besides operating without a license, the company is anonymous and hard to track. However, our experts are here to uncover the dark side of this brokerage company. 

Luckily for traders, the broker is no longer operational, meaning there is one less scammer in the world to worry about. However, similar to Admirria, that doesn’t stop them from creating new domains and starting the scam all over again. Either way, this broker is up to no good so keep reading our assessment and learn more. 

About ATrade International

The ATrade International broker was highly popular, however, it was operating without a license, hence it was shut down by multiple financial authorities. The firm doesn’t give out many details on its website, at least not what matters the most. 

On its social media pages, the broker provided an address in France, so naturally, the regulation should come from AMF, however, instead of regulation, the AMF issues an alert. The company has a concerning number of negative reviews and according to ScamAdviser, there are many low-rated websites on the same server. 

France follows ESMA directives regarding broker transparency and a leverage cap of 1:30 but despite the rules, ATrade was offering a 1:500 leverage, directly violating European laws. Unfortunately, those laws are not the only ones this broker has violated, so keep reading our ATrade International review to learn more. 

Company Type Broker
Legal name ATrade International 
Regulation Unregulated
Registered in France (allegedly)
Established 2022
Website atrintl.com  (inactive)

atrintl.network (inactive)

trading.atrintl.com  (inactive)

Financial Authorities Warnings
  • Data is hidden
If a withdrawal is possible No
  • Hidden fees
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United Kingdom, Belgium, Australia, Sweden, Canada;
Main threats Scam broker; Unregulated; Several warnings;
Main perks None!

Legal Information

Since the broker was unregulated, it didn’t require much time for financial authorities like the AFM in Ireland or the AMF in France to notice. The company was mostly targeting UK investors so we are surprised that there is no FCA warning available. Similar to Traderwave, the lack of transparency is concerning. 

Canadians were also in danger, so the CSA and IOSCO also published an official alert, to advise investors about the malicious practices of this brokerage company. No broker with so many warnings can be considered reliable but that doesn’t stop them from trying. 

Thanks to all these warnings and constant work from financial authorities, traders are protected as the broker ceases to exist. However, there is always a possibility of them reemerging under a different name, so be careful who you trust online. 

ATrade International Features

Trading was possible only on the proprietary web trader the company offered. Of course, the platform looks very suspicious and easily manipulated, which is common with scam brokers. They don’t dedicate much time to providing actual trading conditions. 

The minimum deposit of $250 is excessive compared to competition and the fact there is no demo account speaks a lot about this scammer. The available assets included ATrade international Forex currency pairs like EUR/USD, commodities like gold and silver, indices like AU200, shares, and cryptocurrencies. 

ATrade International Plans

To upgrade to the Basic account type, traders need to deposit $10,000, which in our opinion is enough to scam investors and disappear. For the Advanced account, the deposit requirement goes up to $50,000, which is ridiculous. Not to mention, the Advanced Plus requires up to $250,000. 

You can rest assured that regulated and reputable brokers never ask for so much money, especially not $500,000 for Advanced Pro, $1,000,000 for Expert, or $2,000,000 for the VIP account. Unfortunately, some people do fall for this terrible scam. 

ATrade International Reviews

The total score and number of reviews are not available on Trustpilot due to the broker being closed. However, there are many unfavorable reviews despite the broker’s efforts to fabricate most of them. Here is what traders have to say about this shameless company. 

According to one of the traders, they use charm to entice you to invest as much as possible, but the most essential thing to remember is that your money is lost permanently and you won’t see a dime of the alleged “profits”—there are none. Everything about it is false. 

The majority of the comments focus on withdrawal fees and issues. The trader invested and when sought to take his profit, he was informed that 30% of the whole amount was owed in taxes. The entire team provides incredibly bad customer service and is relentless in requesting more and more money from you.

Payment Options and Process

Depositing your funds with scam brokers is an easy and fast process. Since they are so eager to just take your money as quickly as possible, you will experience no issues. However, when it comes to withdrawing your funds, that is where their games begin. 

Some of them will just disappear right away without even trying to cover up their scam, while some will be shameless and ask for more. Besides the usual get-rich stories, they will add additional ‘taxes’ and ‘fees’ you need to pay and after you give them more, they will disappear. 

You have seen from reading the reviews that this broker requires clients to pay fees and taxes that are more than 30% of the total before processing a payment request. Keep in mind that broker costs are subtracted from your profit and that taxes are paid to the IRS. 

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  1. No Benefits
  1. Unregulated
  2. Scam Allegations
  3. Ceased to Exist 
  4. Several Warnings 
  5. Unfavorable Reviews on Trustpilot

Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

In conclusion, trusting the ATrade International trading firm with your funds would be a huge mistake. Luckily for you and other traders, the broker ceased to exist. Brokers like this are paying companies like BitcoinMethod to refer traders, so be careful who you trust. 

If you are tired of these scam companies as much as we are, we invite you to try our AI analysis bot, a potent program that has many features. One of them is the ability to process billions of data points and provide insightful recommendations, all while you stay the decision-maker. 

Not only that, but it works fast and efficiently and offers the ability to skip years of education and stop relying on shady agents like this one. Call us now and try AI.F for 14 days for free and we promise you will never be able to trade without it once you get a glimpse of what AI.F is all about. 

FAQ Section

What is ATrade International?

ATrade International was a brokerage company claiming to operate from France, however, the truth about this firm is much worse.

Is ATrade International a Regulated Broker?

No, ATrade International was operating without a license, which caught the attention of several financial authorities that later published a warning against the brokerage.

Is ATrade International Withdrawal Possible?

Considering the broker is no longer operational, getting a withdrawal is pretty much impossible. However, if you were scammed by ATrade, reporting them to law enforcement and financial authorities might do the trick.

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