Traderwave Review 2024: In-Depth Assessment of the Academy’s Features

Traderwave Review

Financial technology startup Traderwave Pte Ltd creates and offers an easy-to-use web tool for charting that enables traders worldwide to shortlist, evaluate, and keep an eye on trades from any internet-connected computer.

But is this company reliable? Will they help you elevate your skills? Is Traderwave free? We answer all of your questions in our Traderwave review so you can decide whether or not they’re a good choice. Stay until the end and make sure to check out ProfitTrailer

About Traderwave

Singapore-based Traderwave is a company that provides a full trading platform and tools for stock trading, with a primary focus on technical analysis. Technical analysis, watchlist creation, portfolio tracking, charting, and stock analysis are all possible with the capabilities offered by the platform to traders and investors.

According to ScamAdviser, the trust score is high and the domain seems safe. But before we confirm their safety, further research is required so keep reading our Traderwave review and learn more about this trading academy and whether or not you’ll learn something by using them. 

Company Type Trading Education
Legal name Traderwave Pte Ltd
Regulation Not expected
Registered in 446 Yishun Avenue 11 #13-52, Singapore, Singapore 760446, SG
Established 2014
Website www.traderwave.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If a withdrawal is possible No withdrawals
  • TV Access $197/year
  • Book $14.99
  • Enrollment $1297
If Active on Social Media:
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas Singapore, India, Vietnam, Philippines;
Main threats Lack of transparency; No reviews; 
Main perks Variety of educational tools; Long in the market; 

Legal Information

The Traderwave academy is not required to be a regulated business, mostly because they’re not offering any type of live trading and financial services. They offer trading education and while some countries require regulation for firms like this, the majority of nations don’t. 

Additionally, they are not the ones taking care of your funds, instead, the brokers do, which means regulatory status falls onto the broker you’re using. That said, it’s important to check regulatory requirements in your nation before proceeding to do business with firms such as this one. 

Traderwave Features

Before starting, you can take a risk-free quiz to discover which of the 8 Trader Profiles you belong to, and receive a free 16-page personalized trader profiling report, so that you can identify the most suitable trading system for yourself. Here is a breakdown of the features: 

Traderwave Education

The first feature is the academy of course, where you can learn about trading and how to make money using technical analysis. This is included in the paid program and there is also a free masterclass which is basically a quiz to see which trading profile you belong to. 


A large selection of trading education films presented by international trading mentors are available on the streaming platform Traderwave TV. 

Gain access to more than 150 hours of only available talks, demos, and video interviews. Create a solid basis for your trading knowledge by watching the frequently released new videos.


One of the few publications available that takes you through the stories of ten independent traders who have persevered through difficult times and come out on top is “Trading Mentors.” 

In the book, each of them will share with you their own trading strategies and best practices, allowing you to choose what works best for you and become the best trader you can be. 


Each speaker has agreed to give a 30- to 45-minute presentation or demonstration to you in order to discuss their best practices, workflow, and trading methods.

Following the speaker’s presentation, Philip, the summit host, will ask questions of them for 15 to 30 minutes to acquire explanations and to elucidate on the subject matter they have just covered.

How Does It Work?

The overall process is split into three steps which are easily achieved. The first step is to enroll in the PATB (Price Action Trading Blueprint) e-course to learn the complete price action technical analysis trading strategy and workflow. 

Step two is to undergo a 6-week long online training program that includes 15 hours of bite-size presentation and demo videos, 10 hours of modular quizzes, and homework to keep you busy. This is a great way to dedicate time to learning about trading. 

The last step is to develop your personalized technical plan and strategy before executing it in demo or live accounts. The process seems easy and achievable, especially for beginners, which is what this platform is suited for. 

Traderwave Reviews

There aren’t many reviews about this company considering they were established in 2014. We were able to find only one 1-star Trustpilot review from a UK investor. Either way, the overall score is 3.2, which is not the best. 

The comment says how the trader applied for their ‘Trading Summit’, however, the firm didn’t provide him with any specific details. A week after that, he was contacted by multiple brokers and firms, which could indicate his details were sold. 

While this comment isn’t enough to proclaim the firm unsafe, it’s still a good indicator of what you can expect in case you decide to do business with this firm. Be careful who you trust online and never get into trading blindly. 

Payment Options and Process

The only payment methods available are credit and debit cards and most of the services are charged as a one-time payment only. However, the $1297 they require seems a bit excessive, especially since there is no way to check if their material will really help you trade. 

Once you sign in, you have the opportunity to cancel the service and get a refund. However, the money-back guarantee is valid only up to 14 days after the purchase. The money will be returned immediately to the payment method you used while subscribing. 

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  1. Comprehensive Education
  2. Longevity
  3. Diverse Educational Tools
  4. Personalized Trader Profiling
  5. User-Friendly Platform
  1. Limited Reviews
  2. High Enrollment Fee
  3. Lack of Transparency
  4. Limited Payment Methods

Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

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These are just a couple of many features that AI.F offers and to see them all, we invite you to try the bot for 14 days for free. Once you get a taste of this AI-powered tool, we promise you won’t be able to trade without it. Give us a call and start your profitable trading journey now! 

FAQ Section

What is Traderwave?

Traderwave is a Singapore-based trading education platform established in 2014, offering tools and resources for technical analysis and stock trading education.

Is Traderwave a Legit Educational Tool?

While Traderwave provides various educational resources and has a long history since 2014, its limited reviews and lack of transparency require careful consideration before trusting it as a sole educational tool.

Can I Trust Traderwave to Learn How to Trade Forex?

Traderwave offers educational content primarily focused on technical analysis and stock trading. However, its effectiveness in teaching forex trading specifically might vary.

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