BGX AI Review: This Fake AI Tool Can Only Bring You Closer to Losses

BGX AI review

In today’s modern age, traders can use all kinds of tools to elevate their skills and boost profit chances. Those tools can be anything from trading journals to AI-powered tools, however, despite looking tempting at first glance, it’s crucial to research the firm you plan on using.

That brings us to our BGX AI review, where at first glance, this company looks like an AI tool that can assist traders, however, that is far from the truth. In reality, BGX AI is an affiliate campaign that will sell your details to brokers, without checking regulatory requirements.

The risk of getting paired with an unregulated brokerage exists and the worst part is you won’t notice until it’s too late. To learn more, keep reading our in-depth evaluation, and make sure to check out Right Line Trading before committing.

About BGX AI

The firm presents itself as an AI bot that uses a sophisticated algorithm that leverages artificial intelligence to analyze market trends and execute trades automatically on your behalf. Each domain seems to provide a different tool, however, the company stays the same.

It is challenging to confirm the team behind BGX AI’s experience in trading or artificial intelligence (AI) because the website doesn’t list them or their credentials. Scammers frequently employ the “unbeatable key features” and profit-guaranteed claims made by BGX AI to entice gullible investors.

Testimonials from purported users endorsing the BGX AI platform are displayed on the website; however, these are frequently phony and unverifiable. The credibility of this tool is called into question by the website’s lack of clear information regarding how it operates and the techniques it employs to make money.

Company Type Affiliate Campaign
Legal name BGX AI
Regulation Not expected
Registered in N/A
Established 2022
Website thebgxai.combgx.aibgxai.iobgx-ai.iobgxai.infothebgx-ai.combgx-ai.comthebgx-ai-com.financial-market-world.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
  • Web Form
If a withdrawal is possible Highly unlikely;
  • Hidden fees
If Active on Social Media:
  • No
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Poland;
Main threats Scam affiliate campaign;
Main perks None!

BGX AI Claims

BGX AI claims a completely automated platform driven by state-of-the-art AI technology that makes trading easy even for novices. It claims to carry out winning trades on your behalf; no prior trading experience is required.

Although BGX AI says it uses the most recent security procedures to safeguard customers’ assets and private data, it doesn’t go into depth about what exactly these methods entail. Additionally, each domain has a different description of what the bot does, indicating a scam.

Ultimately, despite the company’s claims to provide a new BGX AI trading platform, investors should proceed with caution and do extensive due diligence on BGX AI before making any financial commitments. Additionally, check out our Profitspi evaluation before subscribing.

BGX AI Price

Similar to other scam affiliate companies, BGX AI also comes without a price. AI-powered tools are very powerful and cost money, so don’t get lured into fake promises of free tools, especially if the company doesn’t elaborate on what other means they have to earn money. No one works for free, especially not in the trading world.

The risk of getting paired with an unregulated brokerage can lower your chances of profiting, not to mention the risk of losing your investments. We strongly advise traders to avoid BGX AI and similar platforms, to ensure a safe trading environment and experience.

BGX AI Reviews

The BGX AI app has little to no reviews, which is yet another indication of its malicious practices. When searching for a tool, broker, or even proprietary firm, you want someone who has a score of 4.5 and above, with the majority of favorable comments.

Avoid firms that have no reviews, as confirming user feedback is crucial. Additionally, make sure to read all comments to determine whether or not they’re fake. Companies sometimes fabricate reviews to make it seem they’re a reliable choice when instead, they were a scam all along.

How Does the BGX AI Scam Work?

After registering at the BGX AI login page, a loading screen will appear that says ‘Connecting to a broker’. After it loads, traders will open an account with a random brokerage company, without checking regulatory requirements.

We were paired with VaultTrade, which had a user.vault-trade.net domain, however, when searching it online, no results will pop up. We couldn’t find the website of the brokerage company we’re paired with, therefore checking if the broker is regulated was impossible.

The only thing we had access to was some sort of a web-based platform and the ability to deposit funds via cryptocurrency. Pretty sketchy, don’t you think? Avoiding platforms like this is your best chance of success so don’t waste a minute of your time thinking about depositing.

Payment Options and Process

Payment options that are advertised on the website include PayPal, wire transfers, and credit cards. It’s mentioned that there are no fees while depositing your funds and the minimum investment that is required is $250. However, there is nothing about withdrawals.

The process, along with associated fees and the waiting period is not explained, indicating a huge lack of transparency. Depositing your funds will be easy, however, when it comes to withdrawing them, the problem begins. Besides enormous fees, you may even lose everything you invested.

Final Words…

In conclusion, fake profit claims, along with the fake bot are all important factors to consider before leaving your details. You might be tempted to explore the ‘platform’ especially considering it’s free, however, leaving your details will only allow scamming brokers to reach you.

A comprehensive assessment is made difficult by an absence of information and proof of the platform’s reliability. It is highly recommended that traders proceed with caution in the future if they plan to trade on the BGX AI platform, knowing these limitations.

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FAQ Section

What is BGX AI?

BGX AI claims to be an AI-powered trading platform that executes trades on behalf of users, but it appears to be a scam affiliate campaign rather than a legitimate tool.

Is BGX AI Legit?

No, BGX AI is not legitimate. It is an affiliate campaign that sells user details to brokers without proper regulatory checks, putting users at risk of being paired with unregulated brokers.

How to Choose a Good Trading Firm?

To choose a good trading firm, look for regulation, transparency, and positive user reviews. Avoid firms that make unrealistic profit guarantees or lack transparency about their services.

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