Profitspi Review: Screening, Backtesting, and More Revealed

Profitspi Review

Many firms offer good screeners and backtesting tools, so it’s difficult for others to compete. However, that doesn’t stop companies like Profitspi from trying. Established in 2023, this tool prides itself on not requiring any coding, which is a convenient way for many traders.

We examine the platform’s screening, backtesting, and other features in this Profitspi review to see how it can help traders and investors. Profitspi is a useful tool for traders who want to improve their skills because it provides a variety of tools for market analysis and strategy development. Additionally, make sure to check out 500 Trade.

About Profitspi

With Profitspi’s extensive feature set for technical analysis, screening, and backtesting, traders can effortlessly hone their trading tactics and spot market chances. Without knowing any code, users may easily create and modify screens, Profitspi charts, and patterns using an easy-to-use point-and-click interface.

In addition, the platform offers 15 years of clean data access, in-page help, and customized support for one-on-one aid. Profitspi offers an easy-to-use stock analysis and trading platform with the overall goal of saving traders time and effort.

Furthermore, the platform provides limitless customization, enabling users to store an infinite number of screen layouts, game plans, and other items for quick access across all of their devices. Before delving deeper, make sure to check out CLSA Premium.

Company Type Backtest and refine trading strategies
Legal name Profitspi Pte Ltd
Regulation Not expected
Registered in N/A
Established 2023
Website profitspi.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
  • Web Form
If a withdrawal is possible No refunds;
  • Screening and Charts – $9.95
  • Screening and Backtesting – $19.95
  • Backtesting up to 5 years ago – $29.95
  • Backtesting up to 10 years ago – $49.95
  • Backtesting up to 15 years ago – $69.95
If Active on Social Media:
  • No
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, South Korea, India, Israel;
Main threats New on the market;
Main perks Competitive backtesting and screening;

Profitspi Features

With its many features, Profitspi is a useful tool for traders who want to improve their trading methods and spot promising market opportunities. The simple point-and-click Profitspi backtesting and screening, which doesn’t involve any code, is one of its primary strengths. This enables traders to replicate multi-holding portfolios and test their techniques over various dates.

The platform also has screening features that let users search the market for appropriate symbols for additional research based on technical and fundamental standards. The graphing functionality of Profitspi is another noteworthy feature.

For convenient access the next time, users can store charts for all of their preferred symbols, timeframes, and technical indicators. With this function, it is simple to monitor and evaluate market trends over time. Profitspi also has pattern recognition features that let customers make reusable blocks with specific criteria or check for known patterns like a Hanging Man.

Profitspi’s unique in-memory processing, which guarantees quick reaction times with on-the-fly computations, is one of its main features. With the help of this tool, traders can examine market data quickly and decide wisely. 

Profitspi Price

You can try out all the functions on the site such as Profitspi screening and backtesting without registering. However, to save settings, traders are required to subscribe for one month. Take a look at the plans and pricing below:

  • Screening and Charts – $9.95
  • Screening and Backtesting – $19.95
  • Backtesting up to 5 years ago – $29.95
  • Backtesting up to 10 years ago – $49.95
  • Backtesting up to 15 years ago – $69.95

This tool is suitable for both beginners and seasoned traders and it offers flexible pricing methods. Additionally, the features are free, and the only thing you’re paying for is to save your settings, so traders who don’t mind setting up the settings all the time will grab a great deal!

Profitspi Reviews

The lack of reviews isn’t as concerning because the firm was established only recently. Some companies have existed for over a decade with a limited number of comments, and that is where the concerns begin. The only thing we were able to find is this Reddit discussion.

There are only two traders, one recommending the tool and the other one agreeing. The free features seem to benefit both, and there are some great resources for traders and investors. Unfortunately, there are no other reviews about Profitspi on any platform.

Payment Options and Process

To pay for the subscription, traders can use either a Visa or a Mastercard after registering at the Profitspi login page. Additionally, the only other payment method is PayPal. There are no refunds, however, the company may provide one at its sole discretion but we advise you not to rely on it.

Using the features is free and the only thing you’re paying for is to save the settings, so it’s not concerning there are no refunds. Additionally, the monthly subscription will renew each month until canceled, so make sure to cancel it on time to avoid getting charged.

Final Words…

To sum up, Profitspi provides a wide range of tools for backtesting, screening, and market analysis to traders and investors. Despite being relatively young, the platform offers competitive features including configurable charting capabilities, pattern detection, and point-and-click backtesting and screening. 

Profitspi is a product worth taking into consideration for traders who want to improve their trading techniques because of its user-friendly interface and the Profitspi stock screener. Additionally, using the features is free of charge so traders can test all kinds of possibilities.

Combine Profitspi With AI.F

To enhance your trading approach, combine AI.F’s cutting-edge AI trading technology with Profitspi’s screening and backtesting capabilities. Traders can obtain a substantial advantage in the market by combining Profitspi’s extensive market analysis capabilities with AI.F’s real-time insights and trading recommendations. 

Harness the power of both tools and maximize your chances of profiting. You may also maximize your trading performance and enjoy the advantages of both platforms with AI.F’s 14-day free trial and free features from Profitspi.

FAQ Section

What is Profitspi?

Profitspi is a trading platform that offers screening, backtesting, and market analysis tools for traders.

Is Profitspi a Good Trading Tool?

Profitspi can be a useful trading tool for those looking to improve their trading strategies, thanks to its user-friendly interface and range of features.

How to Find a Good Broker?

To find a good broker, it's important to research their reputation, regulatory status, and trading fees, and consider factors like customer service and platform reliability.

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