BrooksTradingCourse Review: AI’s Taking Over Educational Platforms

BrooksTradingCourse Review

This trading course has been around for over a decade so far. With the company’s registration in the US, there’s no reason to doubt them. Besides the price action trading course, you can also enjoy trading rooms and trading books provided by Al Brooks, MD.

Since everyone is wondering if this course is worth the money and time, we will present you with all the key facts. Therefore, read this BrooksTradingCourse review carefully and find out all you need.

Company type Trading education firm
Legal name Brooks Trading Course LLC
Regulation Not expected
Registered in United States
Established 2012
Website https://www.brookstradingcourse.com/
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warning
Contacts Online contact form
If a withdrawal is possible N/A
Fees $399
If Active on Social Media: Yes – YouTube, Discord, Facebook
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, India, Brazil, Canada, United Kingdom
Main threats Extensive coverage; boring; time-consuming; quality questionable;
Main perks Covers all markets; daily trainings; affordable;

Who Is Al Brooks, And Where Is The Company Based?

The owner and the teacher at the same time is Al Brooks. He was primarily an ophthalmologist, but he switched 30 years ago to a full trading career. With his presence in numerous countries, at trading conferences, and in book writing, he became quite popular.

BrooksTradingCourse LLC, a company registered in the US, operates BrooksTradingCourse.com. According to them, they agree to disclaimers of the CFTC and NFA. In general, these protect this company from any liability. After all, they are telling any trader transparently that the course doesn’t guarantee success in trading.

Traders Reviews

In general, opinions about the courses and books are split. Some think the course is quite good and affordable, but still slow. It includes more than 100 hours of video material. Which means it’s hard to follow anything without adequate practice.

On the other hand, many found the course confusing and hard to implement, even though the course uses AI tools that should make everything easier. Anyway, you can check numerous customer feedbacks on different forums and Reddit. Many of those customers are coming from countries like:

  • United States
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • India
  • United Kingdom

What You Can Get in This Course?

The whole point of these courses is around price actions. Once you understand that, you should be able to predict market movement. On the positive side, these courses include one-time payment and lifetime access. But also, there’s a money-back guarantee. Yet, without specified conditions for it.

In any case, traders can choose between two plans and a combination of those two. Those are: 

  • Brooks Trading Course – $399
  • Brooks Forex  Trading Course – $399
  • Brooks Trading Course Combination – $499

Important to realize is that all three courses include price action fundamentals, base course, trading manual, and BrooksTradingCourse trading patterns. However, the difference is that one of the individual courses teaches you how to trade in general, while the other teaches you how to trade forex. To find out some other education options, feel free to check our Tickeron review as well.

Is There A Way To Get a Free Course?

Indeed, yes. To get access to the free full course, you can register an account with TD365 brokerage. Besides, you have a 2-day free trial for the trading room, including Emini price action and training. In addition to these features, you can also order e-books or hard-cover books from Amazon. Thus, these will cost you from $45.

How To Get In Touch With Al Brooks?

In general, the company doesn’t offer quite convenient contact options. For direct contact and more details, you can only use the web contact form. But before that, you can join the Al Brooks support forum and search for answers there.

Al Brooks’s course is also available on streaming platforms like YouTube and Discord, which is quite positive considering the popularity of both. Surprisingly, they only have around 140 subscribers on their YouTube channel.

Final Conclusion: Pros And Cons

Generally speaking, it seems that Al Brooks’s trading strategy courses are quite demanding. You have to thoroughly understand and implement a hundred hours of video material in day trading. In addition to that, there are no guarantees you can succeed.

On the positive side, you have only a one-time payment and lifetime access to it. So, you can take forever, and one day, you might be profitable. Yet, with the development of AI, very shortly, every form of education could be replaced. It’s already seen in the case of AI Analysis Tool some of our readers are already using. Make sure to explore your options first and put aside all the positive and negative aspects of it.

Trading gurus are seen nowadays on every corner. It’s hard to choose who to trust. Even though some have quite positive backgrounds, like Al Brooks, that doesn’t mean you will be successful. But in general, you should compare the benefits of trading courses and AI tools and see the difference. We suggest you also compare it to some other features that can be found in our CM Academy review.

How Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

Generally, knowing the right strategies and how to implement them can be crucial in making profits. Of course, one big factor is the brokerage you are working with. So, you have to make sure it’s reliable. But very often, you will see traders paying insane sums of money for trading courses. Yet, that does not guarantee you will make any profits.

As this course says, past performance doesn’t determine your future performance. Consequently, you will see many traders looking for shortcuts. For instance, AI Analysis Tool. This helps them analyze the market like a pro and still keep control of their account, which is crucial in trading nowadays.

To find out how it all works in detail and how it can impact your results, feel free to contact us. Our team is ready to present you with everything and advise you about the safe broker choice.

FAQ Section

How Much is the BrooksTradingCourse?

The course costs between $399 and $499, depending on the choice. But if you change your mind, you have a money-back guarantee.

How to Get Al Brooks Trading Course For Free?

The only way to get this course for free is by creating a TD365 trading account.

What Does Al Brooks Trade?

Al Brooks teaches students about trading in any market. Such as Emini, Forex, currency futures, commodities, options, and stocks.

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