Bull Trades Review: A Vast Array of Features But Unfavorable Feedback

Bull Trades Review

A variety of analytics tools are available from Bull Trades, including real-time news updates, analyst recommendation trends, and options flow analysis. By keeping an eye on dark pool transactions, the platform gives users access to significant equity block trades that are not made public.

Bull Trades aims to provide traders with the tools and information they need to trade like professionals and achieve consistent profitability in the market. To learn more about this tool, keep reading our Bull Trades review, and make sure to check out Crypto Arsenal.

About Bull Trades

With a variety of tools to assist traders in making wise decisions in the market, Bull Trades is a feature-rich platform. Through the platform’s real-time insights into anomalous options activity, users can monitor Smart Money’s trading and obtain superior entry and exit alerts. 

Bull Trades’ Snapshot tool, which provides an easy-to-understand tabular format with a macro-level perspective of traded assets, is one of its primary features. Additionally, the software offers historical flow data going back up to a full year.

Apart from these features, Bull Trades provides sophisticated trading recommendations grounded in technical and fundamental analysis, in addition to its proprietary sophisticated algorithm. For customers to find possible trading opportunities, the platform also offers technical analysis tools, which include charting with automated levels and pattern identification.

Company Type Trading tool
Legal name Bull Trades
Regulation Not expected
Registered in N/A
Established 2020
Website bulltrades.net
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If a withdrawal is possible Potential issues in obtaining a refund;
If Active on Social Media:
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, Canada, Spain, Singapore;
Main threats Unfavorable reviews; Issues in obtaining a refund;
Main perks Dark pool data; A vast array of options and features;

Bull Trades Features

Bull Trades provides traders with a wide range of dashboard tools that are intended to give them access to real-time information and analysis. One of the unique features of the platform is real-time unusual options activity tracking, which lets customers see trading trends in Smart Money. Another feature is Bull Trades charting, which we will talk about later.

Real-time order flow monitoring, which is algorithmically constructed, allows traders to efficiently sort through pertinent information and assess market mood. The Snapshot function offers a macro-level picture of traded assets that may be filtered by date and is arranged in an understandable table. 

With customized filtering settings, traders can obtain 12 months of historical data for any ticker with the Historical Flow capability. Advanced trading signals provide superior insights for well-informed decision-making because they are based on technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and an advanced algorithm.

And That’s Not All

The platform has easy access to technical analysis tools, such as automated levels and pattern recognition charting. A macro perspective of options flow, analyst recommendations, social sentiment, and real-time market news—including sentiment from Reddit and Twitter—are all provided by analytics features.

The portal also keeps track of Dark Pool Trades, displaying massive equity block trades that aren’t accessible to the general public. The most recent analyst ratings—including upgrades, downgrades, and initiations—can also be seen by traders. 

Before committing, however, traders should test the tool with the Bull Trades demo account. That brings us to our next question: Is Bull Trades free or do you have to pay? Let’s check out the pricing.

Bull Trades Price

The “All Access (Weekly)” plan is offered for $19.97 per week for traders who want weekly access. This plan offers access to a 24/7 chatroom, dashboard, and mobile app access. Additionally, premium Discord features, entry and exit notifications, actionable insights, and the Bull Trades University are also available with the plan.

Traders who enjoy Darkpool, and Options Order Flow research, as well as a weekly watchlist and collaborative learning opportunities, can benefit the most. Alternatively, the “All Access” subscription is $64.99 a month if you would rather have access monthly.

For those looking for a longer commitment, Bull Trades offers the “Legend” plan for $899.99 per year. This plan includes all the features of the previous plans, along with an additional perk of 1-on-1 mentoring with a Bull Trades expert for a one-hour session.

Bull Trades Reviews

Judging from user reviews on Trustpilot, Bull Trades appears to have a mixed reputation. A large number of bad reviews raise issues like unapproved charges, subpar customer service, and alleged scamming activities.

Many users complained about fraudulent activity, issues getting refunds, and trouble with billing disputes. Some users also claimed instances of illegal payments being made to their credit cards. In addition, complaints concerning the company’s lack of responsiveness and insufficient customer service were common, showing discontent with the quality of service.

A few reviews voiced doubts over the efficacy of Bull Trades’ instructional materials and trading signals, raising issues with high-risk trading tactics and a lack of accountability for subpar results. The way the business handled comments and criticism also drew criticism; accusations of censorship and disregard for helpful advice were made.

Payment Options and Process

Traders can use all major credit/debit cards to subscribe, which include Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover. The Bull Trades tool will only become available after registering and purchasing the plan of your choice, and the purchase will also grant you access to Discord.

Additionally, traders can use their Google Pay account or Cash App as additional payment methods. Unfortunately, a refund is not available so traders are advised to test the tool with the demo account before subscribing. 

Final Words…

Many traders reported the Bull Trades scam and the allegations against this company are something to consider before depositing. Just like Admirria won’t teach you anything, Bull Trades might even take your funds without the possibility of getting them back.

After reading our review, it’s still crucial to conduct your own investigation, just to make sure this tool is a good choice. However, Bull Trades will never be a good option for traders, despite their claims to be a reputable tool. Due diligence and awareness are important to succeed.

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FAQ Section

What is Bull Trades?

Bull Trades is an AI trading platform offering real-time insights and analysis tools for traders.

Is Bull Trades Legit?

The legitimacy of Bull Trades is questionable, given the mixed reviews and complaints about unauthorized charges and poor customer service.

How to Trade Without Risking Money?

To trade without risking money, traders can use demo accounts or engage in proprietary trading opportunities. But even with prop firms, the risk exists.

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