Crypto Arsenal Review 2024: All You Should Know Before Committing

Crypto Arsenal Review

Crypto trading is a huge risk, which is why choosing a good company is crucial. Luckily for traders, in today’s modern age, it’s much easier to trade with the help of additional tools like trading journals or AI-powered tools. Which brings us to our Crypto Arsenal review. 

The website is well designed and it seems like the platform is user-friendly and suitable for both beginners and seasoned traders. They seem to offer transparent conditions but XTrade Brokers is proof that not everything is as it seems. So keep reading our review to learn more about the firm. 

About Crypto Arsenal

The cloud-based automated cryptocurrency trading platform Crypto Arsenal is designed for traders and creators of quantitative strategies. By allowing other traders to utilize the approach, developers can increase their revenue. 

By splitting a portion of their gains with developers, the Crypto Arsenal trader who is not proficient in programming can nevertheless profit from automated trading. 

The firm has been in business for several years and according to ScamAdviser, the domain is safe with a high trust score of 92. The only red flag so far is the fact the owner of the company is using a paid service to hide his details on WHOIS, however, we know the domain is registered in Arizona, US. 

There are so many scam companies, which is why our first association with crypto is firms like Bitcoin Trade Pro. But not everyone is like that and Crypto Arsenal is the perfect example. It offers transparent conditions and implements security, however, there are still no reviews from other traders. 

Company Type AI Trading Tool
Legal name Crypto-Arsenal
Regulation Not expected
Registered in Taipei, Taiwan 10842, TW
Established 2018
Website www.crypto-arsenal.io
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If a withdrawal is possible Depends on the broker;
If Active on Social Media:
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas Turkiye, United States, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Italy;
Main threats No reviews;
Main perks Transparent; 

Legal Information

Unlike brokers, analysis bots and AI-powered trading tools are software or apps used to help traders analyze markets, offer insights, or support trading decisions. They are not bound by the same regulations as brokers because they do not handle money or carry out trades directly. They do, however, employ security measures in several additional ways. 

To secure the data they handle, these tools frequently employ encryption techniques, particularly if they need user or trading data. Patching and updating often are essential for fixing security flaws. This business follows the previously described security procedures. 

Crypto Arsenal Features

Within the cryptocurrency trading market, the Crypto Arsenal bot is a quant-driven social trading platform that operates on Web 2 and Web 3. In addition to offering simple copy trading services to cryptocurrency traders, the site serves as a one-stop shop for method authors looking to develop, monetize, and cultivate communities around their quantitative systems.

With support for machine learning, API trading, on-chain data monitoring, and real-time artificial intelligence powered cryptocurrency news, the trading toolchain enables anybody to design, test, and execute live trades quantitative strategies on controlled and decentralized exchanges directly within their web browsers. 

While copy traders can simply access, validate, and launch strategies without any technological overhead, creators can give their communities exclusive strategies, services, and content by utilizing strategy stores and membership management platforms.  

Creating strategies is possible by using TradingView webhook or API as a signal source. You will start with 12+ Python cloud strategy templates and you can verify your trading strategies for free. Accepted exchanges include Binance, Bitfinex, Bitget, OKX, and Crypto.com. 

Crypto Arsenal Pricing and Plans

The first plan you can choose is the Free plan, where you will get 10 API key registration numbers, 10 backtesting per month, one simulation, live trading 3 times per month, and 3 strategy templates, and you will be charged 30% for each adopted strategy. 

The Starter plan costs $19.5/mo with yearly payment, or $29 each month, and includes 25 API key registration numbers, 50 backtesting per month, 3 simulations, live trading 9 times per month, TradingView alerts, and 6 strategy templates, and you will be charged 20% for each adopted strategy. 

Here is a breakdown of other plans for Crypto Arsenal AI and what they include: 


  • $49/month $34.5/yearly payment
  • API Key Registration: 50
  • Backtesting/Month: 100
  • Number of Simulations: 5
  • Number of Live‑Trading: 15
  • TradingView Alerts
  • Strategy Templates: 10
  • % Charged for Each Adopted Strategy: 10%


  • $99/month or $69.5/yearly payment
  • API Key Registration: Unlimited
  • Backtesting/Month: Unlimited
  • Number of Simulations: 12
  • Number of Live‑Trading: 30
  • TradingView Alerts
  • Strategy Templates: 16
  • % Charged for Each Adopted Strategy: 5%

Traders Share Their Experiences

The only reviews we found are the ones provided by the company on their website. There is no mention of Crypto Arsenal on any well-known platforms like Trustpilot or Sitejabber. According to the website, users have only great things to say about the firm and its features. 

With companies that offer Telegram or Discord, traders may mostly write their feedback in community groups rather than Trustpilot or similar networks. Since the firm doesn’t have an active profile on any reviewing networks, that is possibly the reason. 

However, there is no way to confirm it at the time, so unfortunately, this is considered a red flag and something worth looking into when searching for a reliable firm. 

Payment Options and Process

The accepted payment methods include credit cards only. The firm only charges a certain percentage from strategy developers as a strategy management middleman; the execution fee is also only charged when their strategies profit for adopters. 

The website doesn’t contain the terms and conditions or the privacy policy, and there is no mention of refunds anywhere else on the site. That could indicate refunds are not an option, especially since they offer a free version, so make sure to double-check with customer support before subscribing. 

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  1. Comprehensive Features
  2. User-Friendly Interface
  3. Transparency
  4. High ScamAdviser Trust Score
  1. Lack of Reviews
  2. Limited Payment Methods and Refund Policy
  3. Ownership Details Hidden via Paid Services
  4. Absence of Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy on the Website

Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

In conclusion, Crypto Arsenal looks like a decent bot you can use as a trader or developer. While there are a couple of issues to consider, overall the bot seems like a good choice. However, there are better alternatives that can boost your profit chances without much effort. 

AI.F is one of those tools and this potent program has a lot to offer. It is the ultimate game-changer in the trading world, processing billions of data points with ease, including historical data, indicators, and news about the market.

Give us a call and try the analysis bot for 14 days for free, without commitment. You stand to gain everything and lose nothing. Become one of the smart traders who recognize that AI is here to stay and grow.

FAQ Section

What is Crypto Arsenal?

Crypto Arsenal is a cloud-based AI-powered cryptocurrency trading platform that facilitates quantitative trading, social trading, and strategy development.

Where is Crypto Arsenal Based?

Crypto Arsenal is registered in Taipei, Taiwan, but its domain is registered in Arizona, US.

Is Crypto Arsenal a Good Bot?

While Crypto Arsenal offers a range of features and appears to be user-friendly and transparent, the lack of external reviews raises uncertainties about its overall reliability and user satisfaction.

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