Cabanor Review – Transparency And Security The Key Problems

Cabanor Review

With head office presented to be in Japan, you would expect the company to be absolutely legitimate. Thus, with their low transparency about legal information, the expectations diminish quickly.

All the disadvantages you will see in this Cabanor review are uncommon for people with an average of 20 years of experience. There must be a catch. So, let’s find out what it is.

Company Type Wealth Management Firm
Legal name N/A
Regulation Unregulated
Registered in Japan (allegedly)
Established 2023
Website https://www.cabanor.com/
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts E-mail; phone;
If a withdrawal is possible Highly unlikely
Fees Hidden fees
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas France, Sweden, Indonesia, United States, Portugal
Main threats Lack of transparency and regulation; hidden fees;
Main perks None

Legal Info and Regulation

It is important to realize that the company presents itself primarily as Japan-based. With this in mind, it should first be regulated by the JFSA. But that’s not the case. Honestly, you couldn’t expect anything more from a company that doesn’t reveal any ownership details. 

However, some traders might still trust this firm because they present us with their team members. Apparently, all those individuals have, on average, 20 years of experience. Yet, when you try searching for them on LinkedIn or social media, you can’t find any bit of detail. Therefore, you can consider it all fake. Not to mention, there are zero Cabanor reviews to prove their services are legitimate.

Who Can Use Cabanor Services?

In reality, any investor who comes from a country where Canbanor is not regulated shouldn’t invest with them. Keep in mind that they are not regulated by any of the following countries:

  • France
  • Sweden
  • Indonesia
  • United States
  • Portugal 

With zero reviews available, it appears the Cabanor financial planning services are not so popular among investors. Surely not as popular as UK-based Funded Trading Plus, which has more than 2000 positive reviews on Trustpilot.

What Services Does Cabanor Wealth Management Firm Offers?

To be honest, all services this company advertises look like well-planned pitches for investors. In reality, they don’t reveal any relevant details for investors, and that’s exactly the point. They want to make you be curious and sign up with them. It’s way easier to control your emotions on a call.

Generally, the services this company offers make sense in the long run. There’s no doubt about it. But only if the company offering those is top-tier licensed. Anyway, the services this unregulated firm offers are:

  • Equities investing
  • Fixed income
  • Risk management
  • Planning services
  • Financial planning
  • Estate planning

Hidden Costs As Another Issue?

When it comes to investing, knowing how much it will cost you makes a big difference in what company you choose, especially in the investing world, where every dollar matters. Unfortunately, with this firm, any fees and commissions remain undisclosed. They don’t even reveal any details in their T&Cs. Yet, they expect you to trust them with your hard-earned money. 

Another key problem is that access to portfolios or dashboards doesn’t exist.  You cannot use your Cabanor login credentials to access any kind of an account. That’s why we invite you to read our Monex Securities review and see what transparency means in investing.

Is The Customer Support Available At All?

In today’s fast-paced world, traders seek top-tier customer service from their investment firms. Such services include quick feedback options such as live chat or phone line. Of course, if the company is not regulated, none of that matters.

In any case, this investment firm provides us with a phone line with a Chinese country code and a few e-mail contact options. However, working hours are not disclosed transparently. As a result, you will have to rely on luck if you want to reach out to your advisor.

All Pros And Cons Of This Wealth Management Firm 

Fairly, with the company’s low transparency, it’s hardly believable that there are any pros of investing with them. With the missing Cabanor regulation, non-transparent costs, and zero reviews, you can only expect issues along the way. 

After all, if you check our EZ Invest review, you will realize all the same features this company has. In the end, numerous negative reviews piled up, as well as warnings. 

Alternative Options Available?

Investing your own money always involves certain risks, even with top-tier licensed firms. This is especially true if you are not an experienced trader. In such cases, traders often opt for funded programs where they invest the company’s capital. One of the most popular firms of a kind is UK-based Funded Trading Plus.

With funding up to $200k and one-phased and two-phased evaluation phases, any trader can find suitable options. Most importantly, they can test out all the strategies and use a wide range of advanced trading tools. Consequently, you are testing and growing your skills without the risk of losing your money in trading.

With the advanced support and tools the Funded Trading Plus offers, it’s no wonder they have a 4.8 average rating on Trustpilot. You could also be one of those satisfied traders. Sign up today with Funded Trading Plus and even get a chance to enter amazing giveaways and promotions.


What is Cabanor?

Cabanor is an anonymous wealth management company allegedly based in Japan that has been active since 2023.

Is Cabanor International Legit?

Without adequate licenses and regulations, you can’t consider this company legit. Especially since they offer services absolutely anonymously.

Can I Trust Cabanor Wealth Management Firm With My Money?

No. That’s why we recommend all traders use funded accounts to avoid risking their own money and for those features sign up with Funded Trading Plus company.

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