CoinFi Review – Legal Anonymity, Hidden Fees, And Much More

CoinFi Review

When a company hides too many details, there must be a reason for it. After all, would you buy any product or service from another part of the world without knowing if the company is legitimate? Surely not.

Hopefully, you will keep that in mind while reading this CoinFi review. All in all, tools can be helpful, but is it worth paying for them? Let’s find out.

Company Type Crypto Trading Analysis Provider
Legal name N/A
Regulation Not expected
Registered in Hong Kong (allegedly)
Established 2018
Website https://www.coinfi.com/
Financial Authorities Warnings N/A
Contacts E-mail
If a withdrawal is possible N/A
Fees Hidden fees
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, Turkiye, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Israel
Main threats Lack of reliability; low transparency; hidden fees;
Main perks Press releases

Who Is Behind CoinFi Company?

Quite surprisingly, the CoinFi company doesn’t reveal much about the founders or the legal entities behind this firm. However, many resources have been pointed out to co-founder Timothy Tam. Based on his LinkedIn account, you could assume the company is based in Hong Kong even though no transparent office address is presented. 

Since its start in 2018, this company has first provided news analysis and basic crypto research options. Slowly, it has been inventing more features on its platform. One of those is subscription, which is the whole purpose of the business. Thus, traders might wonder if it is worth paying. 

Public Reviews About This Company

Important to realize is that CoinFi reviews on platforms like Trustpilot or similar don’t exist. Such detail makes a big difference in the company’s trust score. Especially since their services have been around for so long. 

On the positive side, the company gained popularity through press releases with popular news platforms, such as Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, CNBC, Cointelegraph, and others. But does that make anything better? Fairly not. These press releases only include interviews with Timothy, who gives his expert opinion on the crypto world.

How Does CoinFi Work?

Generally speaking, the company’s primary focus is on CoinFi blockchain and cryptoanalysis. For these purposes, the company offers detailed research, live crypto news, and even trading signals. The latest discoveries also include extremely speculative algorithmic trading.

All in all, the company had to collect some money to support the business. They developed a proprietary CoinFi coin (COFI) that was released on the Ethereum network. To maximize the utilization of all features with CoinFi, traders should pay for monthly subscriptions by purchasing proprietary coins. This way, they would also ensure liquidity and rewards for contributors. 

What is CoinFi Price?

In 2018, right after Bitcoin’s halving occurred, the company’s price skyrocketed to $0.35 per coin. Sadly, the current CoinFi price sits at $0.00097. Traders have to understand that cryptos are still highly speculative assets. That’s why you will see such a big stumble in the market prices. 

Instead, they could opt for more convenient and reliable trading options. To find out what options possibly to avoid, we recommend traders read our CA Trade Capital and WaveSolutions reviews. 

Does The Company Offer Mobile Apps?

Generally speaking, companies that offer research solutions, news, and analysis usually offer reliable and user-friendly mobile apps. These are especially important for traders who don’t care where they are. They only care about good trading opportunities. 

However, the CoinFi crypto analysis platform lacks mobile apps, which is a huge downside compared to other companies offering similar services.

Subscription Plans With CoinFi

As can be seen, some of the company’s features have limited access. While CoinFi news, live crypto prices, and exchange recommendations are transparent, the research platform is locked. To access it, you have to register, and that brings a bit of mystery to the whole process, especially since the company doesn’t reveal any details about the research features or pricing.

Another key detail is that there’s not even a trial option available. So, if you were thinking about testing these tools, you can forget it. 

Promoted Exchanges As Another Discutabile Detail

Naming some crypto exchanges as the best is not that objective, especially if you check the reviews of those. Now, some exchanges are trusted because of their popularity. In most cases, traders don’t have issues with those. 

However, the problem is always in less trusted ones. So, before using any recommended platform, you better check the reviews about those. Some of the promoted options with this platform are: 

  • Coinmama
  • Paxful
  • Changelly
  • Bybit, and a few more. 

Are Crypto Analytical Tools Worth It?

Overall, very few technical analysis options can be applied to cryptos. If you look at CoinFi live price presentation, you will realize they provide data from CoinMarketCap. If the price is the only metric, you don’t need them at all. Nevertheless, there’s a lot more behind the crypto world. 

Most of the market reactions are related to news and events. But when you get access to that information, it might be too late to react. Nevertheless, without transparent CoinFi reviews, there’s no clue whether this tool truly works. 

What Are The Alternatives?

While testing CoinFi features, you can have a chance to earn profits. But also to experience losses. To make the best out of their deal, you might as well opt for a prop trading firm, such as UK-based Funded Trading Plus. With this platform, you can have up to $200k in the virtual trading balance and still have a profit split chance of up to 90%. 

What makes Funded Trading Plus stand out is transparency and a huge pool of traders who have positive experiences. Most importantly, when traders pass the evaluation phases with this prop firm, they can scale up their accounts and become elite traders. All this without the risk of losing their own capital in the market.

Prop trading is gaining more and more popularity. Don’t miss a chance like you did with the Bitcoin in 2010, 2017, and 2023. Get started with Funded Trading Plus today and get an opportunity to participate in amazing giveaways and promotions.


What is CoinFi?

CoinFi is a cryptocurrency analysis platform that offers live crypto news, research, analysis and even trading signals for its users.

Is CoinFi Legit?

Even though they might be legally legit, there’s no guarantee any of the data provided by the company will make you profitable.

Where is CoinFi Based?

The company’s address is unknown even though some sources point to Hong Kong. This is one of the numerous reasons why traders opt for transparent UK’s Funded Trading Plus company.

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