Crypto Bubbles Review – Fun and Functional?

Crypto Bubbles Review

This is a clever marketing trick that captivates users with an engaging and playful interface, making this platform a standout in the crowded field of cryptocurrency tools. 

Beyond its charts and visuals, this platform is highly recommended for its practicality. Stick with our Crypto Bubbles review and learn more about how this platform functions.

Company type Trading Tool
Legal name Crypto Bubbles
Regulation Regulation not expected
Registered in Germany
Established 2019
Website cryptobubbles.net 
Financial Authorities Warnings None
Contacts [email protected] 
If withdrawal is possible N/A
Fees N/A
If Active on Social Media: twitter.com



Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, Brazil, France, Germany, Sri Lanka
Main threats Potential security risks
Main perks Customization, range of cryptocurrencies, and user-friendly interface

User Feedback – Reddit and Other Platforms

Researching the Crypto Bubbles Reddit threads, we found many users appreciate the site’s unique and visually engaging approach to presenting cryptocurrency data. The bubble visualization, which allows users to select and interact with their favorite coins, has been particularly well-received for its oddly satisfying and entertaining interface. Despite some small challenges users faced, the overall response remains positive. 

Five years ago, a major update was released that elicited mixed reactions but was generally seen as a valuable development. The update aimed to make the platform even more intuitive and visually appealing. Our research team concluded that Crypto Bubbles reviews mostly indicate that users appreciate the creativity and effort put into the redesign, with one user acknowledging the shift from a traditional organized list to a more dynamic and visually interesting format. 

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For fiat currencies, the tool includes support for major global currencies such as: 


This extensive fiat currency support ensures that users from different regions can track and visualize the market performance in their preferred currency. In addition to fiat currencies, Crypto Bubbles supports key cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. 


The platform supports over 100 other digital assets. For example, Bitcoin was priced at USD 62,307 at the time of writing, with a market cap of USD 1.23 trillion and a 24-hour volume of USD 21.20 billion. 

One other valuable option is that members can add their favorite currencies to the wishlist, also allowing users to color-coordinate their dashboards. There are various filters to select for customization, such as pricing, market cap, and trading volume. Filter by periods as well, hour/day/week/month/year) to analyze Crypto Bubbles’ live performance.

The platform also includes smaller, less-known cryptocurrencies like BitTorrent, which currently has the lowest price on the platform, standing at USD 0.000000865. This broad range of supported cryptocurrencies ensures that users can track both prominent and emerging digital assets. 

How To Use Crypto Bubbles?

The interface everyone would think of as a fun and cool way to visualize the crypto market through a customizable bubble chart. Each bubble is one cryptocurrency with a different color and size, representing different values such as weekly performance or market capitalization.  The app also has the option to understand the chart with visuals easily. Green bubbles indicate a positive performance, while red bubbles denote a negative.

In terms of how to use Crypto Bubbles, members can customize the tool to suit their preferences and needs. Add their favorite cryptocurrencies to keep track of the portfolio and view detailed information on platforms like CoinMarketCap, Binance, Kucoin, Bybit, GateIO, or Coinbase with a single click. The app also allows you to create, edit, and delete chart configurations for a tailored experience. 

Additionally, there is a fun option just for giggles, to interact with the bubbles by moving them around, crashing them into each other, or even launching small explosions, making it both a functional and engaging way to monitor the cryptocurrency market. On another note, we can’t stress enough how important it is to do your research properly. Steer clear of platforms that provide unproven services, such as this trading tool, DAXrobot Review

App Ratings – High Score and User Satisfaction

The Crypto Bubbles app has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from its users. 

Looking at the Google Play evaluation, the firm boasts an incredible score of 4.9 and has surpassed 1 million downloads. The positive aspect comes from the App Store as well, where the app has the same 4.9 out of 5 stars from over 160 ratings, further emphasizing its success and user satisfaction.

Users have praised the app for its beautifully executed design, which goes beyond aesthetics to provide a highly creative and engaging user experience. For serious crypto traders and investors, the app is seen as an essential tool. 

Users appreciate its ability to help them visualize market trends and understand what’s happening in the crypto space. Additionally, the app’s simplicity and ease of use are also highly commended. 

How Much Is Crypto Bubbles?

In terms of the Crypto Bubbles price range, the app is free to download and use, providing users with access to its extensive features and customization options without any initial cost. We haven’t found any source that indicates this information. 

However, this subject is prone to change since it may offer in-app purchases or premium features that require payment for additional functionalities.


Customer support can be reached directly via email at [email protected]. The platform is located at Ulrich Stark, 92637 Weiden, Germany

Additionally, Crypto Bubbles maintains an active Telegram channel, providing a real-time community forum where users can discuss updates. Presence on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram further enhances user engagement and provides avenues for timely updates and announcements. 


To sum up, Crypto Bubbles has been praised since its establishment in 2019. It received widespread praise and a loyal user base. It also stands out with a creative interface and supports a range of cryptocurrencies.

Nevertheless, the platform could benefit from improving its documentation, just so users can have a broader picture of its services in writing. Despite these minor concerns, user feedback indicates minimal issues, suggesting a reliable and legitimate tool. As with any platform, potential clients are encouraged to conduct more data and research before fully engaging with Crypto Bubbles.

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What is Crypto Bubbles?

It’s a platform that allows users to visualize the market through bubble charts.

How Does Crypto Bubbles Make Money?

The platform most likely generates revenue through in-app purchases, partnerships, fees, or advertising.

Who Owns Crypto Bubbles?

The platform is marketed as a free independent visualization tool, with no information of ownership.

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