DAXrobot Review – High Recommendations To Avoid The Company

DAXrobot Review

At first glance, we can realize the company has quite a poor presentation, especially for a firm offering automated trading tools. The company’s landing page presents us with fake awards, insight through one picture of a robot itself, and also steps for registration.

Believe it or not, that’s all. Luckily, after reading this DAXrobot review you will know what safer options for trading you can have nowadays.

Company Type AI Trading Tools Provider
Legal name N/A
Regulation Not expected
Registered in N/A
Established 2018
Website https://daxrobot.com/
Financial Authorities Warnings N/A
Contacts Live chat
If a withdrawal is possible Highly unlikely
Fees Hidden fees
If Active on Social Media: Yes – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, Spain, India, Germany, Colombia
Main threats Lack of transparency; no proof of work; negative reviews;
Main perks None

Legal And Regulatory Information

In general, tech companies that offer advanced features are often transparent, primarily about founders, addresses, and contact options. Surprisingly, with this company, that’s not the case, which fairly raises suspicion over their legitimacy. 

The problem with this AI trading tool firm is that regulation for their services is not required. Consequently, anybody can claim they offer trading tools. But in reality, it might be just another ripoff targeting inexperienced traders. Another possible option is for this company to work as an affiliate for scam brokers. 

What DAXrobot Users Have To Say?

Even with the domain registered a long time ago, in 2018, there are only a few DAXrobot reviews available. Currently, there are only 6 comments on Trustpilot, and already 50% negative ones. 

It appears the robot truly exists, but it’s absolutely non-functional. Therefore, we recommend you stick to old-school trading and stop finding shortcuts. 

Who Can Apply For DAXrobot AI Tools?

According to the company’s disclaimer, the only country restricted from registration is the United States. But only because laws allow them to raid this company wherever they are. Still, the website analytics show that the ads about this firm are placed mostly in:

  • United States
  • Spain
  • India
  • Germany
  • Colombia 

Therefore, if you come from any of these countries, be careful what you sign up for. Our InternetMoney.io review also has more useful tips about trading firms. 

How Does DAXrobot Work?

Everything remains a mystery when it comes to a detailed explanation of the AI functionality. The company nowhere mentions how the AI works and yet they claim to generate double or triple return on investment in one day. If that’s true, would they need your money at all? 

In any case, in the company’s one-picture presentation, we can only recognize “Bullish intervention” and “Bolly band bounce” features. Yet, the exact principle behind these is not explained. Anyway, while exploring your options, we invite you to check our AFK Invest review. 

How Much Does DAXrobot Cost?

Generally, AI tools that truly work should cost a fortune. Yet, with this company, everything is free. You only have to sign up with one of their recommended brokers and deposit $250 to get started. But honestly, this sounds like an affiliate campaign, even though they are a bit different from the ones we are used to, such as crypto trading bots

In any case, in the absence of DAXrobot price, it’s clear the company works on a commission—not from your trades but from your deposits with brokers. 

Can You Trust DAXrobot Brokers?

In most cases, brokerages connected to these suspicious tools operate without any licenses. That’s what allows them to manipulate traders as much as they want with these robots. Therefore, to know if you can trust any broker, simply look up their regulatory details. 

The moment you realize the company is not licensed properly, you should close your account immediately. But there’s a problem. Registering for these features requires you to leave your phone number. Don’t be surprised if it gets burned with calls.

Is the DAXrobot Download Option Available?

Whether you plan to use this tool on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, you must use it through a browser. It seems like the DAXrobot app has not been developed for any of these platforms. Fairly, this tells you how tech-savvy the company is. The question is, can you trust it? 

Is A Demo Account or Trial Available?

If you have ever traded before, you would know that most brokers offer demo accounts. These are provided for learning and exploration purposes. If you don’t like the platform or conditions, you can simply back out and choose another firm. 

Thus, scam companies often miss these options, primarily because of the risk of exposing all the flaws. That’s where prop trading with firms like Funded Trading Plus can help. If you are interested in risk-free trading and also an option to earn profits while testing out tools, that’s the right place. 

What Is Funded Trading Plus All About?

Funded Trading Plus is a UK-based prop trading firm offering attractive funded accounts of up to $200k with amazing scaling plans. Prop trading’s key principle is to reward successful traders with a high-profit split while the company collects profits on the other side. 

With regular payouts and the most advanced trading features allowed, traders have huge chances of earning nice returns. The first step is passing the evaluation phase in a virtual account and getting into the funded phase. Prop trading is becoming increasingly popular simply because of the excluded risk of losing money in the market. 

With this in mind, it’s not surprising the Funded Trading Plus company has more than 2000 positive reviews and even more satisfied users. Why would you miss such a chance? Sign up today with Funded Trading Plus and explore a new world of trading possibilities. 


What is DAXrobot?

DAXrobot is a provider of Forex and CFD automated trading systems that have been offered worldwide since 2018.

Is DAXrobot Legit?

No. The company is absolutely anonymous and provides unproven services. Instead, you should opt for more transparent firms like Funded Trading Plus.

Where is DAXrobot Based?

DAXrobot company doesn’t reveal any ownership, legal, or address information to its users.

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