CryptoPro App Review: All-In-One Cryptocurrency Tracking App Review

CryptoPro App Review

With its extensive feature set, CryptoPro is a cryptocurrency tracking tool, that enables you to manage and remain updated about your cryptocurrency holdings. The tool offers everything you need to track your portfolio like the CryptoPro App portfolio tracker, keep an eye on pricing, create alerts, and stay up to date on the latest news, regardless of experience level.

Our CryptoPro App review covers the tool from head to toe to help you make well-informed decisions. Learn everything we know by reading on, and make sure to check out Cornix, an automated crypto bot that will automate all of your trades.

About CryptoPro App

An all-in-one cryptocurrency tracking program called Crypto Pro is made for users who value their privacy. You can keep track of the most recent prices, keep an eye on your portfolio, create CryptoPro App price alerts, and remain up to date on the most recent cryptocurrency news.

To help you keep on top of market trends, Crypto Pro also offers a tailored news feed based on individual coins, favorite lists, and portfolio cryptocurrencies. You can receive notifications when there’s a surge in price, volume, or trading activity by setting up personalized alerts for cryptocurrency prices on particular exchanges.

Several other features are also available with Crypto Pro, such as Siri shortcuts, FaceID and TouchID lock, a customized app icon, iOS and macOS widgets, candlestick charts, and a currency conversion calculator. Let’s take an in-depth look at the features.

Company Type Cryptocurrency Tracking App
Legal name Crypto Inc
Regulation Not expected
Registered in San Francisco, California 94103, US
Established 2018
Website cryptopro.app
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If a withdrawal is possible No refunds;
  • $7.99
  • $31.99
If Active on Social Media:
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, India, Germany;
Main threats Low Trustpilot rating;
Main perks Well-reviewed app; Robust features;

CryptoPro App Features

The privacy-first concept of Crypto Pro is one of its primary features. Your information is kept safe because the app does not store, process, or analyze your trade data or portfolio. For additional information on how your data is handled, you can also review the app’s privacy statement.

The Exchange API Import feature of Crypto Pro is another helpful tool that lets you import deals and portfolios from the exchanges you use automatically. Keeping track of your assets across several platforms is made simple by this.

Complete tracking of all traded cryptocurrency assets, including tiny and microcaps, is provided by Crypto Pro. Viewing real-time cryptocurrency prices, market data, and interactive charts is also possible. Traders can make a personalized watchlist for your preferred fiat currencies, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, the CryptoPro Android and IOS app has a Portfolio Overview function that enables you to connect your wallets and exchanges for automatic sync or track your portfolios manually. You get access to your equity history chart, gains and losses, and asset distribution.

CryptoPro App Price

While the CryptoPro free app provides a lot of helpful tools and information like the CryptoPro App crypto news, the Premium subscription takes crypto portfolio tracking to the next level. The subscription is available monthly for $7.99 or quarterly for $31.99 through Apple or Google store.

Here are some of Crypto Pro’s Premium features:

  • Connect Exchanges and Wallets
  • Candlestick Charts and Indicators
  • Faster Refresh Time for the Apple Watch App
  • Unlimited Portfolios and Alerts

CryptoPro App Reviews

The Trustpilot rating is not satisfactory at all. There are only two comments and one of them is a 1-star review, lowering the overall score to 3. However, the app on the App Store received a lot of positive feedback. With an overall score of 4.5 based on more than 900 reviews, many traders are satisfied with the app.

Some users did indicate that the subscription wasn’t worth it and the free version was enough. One trader even mentioned difficulties in withdrawing his funds and even after reaching out to customer support, his issue wasn’t resolved. Overall, the reviews are looking decent.

Payment Options and Process

The payment can be made only through the app, using credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal. Other methods like cryptocurrency are not supported. Purchasing a subscription on the website is not possible, as the services are offered through the app completely.

As for refunds, it is clearly stated that refunds are not permitted in any situation. Not even after using only half of the time that you paid for. However, it is also stated that a refund through the Google Store or the App Store is possible but keep in mind that depends on the app itself.

Tip: If you are a beginner, Profit.ly has great features that allow you to follow more experienced traders and learn from the best!

Final Words…

In conclusion, CryptoPro App is a reliable tool that has served its traders since 2018. The app is well-reviewed on the App Store, however, it lacks Trustpilot ratings. The features offered are great for portfolio and crypto tracking and with the premium plan, there are even more features available.

There are both CryptoPro iOS and Android apps available, meaning you can use it on the go. Traders are advised, however, to conduct individual research to make sure the CryptoPro App tracker and other features are what they’re looking for in a firm. 

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FAQ Section

What is CryptoPro App?

CryptoPro App is an all-in-one cryptocurrency tracking app designed to help users monitor prices, track portfolios, set alerts, and stay updated with the latest news.

How Does CryptoPro Work?

CryptoPro works by allowing users to manually track their portfolios or connect their exchanges and wallets for automatic sync, while also providing real-time crypto prices, market data, and interactive charts.

How Much Is the CryptoPro App?

The CryptoPro free app offers basic tools and information, while the Premium subscription, available for $7.99 monthly or $31.99 quarterly, provides additional features such as exchange and wallet connections, candlestick charts, real-time prices, and unlimited portfolios and alerts.

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