ETX Funding Review – Pricing Plans, Pros, and Cons Explained

ETX Funding Review

ETX Funding or ETX Management Group LLC which runs this brand, was founded in 2023 by Steven Pastrana, Anthony Pastrana, and Javoni Thomas. With such a short lifespan of a company, we expect them to build credibility quickly.

Otherwise, they won’t have much work in such a competitive environment like prop trading. With many firms created nowadays, we suggest you read this ETX Funding review carefully and find out what options suit you the most.

Company Type Proprietary trading firm
Legal name ETX Management Group LLC
Regulation Not expected
Registered in US
Established 2023
Website https://etxfunding.com/
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts e-mail; phone; web contact form; live chat; Discord;
If a withdrawal is possible Potential issues possible
Fees From $45 to $4995
If Active on Social Media: Yes – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, Pakistan, Canada
Main threats New company with a low client number; bad trading software choice;
Main perks Competitive conditions;

First Thing First: Is The Regulation Needed?

For the ones who don’t know what prop-trading is all about, they need to know regulation is not required. Primarily because all traders complete challenges on a demo account and later if they pass, they get funded account programs.

Of course, for the services provided, the company charges fees. Some of them charge hefty ones while others have more affordable fees. In the end, it all comes down to one thing – whom do you trust more? That’s where user reviews can help a lot and help you understand what company works better. If you are more into brokerages, make sure to check our Cambrill and Seastock24 reviews. Be careful of those.      

So, What Are Traders Saying?

When it comes to ETX Funding reviews, these look quite decent. With 10 out of 10 positive comments on Trustpilot, it looks like the company is going in a good direction. However, such reviews can be hardly compared to the ones of firms like Funded Trading Plus. Of course, in the end, the choice will always be yours. So, think about all the options wisely.

What Platforms Can You Use?

With the recent removal of the MetaQuotes for unregulated brokerages and prop-trading firms, you won’t see such options available anymore. Therefore, if you opt for an ETX Funding funded account, you will have other options. Such as DX Trade and cTrader. 

While cTrader is available for both, US and non-US residents, DX Trade is the only option available for US traders. Fairly, not the best choice they could get considering their DX Trade rating in PlayStore and AppStore.

Pricing Plans Available?

One of the key advantages of ETX Funding prop trading firm is instant access to an ETX Funded Trader Program. Of course, it costs way more than the others, but if you are sure about your skills, maybe it’s the right way to go.

Solo Campaigns

When it comes to solo campaigns, traders can choose funding between $5.000 and $200.000. Regardless of the funding, there are 4 minimum trading days, leverage up to 1:50, performance reward up to 90%, and EAs allowed. 

The profit target for all accounts sits at 10% while the max daily loss is 5% and the max drawdown is just a bit over it at 6%. If you are wondering how much it costs, it’s between $55 and $1.015 depending on the funded amount.

Multi Campaigns

Multi campaigns are two-staged challenges with all the same conditions as with solo campaigns. The only difference comes from profit targets that are 8% in the first phase and 5% in the second phase. Also, traders will have a bit more room to breathe here with a 5% daily loss limit and 10% max drawdown.

The only difference between the two mentioned challenges is that the maximum funded amount is $300.000 for two staged programs. The fees for these packages range between $45 and $1.395.

LAM (Instant)

If you are not an experienced trader, an LAM account might not be the perfect option for you. It has way more dangerous conditions and also costs more. Traders can choose between $10k, $25k, $50k, and $100k accounts. Fees for these will range between $997 and $4.995. 

A good thing about these is that it’s only 1 minimum trading day, and leverage up to 1:30. Rewards range between 50% and 75% depending on the level you are at. But be careful, since the daily loss limit is lowered to 3% while the maximum drawdown is only 6%.

How Does The ETX Funding Payout Work?

Quite surprisingly, the only two payout options available are Rise (for bank transfers and crypto transfers) and direct crypto withdrawal. Nevertheless, traders should keep in mind their first payout will be available only after 30 days of the initial trade on a live account.

Consequently, all other payouts should occur every 14 days. Thus, if you fail to meet the requirements set by the company, you won’t be able to get any payouts. Unfortunately, that’s the key potential issue traders can expect

Is Prop Trading Truly Worth It? 

Overall, when you complete the ETX Funding login process you will have a lot of possibilities. Fairly, you will pay a bit more than usual, but you will get all the tools you need. Thus, if you are a US trader, be careful since the only option available is DX Trade software.

Indeed, prop trading can be a great solution for traders who don’t have big capital but want to experience real trading. However, knowing what company to choose can make a big difference. If you are satisfied from the first moment, you won’t be changing your firm. That’s why Funded Trading Plus firm has more than 2000 positive reviews on Trustpilot.

Generally, it all comes down to personal preference. With a bit more expensive fees with ETX Funding, you should reconsider other options. After all, once you try more options, you will find out what suits you more.


What is ETX Funding?

ETX Funding is a proprietary trading firm based in Delaware, US that has been operating since 2023.

How to Join the ETX Funding Challenge Phase?

Through the company’s new campaign account configuration, you can set up most of the parameters, and once fees are paid you get started.

What is the Cost of the ETX Funding Membership?

Fees are starting as low as $45. However, some better-rated companies like Funded Trading Plus offer much more for the same pricing.

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