Finimize Review 2024: Is Finimize.com As Reputable As It Seems?

Finimize Review

Delve deep into our Finimize review to meet a reliable tool that has been serving traders since 2014. Finimize gained a lot of popularity due to its robust features and transparency, and in this assessment, you will uncover why is the tool so praised. 

The company is very transparent and we already know a lot, however, there are still some questions to be answered. How much does Finimize cost? What do the traders say? Can you trust this tool with your trading experience? Learn all about Finimize and its operations by reading on. 

About Finimize

The Finimize app offers a unique design and so does the website. The website is made to match the app, so it looks like you are using an actual app instead of browsing online from your laptop. The website is very appealing and just the design would make you trust the tool. 

In a surprise Finimize acquisition, asset management giant Abrdn has bought the company. CEO Max Rofagha has joined the executive team of Finimize, but the company will still function as an independent entity.

The goal of the financial education and news website Finimize is to enable people to become more knowledgeable investors. As you delve in, you will notice the company is registered in London, UK. As always, we had to check ScamAdviser and without a doubt, the score was the highest. 

Without the typical jargon and complexity, FInimize offers clear and simple-to-read financial news, analysis, and instructional information to help users stay informed and make better investment decisions.

Company Type Trading Tool
Legal name Finimize Ltd
Regulation Not expected
Registered in 280 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 4AG
Established 2014
Website finimize.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If a withdrawal is possible Depends on the broker;
  • $79.99/year
  • $9.99/month
If Active on Social Media:
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Canada, France;
Main threats Free plan limitations;
Main perks Impressive reviews and reputation; Transparency; Affordable;

Legal Information

Tools like this are not required to be regulated by law like Binetrix, however, it’s a huge benefit when a company like this is registered. Finimize is registered under the number 10328011 in London, the United Kingdom. The company offers a physical presence and OTC services and there is nothing more transparent than that. 

Additionally, they implement security measures like SSL and secure payment gateways to protect your personal information. So far, this company has done nothing but amaze us with transparency so we think it’s safe to say that Finimize is a secure company you can trust. 

Finimize Features

Financial education is one of Finimize’s main areas of focus. They offer educational resources to users in the form of articles like Finimize stock, guides, and newsletters to aid in their understanding of different investment methods and financial ideas. A brief breakdown of the most important financial stories is provided by the newsletter. 

The app, accessible on iOS and Android, allows users to view the entire content as well at any time. Finimize MyLife is a service that offers users specific insights depending on their financial condition and assists them in setting financial objectives. It seeks to support people in reaching their financial goals.

Finimize.com features a community section where users may interact with other finance-interested people, exchange ideas, and hold debates. On occasion, the company organizes webinars, workshops, and events where professionals from the finance sector gather to share their knowledge and perspectives with the public.

Finimize Price

Before committing to this app, traders can test it out via the free trial. The free plan has limited features, however, and isn’t suited for seasoned traders. Other than the basic free plan, a premium account is offered that includes daily investing ideas, audio content in the app, daily charts, and data analysis. 

Finimize subscription monthly costs $10/month, while the annual plan costs $80 and it’s collected as a one-time payment each year until you cancel. Here is a breakdown of the features included in the premium plan: 

  • Daily news briefing
  • Free daily newsletter
  • Hundreds of guides and deep dives
  • Analyst strategies & opportunities
  • Audio content in the app
  • Daily charts & data analysis in the app
  • Premium newsletter
  • Weekly review newsletter
  • Invites to all Finimize events (Workshops, Summits, etc)

Finimize Reviews

On Trustpilot, Finimize is a 4.4-rated company and the majority of the comments are 5-star reviews. There are 77 reviews in total and considering how long the firm was established, this indicates the reviews are not fabricated but honest feedback. 

But still, 7% of the comments are unfavorable, so let’s delve into them. The issues are different, with some focused on customer support and some traders claiming to be charged even after canceling the service. Either way, Trustpilot reviews overall are impressive. 

Additionally, according to Finimize Reddit traders, starting to read about the stock market daily with this tool is a terrific idea. However, for a more thorough understanding, it’s a good idea to consult additional sources as well, such as the WSJ, FT, Bloomberg, etc.

Tip: Stay away from scammers like Finaguide!

Payment Options and Process

The payment methods include credit/debit cards and Google and Apple Pay. The payment is made instantly either as a one-time charge for the annual plan or as a monthly subscription. Before the payment, traders must register at the Finimize login page. 

In case you forget to cancel the subscription, as long as you’ve not accessed any premium content and not more than 2 weeks have passed, the firm will refund you in full to your account. So it’s important to cancel on time to avoid getting charged again as some traders did according to Trustpilot.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  1. Affordable 
  2. Transparent
  3. Impressive Trustpilot reviews
  4. Good reputation
  5. Established in 2014
  6. Registered in the UK
  7. Unique and appealing design
  1. Limited contact options
  2. Reported billing issues

Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

Finimize can be a great tool to elevate your skills and build your experience. Making money while trading online is only possible with the right effort, time, and dedication. Now imagine Finimize combined with AI.F, a potent analysis bot. 

AI.F has the ability to process billions of data points, including past statistics, indicators, and current market news. Additionally, it can analyze asset history, identify patterns in similar historical moments, and stay updated with the latest news, both present and past. 

And that’s not even a glimpse of what AI.F can offer. But to find that out, we invite you to try it yourself. We are so confident in its capabilities that we offer a 14-day trial without any commitments. Come and test it out risk-free and we promise you won’t trade without it. 

FAQ Section

What is Finimize?

Finimize is a financial education and news platform offering articles, guides, newsletters, and an app to help users understand various investment methods and financial ideas.

Is Finimize App Worth It?

The Finimize app can be valuable for users seeking financial insights, news, and education. Its worth like everything in trading depends on individual preferences and needs.

Is Finimize Free Or Premium?

Finimize offers both free and premium plans. The free plan has limited features, while the premium plan, priced at $10/month or $80/year, includes additional benefits such as daily investing ideas, audio content, charts, and more.

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