FXP360 Review: Reality Behind This Broker

Overview of scam broker FXP360

FXP360 Review, we reveal all the pros and cons of investing with this broker. There are many accusations about their services, but still, we can’t say anything without proof.

So, let’s dig deeper and find out what is hidden behind the curtains. We are sure there are many jewels there.

Who Is FXP360 Broker?

According to the company website, the broker is coming from the UK. To be precise, London. This is a great start if the broker is adequately licensed. However, the first glance at the company’s website doesn’t promise.

Firstly, the company doesn’t share any ownership information. Unfortunately, there is no contact information available either. Suspicion arises already at the beginning of the journey. To avoid headaches and disappointment you should check as well our Bullexo, Fxy Trade and Trubyx reviews. It’s never enough to know more.

Legal name: N/A
Regulation: Unregulated
Registered in: UK (allegedly)
Established: 2023
Website: Fxp360.com
Financial Authorities Warnings: FCA
Contacts: N/A
If withdrawal is possible: Highly unlikely
Fees: Hidden fees
If Active on Social Media: No  
Investor Protection: Not available

FXP360 Regulation and Fund Security

Since the broker claims to be from the UK it’s very easy to determine if they are reliable or not. You just have to look into the FCA register because that’s the only trusted regulator in the UK. But also, Dutch AFM and Cypriot CySEC. Practically where the broker operates the most.

However, already after the first research, we found all the answers. Not only that the broker is not regulated, but they got a warning.  Have in mind that the regulator is not some Tier 3 offshore one. It comes directly from the FCA, which now confirms all the doubts.

FXP360 Broker Profile

Trading platforms: Proprietary web trader
Account types: Beginner, Student, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, VIP, FXP360 Top member
Financial Instruments On Offer:
  • Forex (CHF/JPY, AUD/NZD)
  • Metals (gold, silver, platinum)
  • Indices (Nikkei225, DAX30)
  • Commodities (Crude oil, natural gas)
  • Stocks (Nvidia, Amazon)
  • Cryptos (BTC, LTC, XRP)
  • NFTs (allegedly)
Maximum leverage: 1:500
Minimum Deposit: $250
Commissions/bonuses: N/A
Mobile app: Not available
Desktop app: Not available
Autotrading: N/A
Demo account: No
Education or Extra tools: No

Is FXP360 Broker Safe?

Considering their non-transparent trading conditions we can say that traders are not safe. In general, they manage to scam traders because nobody monitors them. But also they don’t reveal any fees or commissions. Not to mention trading with insanely high leverage of 1:500. While EU-regulated brokers are limited to 1:30 for retail traders.

Without proper licensing and transparency, there is nothing much to expect. On top of all, they don’t use trusted software. Instead, they offer proprietary software. Which is a perfect soil for scamming activities.

FXP360 Traders Reviews – Sharing Experiences

After all, there are not so many FXP360 complaints without a reason. If you check any FXP360 review you can see the same pattern. The broker is misleading traders and scamming them for their money. Check it yourself. As we can see they are mainly scamming traders from

  • United Kingdom             50% +
  • Netherlands               30% +
  • Cyprus                      5%   +
  • Other                        5%   +

All the standard features of scammers are available. Starting with malicious trading software and non-existent withdrawal fees. So, if you are wondering if is FXP360 legit, they are not. In case your money ever gets into the wrong hands, you can have a free consultation. The most important thing is to know what to do next. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to our specialized team.

How FXP360 Platform Reach Clients and Who Are They?

With scam brokers like FXP360, patterns are very easy to recognize. They will use misleading adverts about quick money schemes. Since they are running their own software, they can make it happen. But those results are far from reality. Generally speaking, what amazes us is that the only way to contact the broker is by registering.

Even though they promote WhatsApp and Telegram as contact options they just lead you back to registration. With this in mind, you know that you won’t be able to reach them when you need them the most. These are standard ways used to hide identity and stay anonymous. If you would like to know what software to avoid with brokers, get in touch with us.

Deposit and Withdrawal Method

Withdrawal procedures with scam brokers are very often painful. So, the FXP360 scam broker is not excluded. What is the most frightening thing here is the payment method in the first place. The broker accepts the following:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Debit and Credit cards (allegedly)

Why card transfers are questionable because it gets you directly to the third-party crypto exchange. Therefore, you are still buying crypto but sending it straight away into their scamming pockets. Avoid sending cryptos to anyone because those transactions are irreversible. Most importantly, this broker doesn’t reveal any fees and processing time. However, the fees are enormous.

Reasons To Avoid FXP360 Broker

The main reasons to avoid this broker are their anonymity and lack of transparency. In addition to that, they are missing crucial regulations. But that’s not the end. That same regulator that should issue them licenses is warning traders against them.

After all, the company mainly promotes crypto transactions. Even though our specialized team has access to software like CipherTrace, it’s an exhausting process. Yet, it’s not impossible to get your money back even if you send it to the scammer. So, before you lost all your money you should rethink your decision to invest here.

Our Safe Trading experts’ opinion of FXP360 broker

As you can see there are many warning signs against this company. Starting with missing regulations, suspicious trading software and warnings. But also a huge number of negative user-experience reviews. Since it’s obvious that this broker is not the right choice for you, find another one.

To avoid all of this, you should build your own opinion first and expand your knowledge. So, you should let us know first, what are your expectations. Once we know what you are looking for we know what information you need. But if you need help choosing the right broker that fits your trading style and preferences, contact us today!

FAQ Section

Is FXP360 Trustworthy?

No. Whatever company promises falls down the drain the moment you realize they are not regulated and FCA issued a warning against them.

How To Start Trading Safely?

Whether you are a newbie or a pro, you should stick to regulated brokers. To know what’s the right choice for you you can arrange non-obligatory consultation with us today!

How Can You Help Me Choose the Best Forex or Crypto Broker?

Our specialized team is there to present and advise you with the choices that will keep your safety and joyful experience fulfilled.

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