Galileo FX Review: Key Offers, Pricing Plans, Pros and Cons

Galileo FX Review

This Italian-based educational platform has been active since 2020. With headquarters in Arezzo, under the ownership of Orion Software Development Srl, they started establishing a reliable environment for inexperienced traders. Yet, most of their clients seem to come from Asia.

In general, traders from strictly regulated countries already know how to recognize legitimate firms. That’s why you won’t see them here. For in-depth analysis, we suggest you read our Galileo FX review carefully.

Company Type Trading AI Platform
Legal name Orion Software Development Srl
Regulation Not expected
Registered in Italy
Established 2020
Website Galileofx.com
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts e-mail; live chat
If a withdrawal is possible N/A
Fees From 240 EUR
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, South Africa, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom
Main threats Hidden fees; many scam allegations; lack of credibility;
Main perks None

Company’s Background – Is Galileo FX Legit?

The ownership of the company appears to belong to another firm for automated software development. Surprisingly, on that other website, there’s no mention of the Galileo FX firm at all. Even if they are connected somehow, none of the companies hold any regulation. Yet, do they need it at all?

Generally, only companies holding and controlling clients’ money should have licenses. Preferably FCA, BaFin, or ASIC. However, the Galileo FX Pro program, for instance, is just an automated system provided to traders. Therefore, only the company where it’s used should be licensed. If you are looking for protection, of course.

What Others Think About This Company?

According to Trustpilot reviews, it looks like the Galileo FX automated trading is a dream coming true. Out of 2.983 comments and 90% of the positive ones, you wouldn’t doubt it generally. But once you start reading the comments, you will realize that most of them come from Africa, India, Vietnam, and many other random countries.

However, most of the negative comments come from clients in the US, UK, Canada, and similar countries. In addition to that, we can’t put aside Reddit comments. In fact, these are eye-opening ones. Mostly speculating about the legitimacy of these reviews.

For instance, Binance, which has more than 120 million users, has only 5k comments on Trustpilot. Also, they have been active since 2017, while the Galileo FX trading bot has been there since 2020. To learn how to analyze user comments, check our Trutrade review as well.

Features Included in Galileo FX Offer?

Generally, everything with this company goes around automated trading. Which is every trader’s dream. Thus, many of these software choices often malfunction. Since the company is not regulated, who can you blame? Only yourself for not taking care. Anyway, there are a few features that stand out in their offer.

In the first place, the company offers 130 pre-configured settings for trading in forex, crypto, gold, and silver. Apparently, they are reaching 97% accuracy in the market. Thus, many traders wonder why don’t they invest in it if it’s so secure. The answer is simple: they don’t want to risk anything.

Galileo FX Price Tags

Generally, advertised pricing starts from 240 EUR. Thus, none of the precise details are revealed. Which is quite surprising considering that you should trust them with your money. But if you don’t know how to install their tools, they are offering installation service for 264 EUR. Yet, only for a desktop device. If you want it on a mobile as well, it would be 530 EUR.

Other services offered by the company include:

  • Upgrade of Galileo FX – from 400 EUR
  • Support session – 145 EUR
  • Premium settings bundle – 1.280 EUR

Unfortunately, all the Galileo FX download options are available only for registered users.

What Software Is Necessary For Trading

Generally, traders need to have access to Meta Trader 4 or Meta Trader 5. By default, these platforms have integrated various advanced features. Practically, there’s no need to use additional automated tools. In any case, before you try it you won’t know if it works.

Performance Presented by The Company

As it seems, even though Galileo FX’s cost is quite high, it should work. At least according to their presentation on the website. But it’s the same as the car salesman telling you that some specific car is the car perfectly designed for you. Anyways, if you check the performance presented, you will see that some trades were open for 9 days.

Also, all the trades are closed with the same profit. Which is technically very rarely possible. Especially for every single trader. If you ever traded alone, you would know. Since this firm doesn’t offer any trial versions, you shouldn’t risk it at all. After all, you don’t have a money-back guarantee, unlike with some other companies.

Contact Options And Customer Support

Besides regular contact options, traders can choose to buy VIP support. Which is a non-sense by default. Shouldn’t everyone be treated equally? Anyway, for 3 months of VIP support, you have to pay an additional 180 EUR.

But let’s be honest, if they are advertising easy-to-use software, why do you need that special support? Now all those reviews pointing out problems with this support make sense. As for the regular contact options, you can choose only e-mail. Quite poor, to be honest. Find out what other reliable options should be a part of the offer in our Imperative Execution review.

How Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

Trading robots are one of the most dangerous options in the trading industry nowadays. Primarily because it’s hard to prove any of those works. In fact, companies can easily present you only positive results and even do it on a demo account. Not to mention that making money depends on the broker you are working with.

For this reason, we always suggest traders work with licensed firms. This way, you minimize the risk of being manipulated. In addition to that, you should use tools where you control the money. For instance, the AI Analysis Tool provides a detailed analysis of the market and price forecast, but nobody invests money on your behalf.

Many readers of our reviews already tried it and seen the advantages. You can do that too already today. Most importantly, the first meeting with our team is free of charge. Therefore, nothing holds you to hear more about it. Get in touch today.

FAQ Section

Is Galileo FX Trustworthy?

According to reviews, some traders might say they are legit. But also, according to the others, you would think everything is fake. Therefore, be careful.

How Does Galileo FX Work?

The company offers traders trading robots and pre-configured trading settings. Even though such a business doesn’t require regulations, you should be careful with them.

How Much Does Galileo FX Cost?

The packages start from 199 EUR. Thus, for detailed plans, you have to sign up with an e-mail. Which is suspicious by default.

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