Trutrade Review – Non-transparent Company Expects You To Trust Them

Trutrade review

Trutrade company was registered in the US in 2020 under the name TruTrade LLC. This firm offers a wide range of automated trading solutions, indicators, and management tools. With their US presence, you would expect a company to be a bit more transparent.

Yet, it’s not the case with Trutrade.io pricing in the first place, which some traders might find disturbing. Anyway, this honest Trutrade review will bring you all the facts on a plate.

Company Type Auto-trading software company
Legal name TruTrade LLC
Regulation Not expected
Registered in US
Established 2020
Website Trutrade.io
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts Online contact form
If a withdrawal is possible Depends on a brokerage
Fees Hidden fees
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, Canada, Nigeria, South Africa, United Kingdom
Main threats Lack of transparency; lack of customer support options;
Main perks Wide range of auto-trading tools

Legal Information

Trutrade company is apparently registered in Arizona, United States. However, their poorly written T&Cs don’t reveal much more details. Since they don’t offer financial services, the company is not required to have a trading license. At least not the ones that traders would expect, like FCA, BaFin, or ASIC.

There is one thing that could cause problems in the future. The company claims to have the right to cancel services to customers if any of their conditions are violated. For instance, sharing the software. But without any monitoring over the company, that could be an excuse to avoid responding to clients.

Traders Reviews – What Others Think About TruTrade.io

Since regulators are not involved in this kind of service yet, you can only rely on reviews. Luckily, Turtrade reviews show us what this company is all about.

Already, 25% of the comments, out of 42 in total, contain negative reviews. Most importantly, Trustpilot users were sharing some irregularities with the company’s disappearance and support.

Customer Support

Generally speaking, for a company that provides tech solutions, Trutrade has fairly poor contact options. Instead of a phone line, live chat, or e-mail, this firm only offers a web contact form.

On top of that, they require traders to wait up to 48 hours for their response. Isn’t that insane? Imagine their tools malfunction, and you don’t have anyone to help you. This is not the way to do it, surely. Yet, reading our TrendSpider review can definitely open your eyes to transparency.

What Trading Tools Are Available With Trutrade LLC

Important to realize is that the company claims these tools are not for everyone. Practically, they tell you if you don’t have enough money, you are out, since all the companies are out there for profit.

On top of that, Trutrade price and fees are not disclosed. Therefore, there is plenty of room for manipulation. Anyway, there are different software solutions offered by the company:

  • RipperOne AI – chartless trading automation software
  • RipperOne – fully automated one-click scalping software
  • AutoTrendPro – trend tracking technology (TRAMM) with DRAMM risk management
  • ShotBotPro – event-driven strategy trader
  • RipperBlackEdition – fully automated price-action scalping tool
  • BotNetwork – proprietary plug-n-play bot

Pricing Plans, Fees, and Other Costs

Generally speaking, transparent companies have their pricing plans transparently presented. Even with some new AI tools, you can see the same thing. However, the Trutrade company didn’t think about it in particular. But if you read our StockPair review, you will realize why these things play a key role.

Currently, there are no topics on the Trutrade Reddit page. However, those reviews mentioned earlier show us the potential risks of paying any money to this company. After all, they are not regulated anywhere, and they can vanish at any time.

Luckily, company performance disclosure reveals why the costs are hidden. All profits on their website and publications are hypothetical or simulated. Therefore, none of the regular commissions or fees are included.

Pros and Cons Summary

The ideology of the company might be attractive. Yet, it’s not backed up with anything. With their short lifespan, it’s hard to build a reputation. At least with their business model. The main benefits of this company are:

  • DRAMM – risk management tools
  • Wide range of tech-solutions
  • Automatisation

On the other hand, the downsides of this firm are far more dangerous. So, the risk-reward ratio is not on your side. Some of the biggest flaws are:

  • Low transparency – primarily about ownership, pricing plans, and costs
  • Unreliable results – anything the company advertises is fictive and hypothetical
  • Poor customer support options – only web-contact form available with up to 48 hours response time

Final Verdict: Can You Trust Trutrade or Not?

Even though they might appear helpful, none of these services are proven. Knowing that these tools can heavily fail in live trading, can be quite disturbing. In addition to that, you have to worry about the broker you are choosing as well. Therefore, Trutrade services can’t be considered reliable.

All in all, there are too many things to think about when choosing the right tools. Don’t allow these tools to control your money. Instead, you can use the benefits of AI Analysis Tool and be in charge of your trades. But still, make a winning out of it.

How Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

Generally speaking, the Trutrade auto-trading system offer brings bad memories back. If you remember, many scam traders were offering exactly that. While in the end, you were using the web-based platform with zero functionality. Thus, that’s not the case with Trutrade tools. Anyway, these bots don’t have any proof they work. Nobody talks about this technology and if it fails once, you would blame the software.

On the contrary, you can opt for AI Analysis Tool which is helping you differently. While you are making educated decisions based on signals from this AI tool, you are still in control of your money.

Consequently, less room for error. In addition to that, you have to choose the right broker. Otherwise, nothing is worth it. Therefore, we suggest you contact our advisors and see what are pros and cons of all options.

FAQ Section

What is Trutrade?

Trutrade is a fairly new company that develops automated tools for retail traders. The main products are trading bots, indicators, and risk management tools.

Can I Make Money With Trutrade Software?

Auto-trading software is always risky. If it fails once, you can lose everything. But very often making money depends on a brokerage where you have a trading account.

Is it Better to Trade With Your Own Money or With a Proprietary Broker?

The best combination is when traders trade their own money with licensed firms and trusted tools like AI Analysis Tools. For a detailed presentation, feel free to contact us.

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