Genesis Forex Funds Review – Are Only Negative Reviews Alarming?

Genesis Forex Funds Review

Up front, it seems like a prop trading firm that offers a platform with a range of account types tailored to suit various trading styles. However, despite the initial appearance, further investigation reveals multiple problems that cast doubt on its credibility. Reviews from users consistently highlight issues, lack of responsiveness to customer inquiries, and overall dissatisfaction with the service provided. 

These negative experiences have translated into low trust scores on reputable review websites and poor ratings from users, damaging the firm’s reputation within the trading community. Given these concerning facts, potential traders should consider all the risks before engaging with Genesis Forex Funds.

Company type Proprietary Firm
Legal name Genesis Forex Funds
Regulation Not expected
Registered in US
Established 2023
Website genesisforexfunds.com
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts Live chat, Telegram
If withdrawal is possible Available – not reliable
Fees Hidden fees
If Active on Social Media: telegram.com


Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Netherlands, India
Main threats Denied payouts, user dissatisfaction, and lack of transparency 
Main perks Various account options

User Satisfaction – Bad Ratings

Starting with a huge part of the evaluation, Genesis Forex Funds reviews paint a concerning picture of the company’s operations and customer satisfaction. Despite being a verified company, the statements by users on platforms like Trustpilot are mostly negative. With a low rating of 2.0 stars out of 5, derived from over 140 reviews, it’s evident that many clients have encountered significant issues with the firm.

Multiple users have accused Genesis Forex Funds of being a scam, highlighting instances where they claim to have traded successfully and made profits, only to face hurdles when attempting to withdraw their earnings. One common complaint concerns the company’s refusal to pay out profits, often citing vague reasons.

Furthermore, some users have expressed frustration at what they perceive as arbitrary restrictions on their accounts, leading to denied payouts without clear explanations. The lack of transparency and apparent inconsistencies in the company’s policies have only harmed the firm’s reputation, as evident by the rough reviews.

Given the substantial number of dissatisfied clients and the serious allegations against the Genesis Forex Funds prop firm, potential investors should be aware of the reviews. While it is essential to consider both positive and negative feedback, common negative reviews and the low overall rating suggest only one thing, don’t trust them. 

Additional Feedback – Not Promising

Unfortunately researching more about the firm we only found more websites with a low trust score for Genesis Forex Funds. The company is unlisted on platforms like PropFirmMatch.com, additionally, a low score of 2.0 on Trustpilot, could indicate several things:

  • Lack of Transparency
  • Negative User Experiences
  • Potential Risks

Multiple videos also strongly advised not to engage with the firm. One YouTube review highlights a negative experience with the prop firm. The problem the client experienced was that their Genesis Forex Funds funded account was suddenly locked, and attempts to resolve the issue through live chat were unsuccessful. 

In summary, the reviewer advises avoiding the firm due to unresolved issues and a lack of payouts. For individuals looking for a reliable broker, check out our FXGT Review

Pricing Options

The platform boasts a wide range of account types, with pricing starting from as low as USD 5,000 and scaling up to USD 200,000. On the surface, the pricing appears reasonable, offering accessible entry points for traders looking to engage with this prop firm. However, the allure of affordability is overshadowed by the concerning pattern of negative reviews, particularly in the realm of payouts.

Despite the seemingly attractive pricing structure, user feedback paints a starkly different picture. A common theme among reviews is the firm’s failure to fulfill its obligation of providing payouts to traders, which is a fundamental aspect of any trading partnership. 

Given the prevalence of complaints regarding payout delays or refusals, potential clients are strongly advised to think twice before considering the Genesis Forex Funds challenge. In light of the multiple issues exposed, traders are encouraged to explore alternative prop firms that prioritize transparency, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Challenges Offered

On their official website, there is a diverse range of Genesis Forex Funds evaluation plans. From the initial Phase 1 accounts to the more advanced Funded challenges, traders have a variety of choices. 

The account options span from 5k to 500k, each offering multiple features, including access to the industry’s premier trading dashboard and customizable account alternatives. While the Phase 1 and Challenge accounts allow for high-frequency trading (HFT) and news trading, the Funded accounts do not permit HFT but still support news trading. 

Additionally, traders have available Genesis Forex Funds profit split of up to 80% with Funded accounts, providing an opportunity to maximize their earnings based on their trading performance. Visiting the evaluation sites is the best option for deciding whether to invest with the firm or not. All challenges available can be found rated. 

For example, one user stated, that despite smooth website navigation and favorable spreads, the user emphasizes that Genesis Forex Funds has consistently failed to proceed with payout. They caution potential users to read reviews before purchasing a new challenge.

Evaluation Plan Terms – Does the Firm Offer a Refund?

Once payment is confirmed and login details are dispatched to access the evaluation, the company does not offer refunds. However, there are exceptions in cases where no trades are executed within the initial 14 days of purchasing the evaluation plan and communication is made early, the firm may consider refund requests. 

It’s important to note that clients engaging in improper charge disputes may face legal action and bans from the platform. Additionally, refunds are not available for the challenge fee in the 1-Step program, as traders are exclusively rewarded based on their performance during the live-funded stage. On another note, users who want to invest in a regulated brokerage firm read all about it in our ACY Securities Review.

Final Verdict – Can You Trust Them?

To sum up, the Genesis Forex Funds review reveals a pattern of dissatisfaction among users, with widespread complaints about delayed or denied payouts, lack of responsiveness, and overall poor service quality. 

Despite the firm’s appearance as a reputable trading platform, the reality uncovered through user feedback and review ratings paints a different picture. Potential users are strongly advised to approach Genesis Forex Funds with caution and to carefully conduct data if for whatever reason want to invest with this firm. A clear indicator is given, exploring alternative prop firms may be a safer choice.


What is Genesis Forex Funds?

It’s a low-rated prop trading firm that offers various accounts, for challenges and evaluation process options.

Is Genesis Forex Funds Legit?

There are significant concerns stated by users regarding delayed or denied payouts, lack of responsiveness, and overall dissatisfaction with the service provided. It has a 2.0 rating on Trustpilot.

Can I Trust Genesis Forex Funds With Payouts?

Given the issues reported, no, the company shouldn’t be trusted.

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