Genesis FX Review: Expert Advisor, AI Power, or Something Else?

Genesis FX Review

Finding a match to your trading preferences often requires extensive research, especially if the firm is new in the market. Getting into trading blindly is never a good option, even if the company looks tempting at first glance. An in-depth investigation is crucial for success.

Genesis FX is a recently established AI-driven software that trades on your behalf. Traders can operate the software across diverse accounts on 3 trading accounts, including demo, live, and prop firms. But is this tool a reliable match? Keep reading our Genesis FX review and learn more.

About Genesis FX

The Genesis FX website looks tempting at first glance, as it is information-rich and provides a FAQ section that can assist traders in understanding the tool. However, searching the name online won’t provide any results, as the company was established in 2023.

Installing the software is required, so this may present an issue to some traders. Upon successful completion of your one-time purchase, you will receive a Discord link right away. By using this link, you can join the Discord community in addition to downloading the software.

Starting is pretty simple; traders are required to pay a one-time fee and that’s it. Once traders join the Discord community, they will get tutorials, educational materials, setting adjustments, and real-time trading chat. Another AI tool that has a simple start is Nurp, so make sure to check it out.

Company Type AI trading software
Legal name Genesis FX
Regulation Not expected
Registered in N/A
Established 2023
Website genesis-forex.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If a withdrawal is possible No refunds
  • $699 one-time fee
If Active on Social Media:
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas Australia, United States, Canada, Bulgaria;
Main threats Relatively new; No reviews;
Main perks No subscription required;

Genesis FX Features

Experts with years of experience developed the Genesis Forex algorithm, which does the heavy lifting and makes wise trade decisions even when you’re not around. To get started, just create an account and go through the tutorials to become familiar with the software. 

Genesis FX’s multi-account software is one of its best features; it lets you use the program on several accounts on three different kinds of trading accounts: demo, live, and proprietary corporations. 

You can adjust to various trading settings and handle your trading activity more skillfully because of this versatility. The platform allows you to pick the broker you prefer and maintain full control over your trading accounts. But is Genesis FX free or does it cost? Let’s check out the price.

Genesis FX Price

A great benefit of Genesis is that Genesis FX subscription isn’t required. Traders can purchase the tool and enjoy lifetime access without worrying about canceling. For a one-time charge of $699, the Genesis AI tool is available for traders all around the world.

But the question is: Is the Genesis FX worthy of $700? We checked their Instagram page and the results posted on the website match their Insta, plus, they are posting new results daily. The lack of reviews could be the result of experience, considering they started operating only recently.

Traders are advised to proceed with caution and conduct individual investigations to make sure Genesis is the right match. The price of the tool is not cheap but it does give lifetime access. Either way, there are other tools that offer better benefits, or you can always trade with brokers. Just make sure to avoid Yes Markets.

Genesis FX Reviews

Unfortunately, there are no reviews online for Genesis FX. When looking for a reliable company, you always want someone with a high rating of 4.5 or above. It doesn’t mean that firms that have little to no reviews are unreliable, however, confirming that will be more difficult without any feedback from other traders.

In situations like this, it’s good to use a demo account or a trial period to test the services but unfortunately, Genesis FX doesn’t provide that either. This is something to consider when weighing the pros and cons, as it is an important factor when choosing the right firm.

Payment Options and Process

Before subscribing, traders are required to register at the Genesis FX login page. Upon paying, a link will be provided that gives access to the software download and the Discord community. Traders can use Google Pay or credit cards on Stripe to pay for the subscription.

The lifetime license is not refundable and there are no free trials to test the tool. However, the results posted on the website seem to indicate the tool is effective. Numerous tools are similar to Genesis FX, so we recommend one that has a high Trustpilot rating rather than no reviews.

Final Words…

Overall, Genesis FX is a tool that can help you trade even when you sleep. While AI has gained a lot of power and popularity recently, it still doesn’t mean it will always be correct. Just like humans, it can create a mistake that can cost you a lot of money, and being prepared for that is important.

If you are, then we think the Genesis FX Expert Advisor can be a proper choice for you. Just make sure to maybe wait a while to see if any reviews will pop up and also consider different tools, as there are many. The lack of feedback and transparency in addition to no free trial are all things you should consider.

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FAQ Section

What is Genesis FX?

Genesis FX is an AI-powered software that traders can use to automate their trades. The bot can even trade while you sleep.

Is Genesis FX Legit?

The legitimacy of this tool is under question due to a lack of reviews and transparency. Additionally, there are no refunds or free trials, which only increases the concerns. Traders are advised to check this firm in-depth before subscribing.

How to Trade Without Investing Own Money?

Instead of paying for a huge Genesis FX fee, give us a call and start proprietary trading. We provide funds and you provide skills, while together, we are unstoppable.

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