Global Ventures Review: Who Is Global Ventures Broker?

Global Ventures Review

The Global Ventures scam was just another scheme brokerage in the long list of fraudulent trading “companies”.

This phony investment platform was first available at globalventures.com. The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) gave a warning regarding their suspicious activities after which they vanished from the mentioned domain.

However, they made a resurrection and bounced back, this time around the globvenop.vip domain. Shortly after, the FMA (Financial Markets Authority) also pointed out that this scam broker should be avoided.

Eventually, they simply disappeared after getting blacklisted. This Global Ventures broker review will acknowledge you with everything you should know in case they ever come back again.  

You should, on the other hand, avoid engaging in business with shady brokers such as ExcelMarketTrade, FXstock Options Trade, and CryptoGo365.

Company Global Ventures
Website GlobalVentures.Com; Globvenop.Vip
Address N/A
Email [email protected]
Phone +44 2080897894
Minimum Deposit 5000€
Leverage 1:4
Bonuses No
Regulation None
Warning FCA, FMA

Licensing and Regulation of Global Ventures

As you can already tell, they weren’t regulated in any way. The warnings that were given and the evaporation of this scam broker proved the invalidity of this online investment platform. 

During its lifetime, the website provided nothing that could even slightly indicate that this is a legitimate trading company. There were no licenses and not even an address provided, making them anonymous. 

The website had a British contact number listed. That doesn’t make any sense, since it was stated that this Forex provider was governed by the laws of Bulgaria. 

As expected, the Bulgarian financial regulator (FSC) had no traces of this company in its database.

We don’t know if this shady firm will ever come back, but one thing is for certain – if they do, avoid them.

Global Ventures Trading Software Available

They asserted that their own “powerful” trading apps were accessible – MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 were not available.

It’s a known fact that MT4 and MT5 are standardized in trading because they offer a lot of different useful tools to help you in your investing journey.

However, that wasn’t the case with the Global Ventures broker. Moreover, the only trading instruments at hand were cryptocurrency pairs, with leverage up to 1:4. 

Furthermore, the website didn’t provide any information about spreads. It was overall a poorly executed scam, unlike other fraudulent companies that put a lot of effort into making it all seem real.

Global Ventures Deposit and Withdrawal Process

The minimum initial deposit for a “Starter” account was 5000€ – an insane amount of money that you won’t see anywhere! If nothing else rang a bell, this should’ve been an obvious sign that the Global Ventures broker is a scam! Most legitimate firms offer a micro account with a minimum deposit of $5. 

The ways of funding your account were:

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • E-Wallets (Skrill, Neteller, Qiwi Wallet, CardPay, WebMoney)
  • Bank Transfers (Sofort)
  • Crypto (Bitcoin)

Moreover, the withdrawal policy was full of fishy clauses, and they haven’t even tried to hide their malicious intentions. 

For instance, it was stated that you won’t be able to pull out your money until you trade 1% of your initial deposit in terms of lots. 

So, for a 10,000€ deposit that’s equivalent to 100 lots, which is 10,000,000€ in trading volume. Outrageous! 

Also, the accounts that showed no activity for over a month were categorized as “inactive”.

In addition, a 100€ fee would be charged every month from the account’s balance until there’s any activity coming from it. 

The Scam Is Orchestrated In This Manner

The fraudsters often promise unreal profits within a short amount of time. Low or no risks, guaranteed profits, and always winning trades, are the things that they will try to assure you in, no matter what. 

You will get many calls and emails from confident swindlers until you agree to work with them.

Once you fall right into their trap and provide them with your crucial info like your ID, and credit card number, it becomes much more dangerous.

You will not only waste your money on a fake trading company, but your whole bank account is at risk because they might spend all of your money as they please.

It’s never a good idea to try your luck with unregulated brokers.

Global Ventures Summary

In this Global Ventures review, we concluded that this fake broker offered nothing but an investment scam. No one knows if they will ever come back again.

The important thing to keep in mind is that this brokerage wasn’t trustworthy and you should never consider trading on this platform if they resurrect.

They had no licenses, the minimum deposit was abnormally high, and there was nothing valid about them. 

Overall, one of the worst-implemented scams out there. 

FAQs About Global Ventures Broker

What Was The Minimum Deposit with GlobVentures?

The minimum deposit was 5000 EUR, an enormous amount of money for one brokerage.

Deposit Methods Available at GlobVentures?

There were credit/debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, and cryptocurrency.

What Kind of Trading Platforms Did GlobVentures Offer?

They had their own “powerful trading platform” developed, and MT4 and MT5 were not available.

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