Heldental Review: Trading With This Prop Firm Is a Disadvantage

Heldental Review

Whether you want to trade with a broker directly or use a prop firm, the same rules apply. Choosing a reliable prop company is as important as choosing a broker, and if you choose an unreliable firm, the same risks apply. Just like Tokens Note, we suspect Heldental is a scam. 

Our Heldental review will evaluate the firm from head to toe, helping you decide on whether or not they are the right choice. According to the information we have so far, we do suspect they are an unreliable choice for traders. 

Who Is Heldental?

We have the impression that Heldental lacks transparency because company information, social media accounts, and general trade terms are hidden. This suggests that the Heldental scam is real, so traders should proceed with caution. 

Instead of taking us to their accounts on social networks, their bogus links direct you to share a “link” on your account. Overall, we pronounce this company as an untrustworthy alternative for traders at first glance, and additional warning signs will become apparent as we dig further. 

Heldental Reliable Broker Must Have
Legal name Heldental Holding bv Transparently displayed in the disclaimer or legal documents
Regulation Regulation not expected Within your legal jurisdiction – local regulator
Registered in Maastrichterlaan 94a, 6291ET Vaals, the Netherlands Your country or the country whose license applies in your legal jurisdiction 
Established 2016 The older the domain – the higher the possibility the company is trustworthy
Website heldental.com Domain should be from local or international zones, no .xyz, etc.
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
Contacts NL +31 43 855 3107 

DE +49 241 609 58 311

[email protected] 



Phone, email, social media, web form
If a withdrawal is possible Highly unlikely Yes
  • Nominal fee
Transparent fees – list of spread and commissions
If Active on Social Media No Often present on social media
Investor Protection None Compensation fund

Regulation Info

Prop companies should nonetheless act within the law and uphold ethical standards even though they are not necessarily subject to the same regulatory monitoring as regular brokers. While they don’t deal with trader’s money directly, they are still responsible for adhering to certain rules and obligations. 

Heldental is listed with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, a Dutch government body in charge of keeping the official registry of companies doing business there. The registration number is  KVK 74583468, and the tax ID is RSIN 859956817. 

Heldental Broker Profile

With Heldental, you can trade each Wednesday on the live market. There are four stage levels, and each carries different conditions. The target account size can be $11,000, $55,000, and $275,000, with a daily loss limit ranging from $50 to $4,000. At stage one, the profit split is 50%, which seems inconvenient, especially for beginners. As you move up a level, so does the profit split, which can get up to 80%. 

The statements we found on the Heldental login page appear to make very bold guarantees. The profit promises could seem unreasonably generous. The promise of particular earnings can be a red flag because no trading activity is risk-free. 

It’s critical to exercise skepticism when dealing with too-confident promises and claims in the realm of trading and investing. Before making any commitments, it is best to approach such offers with a healthy dose of skepticism and do extensive research.

Trading Platform Hero Trader Pro, Bionic Trader, Bookmap, Reuters Eikon
Account Types 10k, 50k, 250k, 1mil
Financial Instruments On Offer
  • Stocks (Apple, Amazon, Microsoft)
Maximum leverage N/A
Minimum Deposit N/A
Commissions/Bonuses N/A
Mobile app No
Desktop app No
Autotrading Yes
Demo account No
Education or Extra tools Copy trading coach, Trading AI “Aladdin”, Trading Coach Signals, Stock trading scanners, News terminal, Charts with 100% market data, Coach Watchlist

Is Heldental Safe To Trade With?

Due to serious issues with transparency, a lack of essential details like the name of their broker or liquidity provider, and their brash assurances of profits, Heldental is not regarded as a safe trading partner. These elements cast doubt on the reliability and security of trade with Heldental.

Additionally, the 50% profit split at the first stage seems unfair, especially since for the 80% profit split you have to move up to the last stage. The trading conditions of Heldental seem unfavorable altogether, and it is best to avoid this firm in the future. 

Who Are the Traders They Cater To?

Similar to Networkfsi, we believe that Heldental is a scam. They make false claims about profit guarantees and risk-free trading, which is something a reliable firm wouldn’t do. Nobody can promise profitable trading, especially not while guaranteeing profits. Stay away from this firm. 

Traders they mostly cater to include Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the United States. Although the firm is registered in the Netherlands, we were surprised to see that the majority of their clients come from Germany. 

Deposits and Withdrawal Methods

Understanding how to deposit and withdraw your money is crucial when dealing with a financial institution. However, this information might not always be as openly disclosed as one would like with some businesses, particularly prop firms like the one in question. It can be more difficult for withdrawals. 

Before allowing withdrawals, some prop businesses could have specific requirements, such as hitting specific profit targets. Without this important information, traders would encounter difficulties in reaching their gains. It’s vital to check the terms and conditions before investing to see if there are any fees associated, in addition to making sure that withdrawing your funds is possible without any hassle. 

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  1. 80% profit split 
  2. A variety of trading platforms
  3. Registered
  1. Fake social media links
  2. 50% profit split at stage 1
  3. Offering risk-free trading
  4. Bold guarantees
  5. Badly-designed website
  6. Lack of transparency

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FAQ Section

What is Heldental?

Heldental is a service provider that offers training, tools, and support to help traders become consistently profitable and successful in financial markets.

Is Heldental A Scam?

While we can neither confirm nor deny that Heldental is a scam, we do advise against trading with this prop firm due to the lack of transparency and crucial information.

Where Are the Career Programs of Heldental?

To provide training in various facets of trading, including theoretical knowledge and practical skills, across a variety of tradable markets, with access to professional tools and resources, and the chance to make money, Heldental offers a trading career program. However, prospective students should use caution and do their homework before applying.

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