HowToTrade Review: Important Insights Into HowToTrade Academy

HowToTrade Review

It goes without saying that everyone needs a reliable educational companion in trading. Now, meet the HowToTrade platform – a potential ally for traders. This HowToTrade review is there to peel back the layers of this popular trading education site.

Our aim is to evaluate its relevance to traders and much more. Is HowToTrade legit? Stay tuned to find out the answer to that!

Company type Trading Education
Legal name HowToTrade
Regulation No regulation expected
Registered in Beautiful Group Tower, 77 Connaught Road Central, Central Hong Kong
Established 2021
Website howtotrade.com
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts [email protected], [email protected] 
If withdrawal is possible n/a
Fees $228 a year
If Active on Social Media: Yes, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Meta
Investor Protection: No
Activity areas India, United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada
Main threats None
Main perks 24/7 support and numerous features 

HowToTrade 101

Discover HowToTrade, a platform made to arm traders with vital resources and guidance. We can see it covers diverse financial markets. Namely, these are crypto, commodities, stocks, forex, options, and indices. Also, the company talks about 4 seasoned trading mentors with a wealth of experience.

HowToTrade.com indeed welcomes both beginners and pro traders. It positions itself as a hub for boosting trading results through mentorship. Also, they are not shy about easy access to a variety of resources. We think this is a big plus! 

What Is There for Traders?

If we look deeper into their educational offerings, we see a range of resources here. Notably, there are some free courses in forex and stock trading. Moreover, there are also exclusive programs for platform members.

Also, these courses cover fundamental aspects such as:

  • psychology,
  • technical analysis, and
  • interplay between different markets.

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There Is More to This

Elite trading courses get into advanced concepts such as:

  • precision sniper trading,
  • propulsion scalping, and
  • cognitive biases.

For beginners, a 3-day HowToTrade accelerator program offers intensive training and mentor interaction. Notably, this prepares them for success in any financial market.

Members have lifetime access to paid courses on the platform and can learn at their own pace. Clearly, a global user base and points system create a motivating learning environment. Now, all of this costs $228 a year

Visual Cues – Chart Patterns

We can see that this trading company saw the importance of chart analysis. So, the firm dedicates a section to clarifying many different chart patterns.

You can find everything, from the triple-top pattern to the parabolic pattern. And, these visual models are explained in a way to be available to traders at all levels of expertise.

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Blogging and Webinar Wisdom

Another great feature of the HowToTrade education firm is its blog. This is indeed a treasure trove of articles covering a spectrum of trading topics.

There are simple concepts as well as intricate analysis. This blog serves as a valuable resource for traders looking to broaden their understanding. Apart from that, the platform hosts free webinars where mentors share some details of their experiences. This is another big plus!

Seamless Onboarding

Joining this company is a breeze! There are options to create an account through existing Google, Facebook, or Apple accounts. Alternatively, you can input the necessary details to register. Also, we should point out that account creation secures a spot in upcoming webinars.

Paid members can observe experts in the Trading Room, ask questions, and emulate successful trades. We can see that this trading firm offers a supportive environment for traders to thrive.

HowToTrade Reviews on Trustpilot

Turning to Trustpilot, the forex trading community has spoken! We can see quite a positive rating for this company. With an impressive 4.5-star rating from 231 users, it’s evident that traders find value in their services.

This rating instills confidence that the platform’s features align with user expectations. However, it’s essential to be careful and consider your preferences.

In the broader context, it’s wise for traders to opt for platforms with a rating of 4.5 stars or more. These reviews can indeed serve as valuable guidance.

Choosing the Best Trading Education Platform

Here’s how to find the ideal trading education company:

  • Know your needs: Set your goals and check your current knowledge level. This is a must! 
  • Check usability: A reliable and safe platform is often easy to use. Test it out and explore how fast you can access data. Look for platforms with diverse learning formats, such as videos and blog posts.
  • Research reputation: Look for websites with positive reviews, as feedback from clients reveals all strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, platforms approved by respected institutions or experts are good choices.
  • Explore: Choose sites with a broad range of resources. It’s best to pick those covering topics from technical analysis to risk management.
  • Consider support: Good support is necessary. So, select a platform with a dedicated support team. Their help guarantees the quick resolution of any questions or issues.

As you know, sometimes is hard to find a legitimate trading tool or education platform. They don’t require regulation, and online reviews are the only source of legitimacy for us. So, weighing these factors will help you find a solid trading company for your needs.

Your Gateway to Potential Earnings

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Final Verdict

All in all, we can confirm that this is a platform with many solid resources. Their commitment to education and a user-friendly interface shows it all.

However, as you explore all options, it’s crucial to choose the best offer that aligns with you. Notably, our AI Analysis Tool gives you a unique opportunity! Do you want to receive historical assets’ prices, the latest news, and much more? If so, test the offer today! Choose wisely, and let your trading journey flourish.


What is HowToTrade?

HowToTrade is an educational platform that has resources and mentorship for traders.

Is HowToTrade Legit?

Yes, HowToTrade is a legitimate platform with positive reviews and a 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot.

Can I Learn How to Trade Forex?

Yes. HowToTrade offers courses and resources that help.

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