Hydra Funding Review: Key Features, Costs, Perks, and Flaws Revealed

Hydra Funding Review

Hydra Funding company was registered in 2022 by Cameron Fous. This trader is quite popular on YouTube, with almost 500k followers. With such big support, it was quite easy to build a Hydra Funding prop firm.

What traders don’t understand is that this company doesn’t require regulations. Simply, you are trading with virtual funds. It’s like playing a game. That’s why it’s important to read our Hydra Funding review carefully. After all, it’s your money at stake.

Company type Active proprietary trading company
Legal name Hydra Funding LLC
Regulation Not expected
Registered in US
Established 2022
Website https://www.hydrafunding.io/
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts Live chat
If a withdrawal is possible Highly unlikely
Fees $119 – $5.699
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, India, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia
Main threats Freshly registered company;  Lack of reviews;
Main perks The platform is provided by a regulated company;

Legal Details and Connection With Regulated Firm

The ownership of this prop firm belongs to Hydra Funding LLC. This company is officially registered in Wyoming, US. But the cheesy part is that the address provided by the company seems to be used by different entities. Also, Wyoming is known as the country where you can register the company regardless of your location.

Anyway, this firm is not required to have any regulations. There’s a simple reason for that. To get access to the Hydra Funding funded account, traders must pass the evaluation phases first. In this process, they are funded with virtual money. That’s why regulation is not necessary.

What Platforms Traders Can Use?

On the positive side, the accounts are provided by a highly regulated entity. That’s Think Markets brokerage with multiple top-tier regulations. With this in mind, traders can be way more comfortable using these services. But also advantages of the MetaTrader software this firm is offering.

But there’s a catch. Think Markets only provides demo and live accounts. Yet, they are not privy to the Hydra Funding trading conditions, offerings, or general T&Cs.

What Are The Accounts Available?

Important to realize is that traders have two choices when it comes to the evaluation phase. The amount of money they choose in this process will be provided to them in a funded account later.

There are some general conditions for both options regardless of the amount of money. The 1-phase conditions are: 

  • Gain target of 10%
  • Leverage up to 1:20 with an upgrade
  • Hydra Funding profit split up to 90% with an upgrade

The max daily loss and max overall loss depend on the amount of money you choose for this phase. Daily losses range between $500 and $50.000. Overall ones are between $600 and $60.000. Pricing for these plans ranges between $119 for $10k funded and $5.699 for $1M funded.

On the other hand, traders can also opt for the 2-phase option. This one is a bit more conservative and includes: 

  • Gain targets of 6% in the first phase and 9% in the second
  • Leverage up to 1:100 with an upgrade
  • Profit split up to 90% with an upgrade

The maximum daily losses range between $500 and $10.000. On the other hand, the overall losses limit range between $1.000 and $20.000. One-time fees for these programs range between $99 and $699.

Trading Fees Included

All the costs depend on Think Markets’ conditions, which provide trading accounts. Spreads are starting from 0 pips and commission from $7 per round turn. But these commissions are for metals and currencies. For all other assets, it’s $0.

These trading conditions are quite attractive. However, some shady brokerages are offering even more attractive features. Yet, without regulations, it’s hard to trust any of those. That’s why we suggest you read our Active Brokerz review and always choose licensed firms.

Restricted Activities

One of the biggest problems with unregulated firms is that they can set up any conditions they want. In this case, there are numerous limitations to traders. But if they decide you are violating these rules, they can block your account without any explanation. Practically, gives them a way-out ticket if something is not going as planned.

With this in mind, you should rethink your investment choices. Isn’t it better that you directly trade with a licensed brokerage? You can get a demo account anyway there. But completely free. Whatever amount of money you desire in that account, you can get. Once you get a bit more comfortable, start with real money step-by-step.

Community, Reviews, and Testimonials

Apparently, the company has a community in a Discord channel. If you are really into researching, you may as well try joining. But it might be restricted only to registered users.

Even though the Hydra Funding Group presents on its website a lot of withdrawal certificates, there are no public Hydra Funding reviews. Fairly, there should be at least someone talking about this program if it’s anything good. Ultimately, the decision is yours. Nobody claims this is a bad thing, but simply there are better options. To avoid bad options, check out our Coin2FX review.

How Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

Generally speaking, traders love exploring different options. Sometimes, they burn their fingers, sometimes not. With prop trading, the problem is the waste of time and money. While you are paying to trade with virtual funds, the company is collecting real ones. Even if you get to the live account, they have strict requirements. One time, you fail, and you are out.

Instead, we suggest you trade directly with Tier 1 licensed firms. Start with a demo and switch slowly to a micro account. On top of that, if you implement AI Analysis Tool features, possibilities are unlimited. This tool helps traders make educated analyses and make proper trading decisions. Thus, there is no pressure involved by any third party.

It’s you, your money and your decisions. Forget about agents telling you what to do. Forget about wasting your time on funded accounts. Who in the world will give a stranger $1M for trading? Especially if there is a risk of losing involved. Therefore, be wise and start trading yourself. Keep money only for yourself. Get in touch with our team today and explore all the possibilities of AI Analysis Tool. The first meeting is free.

FAQ Section

What is Hydra Funding?

Hydra Funding is a proprietary investment firm registered in the United States and founded by Cameroun Fous, the popular YouTube trader.

Is Hydra Funding a Legit Prop Firm?

Indeed, yes. But without regulations necessary, it’s quite unfair to say such companies are genuine. Overall, there are far better options than funded accounts.

What Are Hydra Funding Fees?

Depending on the evaluation program traders choose, you can expect fees between $119 and $5.699.

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