Active Brokerz Review: Stay Away From This Scam Broker

Overview of scam broker Active Brokerz

Active Brokerz presented to you was true, the world would be a remarkable place and everyone would be rich Forex traders. 

This SVG-based, anonymous broker invites you to leave your current daily job and become wealthy by investing with Active Brokerz. Desperately hungry for profit and new victims to rob, Active Brokerz pretentiously claims they will make you rich in an instant. 

The firm has no license for the monetary and banking services they offer. Several EU regulators confirm this:

  • CONSOB Warning:

CONSOB warning on Active Brokerz

  • AFM Warning:

AFM warning on Active Brokerz

  • FI Warning:

FI warning on Active Brokerz

Also completely anonymous and untraceable, the company is just another already dead website and domain up for sale. This broker review presents to you the actual truth with proof that Forex brokers’ world isn’t so pink as this one claims. 

What is more, we strongly advise you not to invest in TradeHUB, Finex Trader, and Opendealbroker fraudulent brokers.

Company Wize Private Financial Group
Website ActiveBrokerz.Com
Address Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Center

P.O. Box 1510, Beachmont Kingstown

St.Vincent and the Grenadines

Email [email protected]
Phone +44 203 4555 333
Minimum Deposit €250
Leverage 1:100
Bonuses Welcome bonus
Regulation Not regulated

How Are You Protected at Active Brokerz? License and Regulation

We can’t say there’s much doubt about the funds’ safety with a broker blacklisted multiple times. It’s clear that Active Brokerz was targeting EEA clients since they’ve caught the attention of several regulators in the zone. 

All of the points of the warning at the possibility of Active Brokerz being a boiler room scam. Traders are warned not to take up deals offered by the fraudulent agents representing this website. 

Since it’s painfully obvious that Active Brokerz isn’t a regulated broker, let’s review some of the crucial regulatory conditions in the EU. First of all, potential Forex dealers have to be able to invest at least 730 000 EUR in their brokerage business. 

Next is providing the ultimate safekeeping of all clients’ investments through segregated bank accounts. Funds stored this way are inaccessible for the broker-dealer to misuse. 

The maximum leverage ratio for EEA investors is set to 1:30, while Active Brokerz offers leverage of up to 1:100. With the leverage cap, negative balance protection serves as another method for reducing trading risks. Clients can also enjoy safe trading because of the guaranteed access to compensation funds. 

Where Active Brokerz stands out the most are the bonuses they offer. Far too often misused in the past, these have been banned by EU regulators. Active Brokerz also breaks the rules of required transparency and transaction reporting according to the ESMA and MiFID. 

Based on all this info, we can conclude that Active Brokerz is not a safe place for even the smallest of investments. 

Trading Software Overview

Offering traders a chance to buy and sell financial products on the famous MT4 was definitely a way for Active Brokerz to attract more customers. If you were to download and set up the software on your machine you would notice something concerning. 

Trading on MT4 isn’t available on an Active Brokerz dedicated trading server. The trading conditions are provided by another broker – Algo Trade Ltd, which is another incognito company. Bogus software isn’t what decent retail traders deserve after paying real cash to become a customer. 

Account Types Offered

This broker promises a chance to have all your trades result in profit thanks to a quarterly provided trading plan. If you pay €100 000 and more you can even count on your own personal trading assistant and other features. All are designed to sound alluring just so you would deposit. The account types and their bizarre prices are as follows: 

  • Mini – €250
  • Silver – €3,001
  • Gold – €10,001
  • Platinum – €50,001
  • Vip – €100,001+

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

As for the claims about accepting credit cards and bank wire transfers, along with some undisclosed e-wallets, this broker remains mysteriously secretive. Nothing much of use to clients is revealed and we were left second-guessing in the dark. 

It wouldn’t be shocking if Active Brokerz actually accepted cryptocurrencies solely, as this is the most common practice among scammers. Withdrawing anything until you’ve completed at least 20 successful trades is charged a $100 fee. Dormant accounts also pay a $100 fine if passive for over a month. 

How is the Fraud Performed?

Active Brokerz makes you believe your huge investments with them are justified and that the profit will be quick and gigantic. The only quick thing to come is your own demise. Every single penny you invest with Active Brokerz is lost. 

You may keep investing, thinking the reported profit is real. But the truth is quite bitter. Your investment was passed over to the swindler and you are left empty-handed. 

Because you accepted the bonuses, you accept additional withdrawal fees, commission, and other sudden charges. Active Brokerz will keep throwing them at you as long as you’re paying and until you give up on trying to get your payout. 

Active Brokerz Summary

The broker isn’t the only type of scam that lurks in the Forex market. After being scammed, you may become even more subject to others’ influence in desperation. 

That is when the so-called recovery agents come forth. Supposedly professionals with years of training and education, promise to magically take back your stolen funds. For a certain price, of course. Never trust these. 

The only truly reliable source of information are the authorities and the jurisdictional regulators. We can provide useful advice, too. So do not hesitate to make a contact. 

FAQs About Active Brokerz Broker

Is my Money Safe with Active Brokerz?

Your investment is not safe with an unscrupulous brokerage site. Never invest if you aren’t completely positive about a broker having a license.

Is Active Brokerz Legitimate Broker?

No, they were not regulated by any financial entity and do not own a necessary license for offering their services.

What is Active Brokerz Leverage?

Active Brokerz offers leverage up to 1:100.

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