Read Our ICEPX Review to Avoid Being Scammed

Overview of scam broker ICEPX

ICEPX seemed dishonest in their intentions, so we investigated them a bit closer. And after careful analysis, we can say they are undoubtedly scammers! You can find all you need to see how this shady broker operates and why you should avoid them. Consider this ICEPX Review as a warning of sorts. 

Company ICEPX Exchange
Regulation Unregulated Broker
Warning N/A
Website icepx.com
Address New York, US (supposedly)
Email N/A
Phone N/A
Minimum Deposit N/A
Leverage N/A
Bonuses N/A

Is ICEPX a Reliable Broker? Regulation and Security

ICEPX has been showing signs of suspicious activity right from the beginning of our investigation. 

Firstly, they willingly provide very little information. We had to search through the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy sections to find even the basic information. There is no email, phone number, or any other contact details, and even their address is likely fake.

They claim to be registered in New York, which puts them under the US National Futures Association (NFA) jurisdiction. We did a quick check-up in NFA and FINRA registers and found nothing.

The fraudulent brokers also state they have offices in Asia and Europe. We checked the respective registrars for each office, and you will not be surprised when we tell you that Asian and European regulatory bodies didn’t have ICEPX in their files.

After these results, we are positive ICEPX is unregulated and a complete scam. Because they have no license and we know close to nothing about them, we strongly advise you to avoid this broker.

Broker’s Trading Platform Overview

Given that everything about ICEPX screams scam, we were not surprised they offer Quadency to their clients. This swindler claims you can download it on your Android and iOS devices.

Quadency is a trading platform made exclusively for trading in cryptocurrencies. It is quite practical and has a packed set of features and tools that can immensely help any trader. 

Those include:

  • Trading bots
  • Crypto portfolio tracking
  • Smart order crypto swaps
  • AI strategy assistant and many more features.

However, always keep in mind ICEPX is unregulated. No matter how advanced their platform is, it cannot compensate for the lack of a trading license.

Account Types Available

After careful research, we could not find any information on their account options. This, in turn, means we don’t know what leverage, minimum deposit, and potential bonuses you can expect.

We know, however, you cannot create a demo account for risk-free trial trading, which is yet another red flag.

But all this is a blessing in disguise for you, just hear us out. If a broker doesn’t care about its clients enough to provide them with vital details like a minimum deposit, spreads, leverage, and the like, it’s a clear sign they are up to no good.

Funding Methods Available

By now, we established that ICEPX loves crypto, and it makes perfect sense that they only accept US Tether payments. But why such a fascination with crypto? Well, the answer is simple.

Crypto payments are notoriously hard to trace. So once scammers receive your payment, it will be hard for you to get it back, which is why many scammers use them as their main or only payment method.

Another benefit for the swindlers is that they can stay anonymous during crypto transactions, which increases their chances of getting away with your money without consequences.

But if you lost money to a crypto scammer, it is not impossible to get it back. Contact us for consultation on what to do.

How Does the Scam Work?

Since we know so little about ICEPX, we are not completely sure how their scheme works. However, we found a review on scamadviser.com that gives a clue. 

The victim says ICEPX “attract you with great profit for mining and fund financing and when you try to withdraw USDT they block you and ask 20% extra payment out of your total funds in order to unblock you the funds from the account.”

As you can see, this scammer uses many tactics to keep you from getting your money back, just like Quantum Trade and Monfex do.

ICEPX Summary

We hope our ICEPX Review made you realize you should pass on this swindler. Promises of great fortune are attractive until you realize your money is gone forever.  So always do thorough research to avoid scammers’ traps. And if you need any help with choosing a credible broker, you can contact us for a free consultation.

FAQs About Quantum Trade Broker

Is ICEPX Trade Regulated?

No. ICEPX is completely unregulated and that should be the only reason you need to avoid them.

Is My Money Safe with ICEPX Trade?

No, it’s not. They don’t operate with a license, so they are not held accountable by any authority.

Does ICEPX Trade Offer a Demo Account?

No, they don’t. You can only trade with a live account, which is not optimal, especially for beginners.

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