Integrity FM Review – Main Services, Pros, and Cons Revealed

Integrity FM Review

Integrity FM is a company based in the US, registered as Integrity Financial Management Inc. All advisory services are operated through LPL Financial LLC whose representative is Tom Prybylo.

Even though the representative has more than 30 years of experience in different firms, this one in particular has been active since 2018. If this firm is the right choice for you, find out by the end of this unbiased Integrity FM review. But also, don’t miss our comprehensive analysis of PIP Traders Funding.

Company Type Wealth Management Firm
Legal name LPL Financial LLC
Regulation Regulated
Registered in US
Established 2018
Website https://www.integrityfm.com/
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts Phone; e-mail; web contact form
If a withdrawal is possible Depends on institution
Fees Hidden fees
If Active on Social Media: Yes – LinkedIn
Investor Protection: SIPC
Activity areas Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States
Main threats Unclear costs of service; no public reviews;
Main perks Regulated entity; bankruptcy protection; long-term investing;

Legal Information and Regulation

Even though the Integrity FM company is not listed in the FINRA database, LPL Financial is. According to this database, the company is authorized to provide its services in 22 states in the US. In most cases, those are brokerage services, while the advisory services are authorized for Illinois and Texas.

The key person in this company is Tom Michael Prybylo, an advisor with 29 years of experience who worked in 5 investment firms so far. Another important detail is that the company is a member of the Securities Investors Protection Corporation (SIPC). In case the brokerage fails, you are covered. The only thing we found surprising is the lack of Integrity FM reviews. 

What Investment Options Does The Company Offer?

Important to realize is that Integrity Financial Management company mainly offers long-term investment services. Their goal is to sort out your lifestyle expenses, raise tax and retirement awareness, and help build a stable cash flow and investment portfolio.

Therefore, the main services may be divided into six categories:

  • Financial planning
  • Investments planning
  • Insurance planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Tax Planning

How Does The Whole Process Work? 

If you are interested in these advisory features, you first have to schedule a consultation with the company. On the positive side, the first consultation is free of charge. In the first meeting, you’ll be required to provide a lot of information so the company’s advisors can build you a strategy and plan. 

All in all, even if you decide to get started with something, it may require a lot of money to be profitable short term. But in the long run, there’s no doubt you can be satisfied. Thus, with the expansion of companies like Funded Trading Plus, investors are choosing prop firms for their investment journeys, especially if they come from anywhere outside of the company’s regulated states.

What Costs Can You Expect?

Quite surprisingly, whether you choose Integrity FM insurance planning, investing, or anything else, the cost of the advisory services remains unknown. Of course, an advisor with 29 years of experience won’t be cheap. So, keep that in mind when choosing your investment path. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out more of our tips from the ETX Funding review.

Anyway, if you’ll be paying monthly for all the services or in commission from profits for the next 30 years to get something in return at the end of your life, is it worth it? That’s why many investors opt for fast-paced options, especially if there’s no risk of losing your money involved. This is practically the case with the mentioned Funded Trading Plus program. 

Contact Options

One of the ways to know if you can trust some companies is by checking their contact details. In this case, the company offers direct phone lines, office phone and fax, but also e-mail. In addition, you can request a consultation at the time you prefer. 

Summary: Is It Worth It?

Indeed, with all the features like Integrity FM tax planning, investment planning, and other options, it is definitely worth it. In the long run, of course. However, with unclear costs of services, you should first compare all the other options before making the first step. Another key point is that such services are only available to US citizens. Therefore, if you are coming from any other country, this firm is certainly not for you. 

When it comes to UK-based Funded Trading Plus, a prop trading firm, you can trade regardless of your residence. With more than 2,000 positive reviews on Trustpilot, it’s no wonder why traders trust them. All in all, the point is to maximize your trading profits with partnership programs with the company. 

It’s better that you try it out, explore all the options, and even compare experiences. Only that way can you see what type of investing suits you better. Don’t wait a bit, sign up for your Funded Trading Plus account today and get a chance to participate in amazing promotions and giveaways.


What is Integrity FM?

Integrity FM is a wealth management company operating under LPL Financial LLC, which has been registered in the US since 2018.

Is Integrity FM Legit?

Indeed, yes. The company is regulated by FINRA and is a member of SIPC. Thus it’s only available to a few states in the US.

Can I Trust Integrity FM With My Money?

Surely. But keep in mind these are all long-term investments with most likely high deposit requirements. For small investors, Funded Trading Plus funded programs are a much better option.

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