Investors Underground Review: Free Courses, Pricing Plans and Reviews

Investors Underground Review

According to the company’s legal documents, the ownership belongs to Investors Live LLC. This firm was incorporated in the United States in 2007. One of the most popular features is the Investors Underground chat feature.

Since the company has been providing educational services for so long, we are here to debate if it’s worth it or not. But also to provide you with some advanced features that these courses don’t cover. Read this Investors Underground review carefully and find your way to success in trading.

Company Type Trading education platform
Legal name Investors Live LLC
Regulation Not expected
Registered in United States
Established 2007
Website Investorsunderground.com
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts Phone; live chat; web contact form
If a withdrawal is possible N/A
Fees From $297 per month
If Active on Social Media: Yes – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, India, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia
Main threats Many negative reviews; a lot of discrepancies; expensive;
Main perks A big community of traders; good support options;

Legal Information: Is The Company Legit?

As it seems, from the first moment you complete the Investors Underground login procedure you can see benefits. With the rising popularity of their chat room, traders started trusting this program. Indeed, Investors Live LLC is a fully legitimate and registered business. With its headquarters in the United States, there shouldn’t be any issues.

Yet, the company claims they are offering services only to the residents of the United States. However, the reviews don’t add up to that story. All in all, regulatory oversight is not required since they only provide educational programs.

Traders Reviews

Indeed, most of the comments on the Trustpilot platform are coming from the US. However, those could be with VPN service. Regardless, there are users sharing their opinions about this broker who come from countries like France, Guatemala, South Africa, or Germany.

Therefore, if the company is disobeying its own terms and conditions, what is expected for anything else? In any case, some of those 146 comments point out costly and misleading services. To learn how to recognize real and fake companies, check our FewaTrade review as well.

What Is Included in Investors Underground Pricing Plans?

Keep in mind that besides the membership and educational courses, you’ll still have to deposit money to trade. Not with this company, of course, but somewhere else. But before you even do that, it remains unknown how long it will take for anyone to be ready. Instead, you can sign up with any Tier 1 licensed brokerage and start trading through demo, micro, and finally, live accounts.

Anyway, with the Investors Underground promo code, traders can get a bit of a discount on memberships. Sometimes up to $500 per deal. Customers can choose between three membership plans:

  • Monthly – $297
  • Quarterly – $697 / save $194
  • Annual – $1897 / save $1667

These plans include live trading floor, Investors Underground videos, morning calls, and much more. On the other hand, clients can choose a course bundle that includes the Investors Underground textbook and a swing trading course. The price range is between $1297, $1697, and $2697, depending on the payment cycle.

Payment Options and Refund Policy

As it seems, the company will accept a wide range of debit and credit cards for purchases. Yet, if you decide to cancel the subscription, you can do it anytime. Of course, access will be granted until the end of the subscription period.

However, if you want to get a refund, that won’t be possible. The company believes they provide invaluable material, and getting a refund wouldn’t be appropriate. Therefore, you have another reason to skip their offer and look for other options. For even better clarity about the trading world, we invite you to check our Up4Profit review as well.

Pros and Cons Of This Course

As can be seen, many Investors Underground Reddit comments point out one thing. These courses are expensive, and everything seen there can be found for free on YouTube. In general, you can find many live traders out there. In addition to that, these courses apparently don’t include any advanced features.

Some traders claim these videos have not been updated for numerous years. Which should be of concern for any trader who wants to improve in trading. There are many new strategies and tools you could use.

The positive thing about this program is the chat room. That’s where most things happen and not in the Investors Underground course. Yet, these services seem to be available all across the world. Not only in the US, as the company states in its T&Cs.

Customer Support Features

In general, chat rooms are designed for trading purposes only. But to get any details about the company’s features and services, you’ll have alternative options. During market hours, 9 AM – 4 PM EST, you can reach the company’s support via different methods.

There’s a phone line, live chat, and web-contact form available. Generally, it looks reliable and transparent. Which is quite rare in the trading industry. In any case, the company is not responsible for your results. So, any losses you are potentially making are the product of your moves. Therefore, it’s really important to know what you are doing.

How Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

Trading courses can definitely improve traders’ statistics. However, after one big fail, they start blaming the course. To avoid that, many traders opt for chat rooms and try to copy expert traders. But as well, one wrong move and your balance is done. Most importantly, you never know who the person behind the chat is.

Therefore, the best solution is to rely on yourself. Since many traders don’t have the necessary knowledge, they choose AI Analysis Tools. It helps them scan and analyze the market but also forecast future movements.

Yet, the control of the funds is in the trader’s hands. There’s no pressure or hard-sales tricks to get you into some trade. Pure logic and understanding. If you don’t want to waste any more time with shady brokerages or learning how to trade, get in touch with us. We will introduce you to AI Analysis Tool, and once you try it, everything else could be history. Get in touch today.

FAQ Section

How Many Members Do Investors Underground Have?

The exact number of members participating in the Investors Underground program is not revealed by the company.

How to Scan for Stocks With Investors Underground?

To understand in detail how to scan stocks with this company, you have a detailed video course on their YouTube channel. But the main tool is the FinViz platform.

Who is Nate From Investors Underground?

Nate or Nathan Michaud is an expert day trader and founder of Investors Live company.

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