Investtech Review – Features, Pricing, And Main Perks Explained

Investtech Review

The Investtech company is operated by Investtech.com AS, with a registration number 978 655 424. With head offices in Norway, there’s no doubt about the company’s transparency and legitimacy.

However, traders should be extremely careful when it comes to offered features. You can easily find out why if you read our honest Investtech review.

Company Type AI Trading Tools and Signals Provider
Legal name Investtech.com AS
Regulation Not expected
Registered in Norway
Established 1997
Website https://www.investtech.com/
Financial Authorities Warnings N/A
Contacts e-mail; phone; web contact form;
If a withdrawal is possible N/A
Fees From €12 per month
If Active on Social Media: Yes – YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter
Investor Protection: N/A
Activity areas Norway, India, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom
Main threats Experience in trading required;
Main perks Detailed market insight; and trading signals;

What is Investtech All About?

Investtech is a well-known Scandinavian company for financial market analysis and behavioral finance analysis. Since 1997, it has established a solid foundation for its analytical services. Two notable individuals in the company are the founder, Geir Linløkken, and the CEO, Christian Sveen Harto. 

Generally speaking, trading signals and analytics can always be speculative. All these are not considered financial advice. Therefore, the regulation is not necessary. Fairly, all decisions are made by traders and the company doesn’t hold any responsibility for your losses. 

Yet, they have a disclaimer that they will not offer services in the UK or the US due to a lack of regulatory oversight from the SEC and FCA. But you won’t find these details transparently since they are hidden in the About Us section.

What Do Traders Say?

As can be seen on Trustpilot, there are very few Investtech reviews available. To be precise, only four. This is quite surprising considering the company’s existence since 1997. So far, the only issues traders were reporting are related to customer service and subscription issues. 

In any case, when you check the download rate of the company’s app, you will notice that there are only a few over 10K downloads on PlayStore. Therefore, the number of users is most likely low. Especially compared to some top-tier competitors.

How Does Investtech Work?

The company analyzes historical stock market data using mathematical pattern recognition, which means AI. The analysis will also use statistical optimization and behavioral finance analytics. All in all, once everything is processed, users will get a trading signal and market analysis. 

If you are interested in daily market updates, you can also sign up for the Investtech newsletter for some free content. Sadly, all these signals will be worthless if you work with shady brokerages. A few of those we cover in our Global Rockies and 4T Limited reviews. 

Main Features Of Investtech Company

Some of the main functionalities in the basic package include analysis of popular stock markets. Features like buying and selling signals are presented based on Investtech research on trends, support and resistance levels, and a few other technical indicators. 

Practically, the whole offer consists of monitoring different signals and indicators to present traders with detailed analysis. In reality, you can do it on your own but it takes years of experience. 

Pricing Plans

As can be seen, there are four plans available with Investtech company. Each plan gives you a bit broader insight into the market and more features. Fairly, if you don’t understand some of these, it’s quite hard to get into anything further. Therefore, we recommend that you use all these features if you have some trading experience. 

Anyway, the options are:

  • Investor – €19 monthly or €149 annually
  • Trader – €49 monthly or €349 annually
  • Professional – €119 monthly or €899 annually
  • Institutional – Custom offers

Is Demo Version Available? 

Indeed, yes. If you want to try out full services without any limitations, you can do so by signing up for a trial account. It lasts for 14 days, and upon expiration, the trial will be terminated. 

Since using these apps still requires you to have money in the trading account, we suggest you choose prop firms, such as Funded Trading Plus. You don’t want to risk your own capital with tools that you don’t know if they work.

Are Desktop And Mobile Apps Available?

It’s important to realize that it’s not clarified how traders get all the presented features. Is it via e-mail or through the dashboard’s notifications panel? In any case, the company only presents us with a mobile Investtech app and no download options for desktop devices. 

As mentioned earlier, the app has quite a low download rate. Either it’s not trusted that much, or simply it can only work for experienced traders.

How Can You Reach Out Investtech Team?

As can be seen, the company provides a phone line and e-mail as the contact options. In the classic form of support, there’s no any. So, if you experience any issues after completing the Investtech login procedure, you’ll have to deal with it yourself for a while.

Summary: Are These Tools Worth It?

Even though the Investtech price is quite low, you should account for all the other expenses you might have. Starting with deposits with brokers, fees, commissions, etc. And if these signals don’t work, remember it’s not guaranteed; you are losing the most. The broker wins, the Investtech wins, while you throw money away.

Instead, you can use prop trading firms like Funded Trading Plus and trade with the company’s capital. Most importantly, if your strategies and tactics work, you can keep 90% of the profits. This UK-based firm is rapidly gaining popularity and has very good feedback from traders worldwide.

With all the advanced tools the Funded Trading Plus offers and funded accounts with up to $200, it’s clear why they are one of the best prop firms around. Not to mention the promotions and giveaways the company offers to motivate its traders. Sign up today and explore all the possibilities of trading without the risk of losing your capital in the markets. 


What is Investtech?

Investtech is a Norway-based company offering a wide range of analytical options for more than 30.000 assets.

Is Investtech Safe?

As a company, yes. Thus, the signals they provide are not guaranteed to bring results. Also, when you compare it to some competitors, you will realize there are better options available.

How Much Does Investtech Cost?

Depending on the package you choose, it is between €12 per month up to €119 per month.

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