Market2cap Review: Key Tips On Avoiding Unregulated Scams

Market2cap Review

Our general recommendation is to avoid anonymous brokerages. Nobody can expect a positive outcome from a company that’s hiding its ownership details. Not only that, but also the headquarters address or any relevant details. This is exactly the case with the Market2cap company.

But even if you disregard those issues, there are plenty more. Luckily, our honest Market2cap review has got you covered. Stay tuned and find out some bonus tips on how to protect your funds.

Company type Active Forex trading scam
Legal name N/A
Regulation Unregulated
Registered in N/A
Established 2021
Website Market2cap.com
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warning
Contacts e-mail; live chat;
If a withdrawal is possible Highly unlikely
Fees Hidden fees
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: Segregated bank accounts for deposits
Activity areas Germany, Belgium, New Zealand, Poland
Main threats Lack of transparency; unregulated brokerage;
Main perks None

Is The Market2cap Regulated and Legit?

Generally, companies without ownership details are hard to find. Yet, the most trusted regulatory databases can be searched by the domain. In any case, we prefer working with top-tier regulators like FCA, BaFin, ASIC, and CFTC. However, none of these registers hold any records of Market2cap having a license.

But what does that mean? In general, it’s very easy to trick inexperienced traders with some fake stories. For instance, the company provides segregated bank accounts for deposits. With regulated firms, this means the company is not allowed to move any of the clients’ funds. Yet, with unlicensed investment companies, that’s just a trick to get you on board. Thus, the company is not obligated anyhow to comply with those statements.

How Does Market2cap Manipulate Customers?

Surprisingly, for a company that has been active since 2021, there are no Market2cap reviews available. Therefore, it’s hard to prove anything this company says. But when the company claims they have millions who already trade with them and zero reviews, you know they are manipulating customers.

In addition to that, the company is quite conservative when it comes to trading costs. None of the fees and commissions are revealed. Consequently, they can make up anything they want.

Where are Their Victims Coming From?

Sadly, inexperienced traders often fall for those stories at least once. Most of the victims they defrauded so far come from: 

  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • New Zealand
  • Poland

Therefore, be wise and do your research before investing money with any broker. For some additional tips, we suggest you check our Rotch Financial Limited review.

Trading Software Avaialble

If you haven’t realized so far that the Market2cap broker is a fraud, you will now. 

Firstly, the company is not offering any trusted third-party software. For instance, DAX Trader, cTrader, or MetaTrader. Instead, you have the option to use their web-based platform. As the company says, it is an industry-leading platform. Surely!

Mobile Apps And Features

Another manipulating trick is that the company claims to offer a mobile app. Yet, the app is not available on any trusted store. Instead, you are downloading a shady file from the company’s website, which is also a web-based platform.

On top of that, Market2cap broker doesn’t offer any advanced features. Instead of social and copy trading, EAs, or algo-trading, you can choose only basic options, such as various order types, trading from charts, and different time frames. Sounds a bit poor, innit?

What Account Types and Costs Does The Company Have?

More Market2cap scam signs are visible through their mysterious account type offer. The only information available about the account types is the separation into real and Islamic accounts. Yet, the minimum deposit requirement or trading conditions are not revealed.

Overall, when you have such an anonymous offer, nothing can make you trust it. Thus, the goal of these swindlers is to get your contact details. Once they do that, they can harass you constantly until they persuade you to trust them.

Is There a Demo Account Available?

Unfortunately, everything about this company includes high risk. Even a demo account with them would be risky in a way. However, they don’t offer it. But it’s understandable because they would expose their software flaws that way. 

To avoid shady tools and companies, we recommend you go through our advice from the Mex Atlantic review.

Is The Company’s Customer Support Reliable?

In fact, everything about their support is questionable as well. Obviously, the company is hiding its location. Therefore, it’s not surprising they only offer e-mail and live chat as the contact options. Generally, hiding behind the keyboard is their main advantage.

But without transparent working hours, even those options are not available all the time. Therefore, you should opt for brokerages with a bit more transparent features, such as landline phone numbers or Skype.

How To Withdraw The Market2cap Broker?

With their poorly written withdrawal policy, you won’t find many details about the procedure. Apparently, the company processes withdrawals within 30 days of account opening. Traders can choose to withdraw through a card or bank account. Yet, additional verification may be required. And that’s exactly where you can expect manipulation and processing time delays.

According to the T&Cs, there are no fees included in the card withdrawals. But you’ll have to request at least $50 for a withdrawal. If you are required to pay any fees or taxes, don’t do it. If anything should be paid, it could be taken from the profits. On top of that, you are paying taxes to the government and not the company. Bear that in mind.

How Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

The key to trading success is in reliable brokerages and knowledge. In general, the only safe way to trade is with regulated companies. Otherwise, none of the protection they present you with is relevant. For instance, Market2cap claims to have segregated bank accounts. Yet, without regulations, nobody controls that.

Therefore, we suggest you only choose top-tier licensed firms. However, with those, you’ll have to work hard to get to the top level unless you start using AI Analysis Tool, which can definitely help you make better investment choices.

This tool allows you to analyze the market like a pro. A combination of historical data, live pricing, technical analysis, and patterns can give you an outstanding market forecast. Still, you choose when to invest. No pressure from shady brokerages or agents. Get in touch with our team and see all the benefits of the AI Analysis Tool already today!

FAQ Section

What is Market2cap?

Market2cap is an anonymous and dangerous brokerage without transparent ownership and address details revealed.

Is Market2cap Regulated?

No. The Market2cap brokerage is not authorized by any trusted regulator to provide FX and CFD services. Yet, they claim to be.

What is Proprietary Trading?

Proprietary trading is a form of trading where traders don’t expose their own funds in the market. Instead, the proprietary trading firm is funding the accounts.

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