MayFairPlus Review: A Close Look at Shady Trading Opportunities

Mayfairplus Review

Looking at MayFairPlus, a platform touting professional trading accessible to all, we question its reliability. With over 9 years of experience, is it a legit platform or hiding potential pitfalls behind a seemingly nice image? Let’s dive into our MayFairPlus review, where we’ll talk about its services and overall legitimacy.

Company type Broker
Legal name MayFairPlus
Regulation No regulation 
Registered in Mount Street Lower, Dublin 2, D02 Y759, Ireland
Established 2023
Website mayfairplus.com
Financial Authorities Warnings None found
Contacts [email protected]
If withdrawal is possible No
Fees Unclear
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: No
Activity areas United Kingdom, Malaysia, Israel, Singapore
Main threats A lack of regulation
Main perks A variety of trading accounts 

MayFairPlus – Safety Concerns

MayFairPlus reveals little about itself. This immediately raises concerns for us! Its only known detail is registration in Ireland. Still, our investigation found no entity named MayFairPlus in the Irish registry.

This, coupled with the platform’s high leverage, leaves big doubts about its legitimacy. Keep in mind that reputable regulators avoid such high leverage.

Registration and Client Portal Evaluation

MayFairPlus scam welcomes visitors with a visually appealing site focused on trading. Yet, we can confirm that information about the company is scant.

The site lacks comprehensive data. So, users must rely on account descriptions due to the absence of detailed information. Also, the registration process that lacks confirmation measures raises security concerns.

Entering the personal account, users find a basic design that lacks refinement. While basic functionalities are there, the interface fails to instill confidence or provide solid interaction.

MayFairPlus Trading Conditions

Now, what about trading conditions? We discovered a surprising revelation – 8 trading accounts. Let’s list them all here:

  • Standard
  • Student
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Vip
  • Top

The Standard account requires a £250 minimum deposit. Yet, subsequent accounts demand huge commitments, reaching a staggering £1.000.000+ for the Top account with a leverage of 1:1000. This raises doubts about MayFairPlus’s connection to the real interbank market, as such high leverage is uncommon in legit trading circles.

Exploring MayFairPlus’s Trading Platform

Taking a closer look at MayFairPlus’s trading platform, we find it falls a bit short compared to others.

It operates like a regular web trader, offering some features. Yet, it’s not as sophisticated as we’d hope. While you can draw lines on charts, the lack of various technical indicators limits what traders can do.

These are some of the features they claim to have:

  • Widgets Panel
  • Market Watch
  • Economic Calendar
  • Market News

Deposits and Withdrawals

This broker goes for an unusual payment method. It accepts only crypto deposits despite what’s stated on its website.

This might put off traders who prefer traditional methods. Dealing with cryptocurrencies can be complex, involving extra steps and fluctuating rates that might challenge those less familiar with them. It’s always good to have diverse payment options!

Despite FAQ information mentioning bank transfers and e-wallets, we see that they only accept crypto. This indeed creates some uncertainty.

Verification Process

What is there to know about verification? Verifying your identity is a standard step for regulation and a secure trading space. 

After signing up, traders usually need to submit IDs, proof of residence, and sometimes a photo with their ID. Yet, don’t give out your privacy to unregulated and fake companies. It’s a big risk! 

MayFairPlus Reviews on Trustpilot

How do other traders feel about this? Surprisingly, Trustpilot gives this shady broker a 4.1-star rating from 64 users.

This might seem okay, but for an unregulated broker, it’s a bit suspicious. Keep in mind that some reviews could be fake. It’s better to go for firms with 4.5 stars or more, especially in finance.

MayFairPlus Customer Service

Knowing that customer service is pivotal, let’s see what this company offers! 

This shady broker gives only an address, and there’s a contact form too. Oddly, there’s no phone number, which is not the usual practice.

Trusted brokers usually offer various ways to get in touch with clients. The absence of this info makes us wonder about how open and reachable this company really is.

Tip: Zetano is an interesting online broker with many positive reviews on Trustpilot. You can check it out!

Protect Yourself from Broker Fraud

Scams in the forex market often involve brokers making enticing promises of high returns and guaranteed profits.

These scams might come in the form of managed accounts or through trading platforms. Initially, traders might see some returns, creating the illusion of a successful investment. Still, as they invest more, the returns suddenly stop, accounts get suspended, and the broker vanishes.

To save your funds from such scams, you should follow some straightforward steps. Start by thoroughly researching a broker before opening an account. Begin with a small deposit, make a few trades, and then request a withdrawal to gauge the broker’s legitimacy. 

Verify that the broker is properly regulated by a reputable authority and be wary of offers that seem too good to be true. If any doubts arise, check the broker’s legitimacy and report suspicious activities to the relevant authorities. Stay safe!

Bonus: Making Money with Online Trading

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Note: Did you know that Tokens Note is a fraudulent online Forex and CFD trading provider? It has a negative reputation, and it is based offshore.

Final Thoughts

To sum everything up, MayFairPlus’s platform, payment approach, and potential issues from client reviews are things to be careful about.

We recommend steering clear of uncertain firms and considering our new product – the AI Analysis Tool. It gives you insights into market trends for smarter trading decisions. Stay smart and informed! 


What is Mayfairplus?

MayFairPlus is a shady platform for trading in forex and crypto.

Is Myfairplus a Legit Broker?

No. Legitimacy concerns arise due to MayFairPlus's dubious registration.

Can I Get a Withdrawal from My Mayfairplus Account?

Perhaps not. Their withdrawal process is uncertain.

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