Zetano Review: All About Zetano.Com Broker


Zetano is based in Cyprus and is a registered brand name of Wonderinterest Trading Ltd., a Cypriot investment firm registered and supervised by CySEC. 

CySEC is known as one of the strictest regulatory bodies, so the fact that Zetano is approved and regulated by this financial institution means that trading with this broker is safe. 

Leverage is within the cap set by the regulators, which is 1:30, but there are exceptions where it can go up to 1:100 if a client has enough funds and experience. 

On the other hand, there are some red flags despite Zetano’s regulations and license, and our Zetano Review will list all of them.

Nevertheless, you should avoid trading with shady brokers such as Tokens Note, Oriontero, and VelocityTrade.

Company Zetano/Wonderinterest Trading Ltd
Website Zetano.Com
Address Trading Ltd. 176, Makariou III Avenue, Paschalis Court, Office 201, 3027, Limassol, Cyprus
Email [email protected]
Phone +357 25 123 501
Minimum Deposit $250
Leverage 1:30
Bonuses No
Regulation CySEC
Warning N/A

Is Zetano Legit? Regulation and Safety of Funds

Zetano is a legit forex brokerage firm operating in the EEA zone, regulated and approved by CySEC, a financial regulatory agency of Cyprus. This was easy to confirm as CySEC keeps its database accessible to the public, and we were able to check whether Zetano was indeed regulated. 

In order to become regulated by CySEC, a broker needs to fulfill an extensive list of requirements, such as holding capital of over €730 000, clean criminal records of the shareholders as well as employees, a 3-year business plan, all kinds of certificates, just to name a few. 

The safety of funds is basically guaranteed by CySEC, and as a member of the ICF (Investor Compensation Fund), Zetano will be able to cover up to €20,000 per client in the EEA countries in case of bankruptcy. 

Available Trading Platform at Zetano


Zetano offers XOH Trader to its clients which is web-based so that the clients can trade from wherever and whenever they want. 

This trading platform is quite customizable and contains a lot of features for managing charts, as well as setting orders functions and many other transaction-related configurations. 

While not MT4 or MT5, XOH Trader is still an excellent trading platform with a lot of useful functions. MT4 and MT5 are still industry standards and are most commonly distributed among regulated forex brokerage. 

Deposits and Withdrawals Process at Zetano

Funding methods that are available at Zetano are credit/debit cards and wire transfers. There are no depositing and withdrawal fees, just the ones of a third party. 

One inconsistency is noticed though – the minimum deposit is $1000 on the payment methods page, while on the trading conditions page is $250 via a bank transfer. 

Leverage falls under the regulated cap and goes up to 1:100 for eligible traders, but the spread is not working in the client’s favor with 3 pips for EUR/USD. 

The thing that we found to be out of place is the fact that the inactivity fee is €100 per month, and it starts being deducted after just one month. 

How Does The Broker Operate?

Even though Zetano is a legit and regulated broker, we noticed some aspects that were quite worrying. An unclear minimum deposit amount is definitely one of them, and it’s difficult to guess under which conditions which amount applies. Besides that, an unfavorable spread at 3 pips can only be profitable to the broker. 

The dormancy fee is unreasonably high at €100/month and charged a lot sooner compared to other forex brokers, and it can be seen as a way a regulated broker is overcharging its clients. 

Zetano Summary

Zetano is a Cyprus-based forex broker regulated by CySEC and it’s legitimate. However, despite its credibility, there are some aspects of its trading conditions that lead us to believe it is overcharging its clients. 

Zetano is taking a lot more through high and two different minimum deposit amounts, unfavorable EUR/USD spread, and a very high inactivity fee compared to other legit forex brokers. 

We could say that Zetano’s gouging is as legal as it gets, which is why we can’t recommend this broker and we advise considering other options.

Keep in mind that the forex trading market is risky by default, so it’s very important to think twice before taking a risk while investing your money. 

FAQs About Zetano Broker

What Can I Trade with a Zetano Broker?

You can trade over 50 currency pairs, stocks in either physical or CFD form, indices, and various types of commodities with Zetano.

What are the Available Methods of Withdrawal?

Withdrawing funds at Zetano can be done only via a bank transfer, and there’s no minimum amount to withdraw. 

Is Zetano Broker Regulated?

Zetano is regulated by CySEC, a Cyprus-based regulatory authority, and is a legitimate forex broker.

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