Orats Review: Check the Facts About Orats.com Before Subscribing

Orats Review

Before subscribing to any service, one must do research and make sure that the service is suitable. Just like when subscribing to YouTube Premium; If you don’t listen to music, it’s not necessary. The same thing applies to trading and tools that offer a subscription.

That brings us to our Orats review where we talk about the features and pricing of this tool to help you determine whether or not they’re the right choice for you. In the end, everything depends on your personal preferences so make sure to weigh the pros and cons after reading. Additionally, check out OptionStack.

About Orats

Trading technology, analytics, and options data are offered by Option Research and Technology Services (ORATS). They provide several services linked to the trading of options, such as implied volatility data, historical options data, tools for backtesting options, and trading signals. 

By giving options traders access to extensive options data and analysis tools, ORATS hopes to assist them in making better selections. With hundreds of proprietary indicators, trading tools, Orats API, and historical quotations, the company has constructed a whole ecosystem.

The firm was founded by Matt Amberson in 2001 while he was still on the floor of CBOE. The company evolved and started the business in 2018 and by the end of 2023, the features offered improved. Overall, Orats is a reputable business but keep reading to learn more about it.

Company Type Institutional Quality Tools for Options Traders
Legal name Option Research & Technology Services, LLC
Regulation Not expected
Registered in 36 Maplewood Ave, Portsmouth, NH 03801
Established 2018
Website orats.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If a withdrawal is possible No refunds or free trials;
  • $29 for a two-week free trial
If Active on Social Media:
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, India, United Kingdom, Italy;
Main threats Lack of reviews;
Main perks A vast array of tools for options traders;

Orats Features

To help traders, ORATS offers several tools, such as an options scanner, trade builder, signal builder, Orats stock scanner, and trading backtester. With the use of these tools, traders can test trading strategies, find trading opportunities, and create trading signals based on predetermined standards.

To assist traders in analyzing the effects of financial events and earnings announcements on options pricing and trading techniques, the application provides data and analytics of earnings and financials. There are also other tools accessible, including webinars and videos, information on dividends, and learning about options trading.

Additionally, it offers APIs to access its tools and data, such as the Intraday Data API for real-time options data, the Data API for historical and intraday options data, and API Docs for developers to incorporate ORATS tools and data into their trading systems.

Historical options data is also available through ORATS, which includes 2-minute snapshot data from 2015, 1-minute intraday data from August 2020, and near-end-of-day data since 2007. Traders can use this data to study historical options pricing and volatility as well as backtest trading techniques.

Orats Price

Orats is available after registering an account and purchasing a subscription plan. There is no free trial, and instead of testing the services traders are once again required to register and pay $29 for two weeks’ worth of trial. There are two types of accounts: Tradier and Enterprise. The pricing for the Enterprise plan is only available after reaching out to customer service. 

As for Tradier, you can purchase the subscription for trading tools that costs $49/month and includes an option and stock scanner, backtester, Orats signal builder, trade builder, earnings and financials, live data, 100 backtests, trade history, and the ability to connect a broker.

The Data API also costs $49 per month and includes 20,000 requests per month, tickers, strikes with history including by options, monies implied, monies forecast, SMV summaries, core data, the daily price, historical volatility, dividend and earnings history, and IV rank.

Last but not least, traders can purchase historical data with the annual plan, providing them access to historical data from 2007 and recurring data from today onward for a whole year. The plan costs $399 yearly and it includes strikes, greeks, theoretical values, implied volatilities, and the ability to download via FTP.

Orats Reviews

The company doesn’t have an active Trustpilot profile and we had to dig deep to find any type of feedback from other traders. Luckily, we did find a couple of discussions on forums, however, none of them were unfavorable. In fact, both the Reddit and Elite Trader discussions are focused on praising the firm.

While there are some comments focused on the data provided by Orats and how it’s insufficient, the overall feedback is good. However, it’s like we said at the beginning; if you are not listening to music, buying a music subscription would be a waste of money and the same thing applies here.

Payment Options and Process

The accepted payment methods include only credit cards, like Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and AMEX. There is no possibility to pay with any other method, including PayPal. While this is what the majority of similar companies offer, it could be inconvenient for some traders.

There are no refunds so all sales are final. The company works like any other subscription and if you don’t want to use the services any longer, you need to cancel before getting charged again. Since there is no free trial either, traders are forced to pay $29 just to test the tool.

Final Words…

While the Orats data received some unfavorable feedback, the company in general is a great tool suitable for options traders. However, if you are more focused on stocks and forex, the tool will be of no use. Additionally, the lack of reviews on popular platforms seems concerning, especially if we consider the year of establishment.

Either way, traders need to weigh the pros and cons before subscribing and take into consideration that there is no free trial, so it could be difficult to determine the value of the tool. However, according to some discussions, the only thing that received negative feedback was the data. 

Tip: Check out SGX Academy for education before committing!

Combine ORATS With AI.Fundevity to Increase Profits

Offering insights into options trading methods based on historical data, ORATS is a specialist in options data and analytics. AI.F provides real-time market information and recommendations through data analysis and artificial intelligence. 

Traders can enhance their profitability by combining ORATS with AI.F by developing more successful and profitable trading strategies fusing real-time market data from AI.F with historical options trading techniques from ORATS.

Traders can make better judgments and obtain a more thorough understanding of the options market by combining ORATS and AI.F. In the end, this may result in higher trading success and profitability. We won’t make you commit without testing first, so give us a call and test AI.F risk-free for 14 days, completely free of charge.

FAQ Section

What is Orats?

Orats is a platform that offers insights into options trading techniques based on historical data. It specializes in options data and analytics.

How Much Does Orats Cost?

Orats provides a $29 two-week trial. Subscription prices for the Tradier account start at $49 per month, and further information about the Enterprise plan's cost can be obtained upon request.

How to Pick the Right Trading Broker?

Like picking any other service, choosing the best trading broker requires taking into account various aspects, including prices, reputation, customer service, and the range of services and tools supplied.

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