Tradier Review: Key Features, Trading Costs And Protection Measures

Tradier Review

Tradier company, operated by Tradier Brokerage Inc., was founded in the US in 2012. With their wide range of analytical and trading tools, they quickly became popular among traders. On top of that, the company offers highly popular and attractive instruments, such as stocks, options, and ETFs.

If you are wondering if this investment firm is the right choice, yes. Especially for US citizens who seek maximum protection. Yet, with the development of AI tools, we encourage you to read our Tradier review carefully. There’s much more you could find out.

Company Type Investment broker
Legal name Tradier Brokerage Inc; Tradier Inc.
Regulation Regulated – FINRA
Registered in US
Established 2012
Website Tradier.com
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts E-mail; phone; post
If a withdrawal is possible Yes
Fees Fully transparent fees up to $150
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: Up to $500.000 insurance from SIPC
Activity areas United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Australia
Main threats None
Main perks Wide range of tools; low trading fees; API designing on the platform;

Legal Information and Regulation

Tradier brokerage is a US-based investment firm with years of success in trading. Since 2012, they have been expanding all over the world. The company’s ownership belongs to Tradier INC, a company registered in Charlotte. But there are also several other investors like FPRIME who are part of the Fidelity group.

You can see everything you need even before completing the Tradier login procedure. Firstly, the company is FINRA-regulated. This grants maximum protection. Secondly, they are regulated by the well-known SEC.

Security Measures and Insurance

Unfortunately, traders can’t trade with negative balance protection or guaranteed stop-loss. These things must be taken seriously because of the risks involved. But every trading involves some kind of risk.

On the positive side, the company is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). This means that in the case of bankruptcy, traders’ funds are insured up to $250.000. But to see what you should avoid, check our MountainWolf review.

What Trading Platforms Traders Can Choose?

One of the biggest benefits besides security is a wide range of technological solutions. With over 100 platforms available, anyone can find suitable options for themselves. 

Important to realize is that all these options rely on Tradier API systems, making them even more popular. Platforms can be divided into different categories depending on the main function of the platform. Therefore, we have:

  • Options (SingalProp, Trader Oasis…)
  • Mobile (StocksLive, BetterTrader…)
  • Education (EquitiesLab, Option Alpha…)
  • Technical analysis (ORATS, Slope of Hope…)
  • Advanced orders (TradingView, Trade Partner…)
  • Signals & Automatization (SignalStack, Portfolio123…)
  • Greeks (Steady Options, TradesViz…)
  • Scanners (SlashTraders, Trademetria…)

Alternative To Third-Party Options

Besides these numerous options available, traders can also choose a proprietary web-based DASH platform. The key benefits of this platform are simplicity, easy switching between paper and regular trading, and use of advanced features.

Also, traders can choose the proprietary desktop trading app, TradeHawk. With availability on Mac and Windows devices, nobody lacks the tools they need. The main benefit of this account is a demo account availability for Tradier paper trading with $100k virtual funds. But also, traders can easily organize portfolios, manage orders, and use all the other generally important features.

Account Types and Commissions

In general, the company has quite transparent offers. You can choose either the Standard account free of charge or the Pro account for $10 per month. The benefits both accounts include are: 

  • Commission-free equity trading
  • API Access
  • Access to web app & mobile apps

With Standard account options, trading will cost you $0.35 per contract, which is $0 on a Pro account. Also, you get the IRA fee removed and access to the TradeHawk platform.

What Fees Can Traders Expect?

On the positive side, Tradier brokerage reveals all of its fees transparently. But on the negative side, there’s a bunch of them. Still, Tradier reviews on Reddit show us traders won’t find better ones.

In any case, trading on the Tradier app includes four categories of fees: 

  • Common account fees 
  •          Outgoing automated customer account transfer (ACAT) – $75
  •          Wire domestic/international – $30/$75
  •          Inactivity fee – up to $50/year and other
  • Trading fees
  •          Margin interest – 9.5%
  •          Options assignment/exercise – $9
  •          Broker-assisted trades $10 + regular commission
  •          Index options – $0.35 per contract
  • Regulatory and clearing fees
  •          Clearing fees with contracts – $0.045 – $55
  •          SEC regulatory fee – $0.000008/$1 sold and other
  • Less common fees

Withdrawal Methods and Costs

The company offers highly trusted payment and funds transfer solutions., which is quite positive for a change. Those options are: 

  • ACH transfer
  • Bank transfer
  • ACAT
  • Cheque

All the methods include different fees. Some of those we covered in those transparent trading costs. All in all, due to strict regulations, you don’t have to worry about any unreasonable costs.

Company Popular In Press

Following its record year, the company has reached outstanding milestones. With the assistance of the company’s partners and investors, F-Prime and KF Business Ventures, they managed to raise $24.6 million from a Series B funding round. This helps quicker expansion and provides advanced and new features to customers.

Customer Support And Working Hours

The business hours are fairly good. From 8 AM until 5 PM Eastern Time, traders can reach the company on weekdays through various channels. Starting with a phone call, e-mail, and even mail post.

Also, for any technical difficulties, investors can reach out to their tech support team. Even though they are not present in social networks that much, their network is growing fast, unlike some other trading firms like Volofinance.

How Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

Literally, this company is presenting almost everything you should look for in a broker. Starting with security, insurance, trading tools, and much more. Yet, the only downside is that traders don’t have some popular options like commodities and cryptos. But to be fair, cryptos are announced to be available soon.

Therefore, if you are looking for a variety of assets, you might choose this or any other Tier 1 licensed firm. However, if you choose any other brokerage, you won’t have all the tools this company provides. But there’s a unique solution to that. Instead of trusting automated options or algo features, try the AI Analysis Tool.

The combination of old-school analysis, modern techniques, and analytics brings amazing market forecasts to its users. While you are researching Tradier tools, try our AI Analysis Tool and compare the results. To find out more details, feel free to contact us.

FAQ Section

Is Tradier Commission-Free?

Generally, Tradier company doesn’t charge any fees for stocks and ETFs. However, contracts have far lower commissions than average at $0.35 unless you subscribe to a Pro account.

What Does Tradier Do?

Tradier investment firm offers stocks, options, and ETFs on more than 100 platforms around the world.

Where is Tradier Brokerage Located?

The company is located in the United States. The precise address from the FINRA database is 3420 TORINGDON WAY SUITE 300, CHARLOTTE, NC 28277.

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