Pips Alert Review: Are Signal Sellers a Reliable Business?

Pips Alert Review

Signal sellers are becoming more popular as trading evolves and that attracted many fake companies to pose as signal sellers. That is why the question: “Are signal sellers a reliable business” is answered in our Pips Alert review. Learn about this company in detail by reading on. 

Additionally, our fact-checked Ecap24 evaluation benefits traders looking for a reliable broker. We researched the company from head to toe to determine whether or not they’re a good choice for traders, so read to find out. 

About Pips Alert

PipsAlert is a trade signal service. Two traders from the United States and the United Kingdom launched the firm. Since then, the company has grown to employ 14 traders across the United States, Tokyo, the United Kingdom, Canada, and other countries. They provide signals during the New York and London trading sessions. 

The seller is not active on social media, and it seems concerning that the only contact information provided is a web form, so they can reach you instead of you reaching them. There isn’t even an email to write to customer support, meaning if you need something resolved quickly, your only hope is the web form or telegram bot support. 

Other than the most basic information about the company, other details are not disclosed, indicating a lack of transparency. The Pips Alert reviews seem to be unfavorable, as many traders experienced some issues. But keep reading to learn more before making a decision. 

Company Type Signal Seller
Legal name Pips Alert 
Regulation Not expected
Registered in N/A
Established 2017
Website www.pipsalert.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
  • Web Form 
  • Telegram
If a withdrawal is possible No
  • $49.95/m to $74.95/m
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, India;
Main threats Unfavorable reviews; Questionable performance;
Main perks Free trial; Signal delivery;

Legal Information

Companies like signal sellers, trading tools, trading academies, or prop firms aren’t required to be regulated because they’re not providing any type of financial services or dealing with client’s money directly. Pips Alert is not associated with any broker nor does it allow traders to trade directly from their platform. 

However, despite not requiring regulation, some of the aforementioned companies are regulated, providing an additional level of security. You can use the signals on any broker of your choice, which is why we recommend choosing a regulated broker and not brokers like SagicorFinance

Pips Alert Features

The membership you pay will gain you access to three groups for the price of one. No additional charges are required to access multiple groups. The trading happens with the broker of your choice, so it’s vital to choose a regulated broker, especially in these situations. 

The signals received can be utilized and interpreted directly on MT4 and MT5 platforms, or your broker’s platform. Assets that are available for trade include currencies like EUR/USD and commodities like gold. Staying well-informed is the main goal of this company, so you get access to 7-12 market signals from 3 different teams.

The Pips Alert Forex signals are provided from 3 different trading rooms and there are 3-7+ signals sent daily to any device, including mobile, tablet, or computer. As soon as your account is set up, you will start receiving signals in 24 hours. 

Pips Alert Pricing

The great thing is that a free trial is available, so you can test out their services before committing. A 30-day trial you apply to will allow you to gain access instantly. Paid membership prices range from $49.95/m to $74.95/m depending on if you select a Monthly, Half-Year, or Annual Plan. 

You will save more toward your membership the longer you choose to keep your subscription active. Savings on the Half-Year and Annual Plans range from $100 to $300. You will receive 20 days for your new subscription plan if you were in a paid membership for a monthly plan you had 20 days left over and you switched to the half-year or yearly plan.

If you don’t hit the targeted pips within 30 days, the company will extend your membership by an additional 30 days, meaning if you don’t hit the given value, you get a free extension. You can join the Telegram group where the signals are received, or download the Pips Alert app. 

Traders Share Their Experiences

There are 21 comments in total on Trustpilot and more than half experienced some issues with this company. The overall score is 2.4, which is not at all impressive. The possibility of the company charging your card even after you cancel is high and there won’t be any way to request a refund as there will be no proof the membership is renewed, according to one trader. 

The reports they offer don’t seem reliable, the platform is glitching, and they offer poor trade setups. They don’t give real profits, and once you backtest 2-3 months of signals you will see a big drawdown, however, it will be too late. Overall, it would seem that according to several traders, this signal seller is not worth the money. 

Deposits and Withdrawal Methods

The only payment options available are credit/debit cards and all major cards are accepted, including Mastercard, Visa, Discovery, American Express, and PayPal. If you dislike the service, there is a time limit of 7 days that you can cancel the subscription. 

The process is pretty straightforward. You need to join the Telegram group and cancel your membership under the “Membership Status” option. Even if you’re late one day, a refund is still possible after reaching out to the Pips Alert trading group customer support. 

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  1. 7-day Free Trial 
  2. Multiple Signal Groups
  3. Signal Delivery
  4. Flexible Pricing Plans
  5. Membership Extension Guarantee
  1. Limited Contact Options
  2. Lack of Transparency
  3. Questionable Performance
  4. Subscription Concerns

Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

In summary, signal sellers like Pips Alert can be a good addition to your trading journey, however, according to several traders, this company doesn’t seem like the best choice. We recommend choosing an alternative or better yet, changing your perspective on things. 

Instead of relying on shady agents, prop firms, or signal sellers, you can try trading in the future and use AI-driven tools to help you trade. Take AI.F as an example of an AI analysis tool that makes you the decision-maker. 

This bot can analyze billions of data points, provide insightful recommendations on whether to buy or sell, and forecast past, present, and future price movements to aid you in overcoming the financial markets. 

With a 14-day free trial, you can experience this bot first-hand and see the power yourself. After you start using this analysis bot, we promise nothing else will exist. Call us now and start trading in the future! 

FAQ Section

What is Pips Alert?

Pips Alert is a trade signal service providing trading signals for various markets like currencies and commodities.

Is Pips Alert a Legit Signal Provider?

Mixed reliability is indicated by reviews and user experiences, implying that it might not be consistently dependable.

Can I Trust Pips Alert Telegram Group?

Based on user reviews and documented problems, the Telegram group's credibility may be called into doubt.

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