Portfolio123 Review: A Deep Dive into Smart Investing

Portfolio123 Review

Are you ready to explore the ins and outs of Portfolio123? Founded by Marco Salerno in 2004, this Chicago-based gem is all about making investment management a breeze for traders like you. We are about to reveal what makes Portfolio123 special, and how it could be your next go-to in the investment world. If you are ready to discover more, keep reading our informative Portfolio123 review!

Company type Trading Tool
Legal name Portfolio123
Regulation No regulation expected
Registered in Chicago, Illinois
Established 2021
Website portfolio123.com
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts Data is hidden
If withdrawal is possible Yes
Fees $25 a month
If Active on Social Media: LinkedIn
Investor Protection: No
Activity areas United States, Canada, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom
Main threats No phone or email support
Main perks Excellent trading features 

About This Company

Let’s discuss how Portfolio123 can benefit you and your investments. Founded by Marco Salerno in 2004, this company seems to be a smart trading tool in the complex world of investments.

Tailored for traders who like to take the wheel, it’s a platform that offers tools for every kind of investor. Now, let’s break down what makes Portfolio123 a solid choice for many people. We will stick to the facts only!

Portfolio123 Pricing Options

Let’s talk about pricing terms here. We can see from their website that this trading company keeps it simple with 3 plans:

  • Free Plan: Basic, but handy. You can track your portfolio here, link accounts, and get the lowdown on stocks.
  • Screener Plan ($25/month): Are you ready to level up? Get the stock and ETF screener plus 5 years of stock data for those insightful backtests.
  • Pro ($1,000/year): This one is for professional traders. Multi-factor stock ranking, rolling screens, hedging – it’s all in. And guess what? A 21-day Pro Plan trial (minus the API) is yours for just $9.

Portfolio123 Features

It’s time for us to focus on the features here. There are indeed many! Stick around as we evaluate them below!

Note: GoldberryCo is a scam company that targets traders from Canada. They have no authorization and they have received many warnings from regulators. Beware! 

Investment Models

Let’s talk about the investment models that this firm supports. Portfolio123.com flaunts 18 pre-built models for stock, ETF, and bond investing.

What are rules-based strategies? Think of Underestimated Blue Chips, Small Cap Quality, and Dividend Growth. You can choose one, merge it in your portfolio, and let this trading platform work its magic.

Strategy Optimizer

It’s time to optimize, so let’s talk more about this impressive tool. The strategy optimizer is your secret weapon.

Here, you can test different strategies, and see how they suit your trading plan. Enter your parameters, and the Portfolio123 screener tool does the heavy lifting. What’s in it for you? Insights on return, drawdown, correlation, and everything that you truly need!

Ranking Systems

What about ranking systems here? Portfolio123’s got a ranking system generator that’s like a stock screener with upgrades!

Weighted parameters, and ranked results – it’s a breeze. We can see that you can create your own or choose from 49 pre-made ones. Effortless stock picking? We are up for it!

Tip: Have you heard of the XTrend Speed scam? They hire professional psychologists who use their expertise to deceive customers. Stay away from this shady company!

Portfolio Management

This company also lets you manage portfolios like a pro. Link accounts, automate trades, and benchmark against market indices.

Moreover, they say that this option is your backstage pass to investment success. We agree! You can take notes, tag positions, and see how everything turns out.

Stock Data

This may not be a comprehensive stock research platform. However, Portfolio123 has a lot to offer. Key fundamental data for US stocks, charts for metrics, and side-by-side stock comparisons. It’s the info you need without drowning in data.

Tip: What about compatible brokers here? Are you worried about compatibility? Don’t be. This trading company plays nice with E*Trade, Charles Schwab, Interactive Brokers – you name it.

Portfolio123 Platform Differentiators

Here’s the scoop: Portfolio123 is your toolkit for long-term investing. This platform is indeed user-friendly, powerful, and beginner-friendly. The stock ranking generator? A game-changer. The program works much like a GPS system for stocks, directing you to the best investments.

We can say that this platform is for go-getters. It’s user-friendly, evidently, but the real magic happens when you’re savvy with Portfolio123 backtest results, strategy optimization, and stock rankings.

Choosing Secure Trading Firms

Seeking safety in trading firms? Always prioritize wisely! Start by researching company profiles on reliable platforms like Trustpilot. When it comes to prop firms, look into assets, funded account size, leverage, and evaluation phase conditions. Pay attention to the profit split ratio, aiming for 90/10 – a game-changer.

Reliability is crucial, so opt for a firm with a solid reputation. Keep in mind that most legit trading firms value safety, offering robust features. Don’t overlook risk management – it’s a priority! They’ve got your back with comprehensive training and mentorship programs. Keep these factors in mind before deciding to trade. 

User Insights Matter

Curious about what other traders have to say? Well, according to Trustpilot, this trading platform has quite positive feedback. We can see a respectable 4.4-star rating from 43 users. Now that’s certainly reassuring!

However, it’s worth noting that choosing platforms with ratings of 4.5 stars and above is always a smart move. Your financial journey deserves nothing less than the best!

A Bonus Insight Into Earning Money Through Trading

Are you venturing into online trading for profit? It’s a promising avenue, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way! Need insights into the top forex and crypto trading platforms? We’ve got you covered.

And here’s a sneak peek – our latest offer, the AI Analysis Tool. This innovative software amalgamates historical asset prices, the latest news, and other data to forecast potential price moves. Check it out!

Final Words

As you explore the huge landscape of trading platforms, it’s crucial to assess and choose wisely. This platform, with its positive user reviews, is a contender in the market.

Yet, the ultimate decision rests on finding the best fit for your unique needs. And speaking of offers, don’t miss out on exploring our latest tool – the AI Analysis Tool. It’s designed to add an extra layer of insight to your trading strategies, making informed decisions easier than ever. Remember that! 


What is Portfolio123?

Portfolio123 is a platform for creating, testing, and managing custom trading strategies.

How Much Does Portfolio123 Cost?

Portfolio123's Screener plan costs $25/month.

Is Portfolio123 Worth the Money?

Yes, Portfolio123 is worth it for investors seeking strategy flexibility.

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