Premium Capitals Review: In-Depth Analysis and Key Features Revealed

Premium Capitals Review

One of the first things you realize about this company is its similarity with other scam brokers. Premium Capitals doesn’t mention any owners on its website, neither do they provide legal documents to make themselves at least look legit.

Therefore, you already have two warning signs. But there are many, many more that we are exposing in this unbiased Premium Capitals review. Stay tuned for our bonus tips as well!

Company Type Anonymous scam trading firm
Legal name N/A
Regulation Unregulated
Registered in N/A
Established 2023-08-07
Website https://premiumcptls.co/
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts e-mail, web form
If a withdrawal is possible Highly unlikely
Fees Hidden fees
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, Hungary, Italy, India, Mexico
Main threats Everything – Lack of regulations; Lack of transparency; Web-based software
Main perks None

Legal Info: Is The Company Licensed?

Considering the absolutely anonymous approach of the company, it’s not hard to determine if they are legit even though they don’t present their legal owners. In any case, the company doesn’t have any Tier 1 regulatory oversight. For instance, FCA, BaFin or ASIC licenses.

Another key fact is that you can’t have any funds protection here. Even if the brokerage claims to offer some safety, don’t buy it. Without regulations, they can say anything they want. But when it comes to the key point of withdrawal, the whole story changes.

What Are The Account Types With Premium Capitals?

Premium Capitals company offers 4 different account types. Trading benefits are only visible in spreads and bonuses. But none of these are benefits in the end, rather curses. 

Another worrying fact is that only after a deposit of $10k you can get a monthly session with the senior analyst. But that’s just a trick to get you to deposit more money.

In any case, the options are:

  • Standard – $250
  • Silver – $2.500
  • Gold – $10.000
  • VIP – $200.000

Trading Conditions and Costs

More fraud signs are coming along with the company’s trading conditions. At least with the part that is transparent. The minimum spread starts from 1.5 pips. The industry average for regular spreads is 1.5 pips, meaning you’re already losing. 

The leverage can go as high as 1:500 and that’s something you should really worry about. Otherwise, you could end up losing everything in a matter of seconds. Most importantly, none of the commissions and fees are transparent with the company. Many brokers are hiding it, but to see how they trick traders into paying it anyway, read our Xeno Capital review.

Is a Bonus Offer Available With PremiumCapitals?

Indeed, a welcome bonus of up to 100% is available with this investment firm. The key danger behind it is its policy. However, with Premium Capitals, none of the policies are transparent.

What you can expect is an additional agreement once you accept the bonus. That agreement often contains a policy that doesn’t allow you to withdraw anything. At least not before you meet the impossible requirements.

Is The Premiumcptls.Co Trading Platform Reliable?

To sum it up, no. Some of the most reliable options in the industry are cTrader and MetaTrader. But even those require adequate regulations of the brokerage. Otherwise, they are useless. 

Even though a demo account is not available, you can see the Premium Capitals platform freely. What you get here is a pretty basic web trader. Such platforms mainly include mandatory trading functions, basic chart optimization features and indicators. Practically, nothing that could really help you in trading. Unlike AI Analysis Bot that’s tailored to your needs.

Can You Access The Platform On a Mobile?

To get access to your account on a mobile, you’ll have to use a browser. Sadly, iOS and Android users are left without dedicated apps with this brokerage. That’s just another sign to avoid them and look for other options. But make sure to read our RoiFX review to find tips on what to avoid.

How To Get In Touch With The Company?

Another clear sign of fraud is the company’s contact options. Very rarely you see a brokerage with only e-mail and web forms available. But keep in mind that without a license, some other options could be irrelevant as well.

Since there are no reviews about their customer representatives you should wait with your investment a bit more. Otherwise, you could be the first one complaining about their services.

Are Premium Capitals Withdrawals Possible?

Considering their anonymity you can’t expect withdrawals without any issues. Even though they have icons of trusted payment options, that doesn’t mean they are using it. Instead, they might persuade clients to use anonymous crypto transfers.

But to get to that point, you’ll have to go through all of their dirty tricks. Starting with verification issues and AML law problems. Thus, don’t forget that the main weapons are non-existent fees and tricks. Not to mention they don’t reveal any fees on their website.

How Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

Generally speaking, yes. Everything you need to be a successful trader is a top-licensed brokerage and adequate knowledge. But nowadays, that equals with adequate tools. With the development of the AI Analysis Bot, you can easily forget about 10 years of trading experience required. This tool helps you analyze the market based on technical analysis and patterns.

Most importantly, the software is not controlling your funds. Which is a key advantage when it comes to safe trading. Therefore, jump on board as soon as possible. Don’t miss out on the chance like you missed in 2009 during the world crisis. But also in 2018 during the Bitcoin spike. Get in touch today and book your tryout!

FAQ Section

What Is Premium Capitals?

Premium Capitals is an absolutely anonymous scam brokerage without any credibility or transparency. To start using AI Analysis Bot with a licensed broker, contact us for guidance.

What Deposit Options Are Available on Premium Capitals?

Allegedly, the company accepts debit and credit cards, wire transfers and crypto transfers.

How Can I Withdraw Funds From Premium Capitals?

That’s most likely impossible. Instead, you could use alternative refund methods and our advice about safe brokerages and AI Tools you can use to optimize the security of the funds.

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