Profitage Review – Can You Truly Make Money With Bots?

Profitage Review

As an Estonian-based company, the address immediately puts a shade on Profitage’s business, especially since trading bots don’t require any sort of regulation. Still, there are ways to find out if some tools can be truly reliable.

What’s also interesting is the company’s integration with users’ crypto wallets. That’s where all the potential problems are. To find out why, read this Profitage review carefully.

Company Type AI Trading Tools
Legal name Profitage OU
Regulation Not expected
Registered in Estonia
Established 2023
Website https://profitage.com/
Financial Authorities Warnings N/A
Contacts Web form; Telegram
If a withdrawal is possible N/A
Fees Hidden fees
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas France, Algeria, Morocco, Belgium, Israel
Main threats No proof of work; hidden fees; risk of crypto phishing;
Main perks Crypto trading automatization;

Legal Information and Regulations

This company is absolutely transparent about registration details. This sophisticated tool belongs to Profitage OU, a firm registered in Estonia with the number 16075135. The company’s services don’t include holding client money, so they don’t require licenses. 

Consequently, it’s all about how much you trust the company. But without any Profitage reviews available, you should truly question them. 

How Does Profitage Work?

Most of the AI trading tools nowadays rely on historical data. Based on certain patterns and indicators, it can potentially predict the market movement. But in the case of this company, the bot can also trade directly on your crypto wallet. Of course, to do so, you have to use your exchange API keys to allow access. Yet, that can potentially give this unproven bot too many options.

All in all, the company will offer you a demo version first. Once they prove the point, they’ll require you to pay for the full version of the bot. Thus, with only a bit over 450 members in the Profitage Telegram channel, it’s clear this tool is not among the most popular ones. To find out more about similar tools, we also recommend you check our ProfitTrailer and BitAi Method reviews.

Are Desktop And Mobile Apps Available?

Nowadays, traders prefer using dedicated apps regardless of the device used. After all, developing such an app gives the company some credibility. 

However, the Profitage bot is not one of the apps of a kind. Instead, you are required to join the company’s Telegram channel and get signals there. Unfortunately, download options, whether for desktop or mobile devices, don’t exist.

Presets Available

According to the company’s presentation, Profitage AI uses different trading presets. These include returns of 100% within two days with a risk between 0.1% and 22.1%. But in reality, they can’t present you with exact risk and reward. 

Currently available presets are: 

  • Aggressive short II
  • Average short
  • Climber II
  • Generous defile II
  • Icarus II

What Assets These Bots Trade? 

At the present moment, this bot can only trade BTC/USDT on Binance USD –M Futures. That’s fairly a huge disadvantage of this tool. So, why would you limit your profit potential? Not to mention, the company practically forces you to use the Binance exchange.

Are There Pricing Plans Available?

When it comes to the fees and Profitage price, the company calculates everything in Profit Points (PP). Upon registration, traders get 10 profit points on the bot. The USDT balance on your wallet is the initial capital bot can use for trading.

In general, the company has calculations for starting costs and final costs that depend on profit and losses. Of course, to run bots, you’ll have to collect these profit points somehow or pay for them, and that’s where the trick is. Also, you should be aware the company automatically withdraws all the fees from your crypto wallet. So, what stops them from withdrawing everything?

Is A Demo Account Available?

Quite surprisingly, the Profitage trading bot offer also includes lifetime access to a demo account. However, you can expect some limitations, logically. With the demo, you can run up to 10 demo bots for free. 

But be careful since all bots can be modified anyhow. So, you’ll have to trust them until the end. Otherwise, the company will automatically collect all their unknown fees.

Key Problems You Can Expect

One key question is whether the bot works at all. And, of course, what’s the success rate? The problem is the company’s fee collection. For instance, if you intervene in the trading process, all the starting costs will be automatically withdrawn regardless of the results.

Consequently, you can’t allow issues with API keys, have moving margin assets, or change the trading setup. Not to mention, the company gives itself the right to withdraw the fees automatically. Lastly, you can trade only one asset.

Conclusion: Are There Better Choices?

Generally, there’s no reason to limit your profit potential with only one asset and unproven trading tools. Also, you expose your wallet to a high risk with this unproven AI tool. Instead, you could trade without any risk of losing your money in the market. Yes, it’s possible with prop firms, and one of the popular choices is Funded Trading Plus.

This UK-based firm has gained a good reputation and more than 2000 positive reviews on Trustpilot. Not without a reason. If you are a good trader or you know what tools and strategies to use, their evaluation programs will be a piece of cake. The moment you get your hands on a funded account with up to $200k in the balance, your profits can increase drastically. 

If you are still unsure how it all works, sign up with Funded Trading Plus today and find out all you need to know. There are no hard sales or traps you could expect with trading firms. Register your account today, and maybe you’ll be a lucky winner of some amazing promotions that Funded Trading Plus often runs.


What is Profitage?

Profitage is one of numerous AI trading tool providers that has been offering Telegram crypto bots since 2023.

Is Profitage Legit?

It appears the company is fully transparent and legitimate. However, without any proof of work, all the services remain questionable.

How Much Does Profitage Cost?

The cost of the Profitage services is hidden. Instead, you should opt for more transparent firms like Funded Trading Plus.

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