Real Life Trading Review: Get Funded and Educated at One Place

Real Life Trading Review

Learn more about this educational platform and learn about its features, funded accounts, and reviews, to get a glimpse of how this firm can assist you in becoming a profitable trader. Our fact-checked Real Life Trading review delves deep into the firm’s profile to help you decide.

Real Life Trading offers not only courses and educational resources but also an opportunity for traders to get funded and start proprietary trading. This US-based firm has been operating since 2014, which can be proved by hundreds of reviews. To learn more keep reading and check out TraderUP.

About Real Life Trading

Real Life Trading is a top supplier of trading coaching and education, committed to assisting people in using the power of trade to reach financial independence. Real Life Trading helps traders of all skill levels achieve their objectives and prosper in the fast-paced world of finance by emphasizing doable, real-world tactics and building a strong, encouraging community. 

Real Life Trading provides a variety of mentorship programs, courses, and tools under the direction of seasoned professionals and educators with the goal of enlightening, motivating, and propelling traders to unprecedented levels of achievement.

Company Type Educational Platform
Legal name Real Life Trading
Regulation Not expected
Registered in Nashville, TN 37221, US
Established 2014
Website reallifetrading.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If a withdrawal is possible 7 business day maximum refund process;
  • Young Adults Trading Course $49
  • Options Trading Course $99
  • Trading Marathon $199
  • Crypto Course $395
  • Hedging With Options Course $399
  • Algo Trading $495
  • Increase Net-Worth Course $399
  • Learn the S-Curve Course $295
  • Credit Spreads Course $495
  • Day Trading $395
  • Masterclass $495
  • Trading Transformation $499
If Active on Social Media:
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, Canada, Denmark, Australia;
Main threats Expensive courses;
Main perks Good reviews;

Real Life Trading Funded Account With Gooey Trade

Real Life Trading provides a variety of trading plans with varying features and price points that are suited for the varying skill levels of traders. The $50,000 Basic program has a 10% demo account target, a $2,500 daily maximum loss, a $3,000 total drawdown limit, and a 75/25 account gains split.

Ascending the ladder, the Standard program costs $100,000 and has features that are comparable to those of the Basic program, including a 10% demo account target, a $5,000 daily maximum loss, a $6,000 total drawdown limit, and a 75/25 account gains split.

The $200,000 Advanced program is intended for traders seeking more sophisticated features. It has a 10% demo account target, a $10,000 daily maximum loss, a $12,000 total drawdown limit, and a 75/25 account gains split. 

Finally, the most sophisticated features are available in the $500,000 Premium program. It has a 10% demo account target, a $25,000 daily maximum loss, a $30,000 total drawdown limit, and a 75/25 account gains split.

Real Life Trading Price

Each plan requires a one-time fee, which is refundable after completing the challenge. Take a look at the pricing plans below:

  • Basic: $500
  • Standard: $1,000
  • Advanced: $2,000
  • Premium: $5,000

Additionally, traders can purchase Real Life Trading courses or even access some for free. The price of the courses depends on which course you choose, as the subjects covered include cryptocurrency, options trading, hedging, algo trading, etc. The price can be anywhere between $49 and $499.

Real Life Trading Premium Mentorship Courses

It is also possible to pay for one-on-one counseling and mentorships. Ultra Wealth MasterClass: $5,000 divided into five monthly installments or a $25,000 one-time payment. This six-month curriculum distills fifteen years of wealth-building expertise for traders with assets valued at least six figures.

DJ Dan’s Options MasterClass is $600. Discover the fundamentals of options, use them to generate a weekly income, and become an expert in three income-generating techniques.

$888 for “Mastering Your Money Mindset.” Learn the reasons behind your inability to draw and hold onto wealth, transform your financial views, and comprehend the tactics required to achieve your financial objectives.

1:1 instruction with the skilled stock trader and CEO of Real Life Trading Jerremy Newsome. For $5,000, discover your life’s purpose, transform your thinking and beliefs, and learn how to trade for a living.

One-on-one instruction with live day trading instructor Tony Pawlak. For $800, learn about credit spreads, day and swing trading, options trading & hedging, and managing emotions.

One-on-one instruction with Stephen King, a live day trading teacher. Perfect for novice and experienced traders, this course covers position trading, swing and day trading, and options trading (buying & selling for $500).

One-on-one instruction with live day/swing trading instructor Jonny Quarco. Learn about trading strategy, technical analysis, and $500 back trading.

One-on-one instruction with live day trading instructor Dan Janson. For $500, learn about Elliot Wave, gaps and reversals, pattern recognition, and day and swing trading.

One-on-one instruction with live day trading instructor Arabia Johnson. For $1,395 get three one-hour lessons on cash open setups, Globex positioning, and beginning/futures trading.

Real Life Trading Reviews

With an average rating of 4.8 and a TrustScore of 5 out of 5 on Trustpilot, Real Life Trading has largely garnered positive feedback. 93% of the 871 reviews have a 5-star rating, 5% have a 4-star rating, and the remaining fraction has a lower rating.

A reviewer noted that there is an excessive amount of conversation and not enough deals that can be taken action on in the live trading room, which has caused some consumers to voice concerns. Further clients expressed dissatisfaction with the educational encounter, pointing out problems with the arrangement of the course and the clarifications given.

Reviews also criticize the company’s move from emphasizing teaching and community development to selling tactics and courses. Certain reviewers expressed their opinion that Real Life Trading’s tactics lacked transparency and were not successful.

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Payment Options and Process

The accepted payment methods include only credit and debit cards, which are Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX. A refund is available after requesting it at the Real Life Trading dashboard. After registering and creating an account, traders can purchase individual courses or mentorships.

A refund is available only for 7 business days, which includes the reviewing process as well. After those 7 days, the refund will be submitted for a 7 to 14 business day refund to your bank account or credit/debit card.

Unlock Your Potential With Proprietary Trading

In conclusion, Real Life Trading is an amazing educational platform that can assist traders in understanding the financial markets and therefore enhance their skills. Traders can take advantage of the Real Life Trading YouTube profile and check videos, comments, and more.

Being a top financed trading company, FTP provides a special chance to trade with virtual money and make real money in a single day. Competitive pricing, dependable payout promises, clear regulations, a flawless user experience, and round-the-clock service are all guaranteed by our 5-Star Promise.

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FAQ Section

What is Real Life Trading?

Real Life Trading is an educational platform that provides trading courses, resources, and mentorship to help individuals learn how to trade in various financial markets.

Is Real Life Trading Legit Course?

Real Life Trading is considered a legitimate course provider, offering valuable educational content and resources for traders at all levels of experience.

Is It Possible to Trade Without Initial Investment?

Yes, traders can trade with simulated funds and make real earnings by taking part in funded trading programs provided by companies such as ours.

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