Swe CSM Review: Shady Platform, Conditions, and Fake Regulations

Swe CSM Review

The Swe CSM broker presents itself as Luxembourg-based. The official ownership allegedly belongs to Block Asset Management LTD, a company with registration number LU46625H1005. However, there are some implications that the information is not correct.

Therefore, we are presenting to you in this Swe CSM review all the steps you must go through. Otherwise, you would be caught by an investment scam and all of the traps they are setting up for inexperienced traders.

Company Type Active FX and CFD Trading Scam
Legal name Block Asset Management LTD
Regulation Unregulated
Registered in Luxembourg
Established 2023
Website Swe-csm.se
Financial Authorities Warnings CSSF
Contacts e-mail; web contact form;
If a withdrawal is possible Highly unlikely
Fees Hidden fees
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas Sweden, Lithuania, Serbia
Main threats Misleading regulatory information; Lack of transparency; bonus offers; untrusted software;
Main perks None

Regulation As The Key Issue

To be fair, the company did its due diligence. They know what traders want. That’s a safe company with regulatory oversight. However, many traders skip one important step. That would be research. Once you check the information provided by the company, you realize it has all been a lie.

Even the CSSF (Luxembourg) regulator issued a warning against this company, saying it’s all bogus. Therefore, nothing about this company can be trusted.

What Do Other Traders Say About Swe CSM?

Another huge factor helping you realize this is nothing but a scam is Swe CSM reviews. More than 70% of reviews on Trustpilot contain some complaints. Out of 33 in total, that’s quite a big number for a company registered in July 2023.

As can be seen, the company was making trouble during verification procedures and withdrawals. That’s the key point of their scamming tricks. But to see how to avoid falling for these traps, check our TraderAi review.

Can Traders Trust Their Trading Software?

Important to realize is that this company doesn’t offer any trusted software solutions. Instead, their platform is web-based without an option for download on Windows and Mac devices. Neither do they offer reliable iOS or Android apps.

All this combined leads to a simple conclusion. Their platform is designed for manipulation. If you go into the company’s trading room, you will quickly realize they only offer basic platform options. These include placing orders, a few charting optimization features, and minimum analytical tools. However, you’ll have to look at other brokerages for some advanced features.

Fake Awards and Demo Account Availability

Another important lie coming from this company is that they are leading crypto and FX brokerage. But also a top-margin trading platform. Yet, none of these award-winning presentations led to a trusted source for that award.

On top of that, they don’t even offer a demo account for traders to inspect what they are saying. Which is another sign they are hiding something.

What Features Traders Can Get?

Even though the Swe CSM account types appear to give a lot, they’re all fake. Without regulations, their only goal is to extort your money. For this reason, you can expect a wide range of fictive offers, such as: 

  • Private sessions with an analyst
  • Arbitrage trading
  • Old Age Security Pension
  • Risk-free policies
  • Mentorship
  • Bonuses and much more

But the key problem of their offer is a deposit bonus, high leverage, and promised returns of up to 20% per month. In general, the minimum deposit requirement of $250 is quite high for unregulated brokers on a warning list. The deposit range for all account types is between $250 and $1M.

Trading Conditions and Assets Availability

The key problem with this company is that they are offering leverage of up to 1:100. However, European brokerages are limited to 1:30 according to ESMA rules and many regulators. Besides, the company advertises spreads from 0 pips, but that’s just a marketing trick.

Unfortunately, other trading costs are not revealed. Therefore, you can expect a wide range of unexpected costs.  Since the exact assets they offer are completely irrelevant, we will cover only the instrument classes they offer. Those are forex, indices, commodities, shares, and cryptos. However, without regulations and trusted software, the reliability of the market data is highly questionable.

Withdrawal Problems Revealed

Even though they claim to accept payment methods like cards and wire, most likely, everything is going to crypto and electronic wallets. This way, they ensure they keep their anonymity at the highest level. Of course, to request a withdrawal, you need to have a verified account. For these purposes, they can request anything they want. That’s exactly where they prolong the payout request approval.

On top of that, without a transparent bonus policy and withdrawal fees, these are the next things they will try to scam. Therefore, we suggest you check our tips from the BeTheBank review and avoid such traps.

How Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

Making money online has always been attractive to people. Yet, greedy customers can easily fall for tricks scammers are serving them. That’s why choosing a regulated broker is the top priority. Yet, trading with regulated companies also brings downsides. In fact, traders need to learn how to trade. That’s basically the only thing stopping them from doing it.

However, with the development of AI, these things are changing. Many traders tried the AI Analysis Tool, which helped them analyze the market like a pro. Consequently, the results are changing as well. Most importantly, traders don’t give control of their funds to some third party.

If you try it, the worst thing that can happen is that you don’t like it and you stop using it. But if you see it’s working well for you, the possibilities are endless. Therefore, book your first meeting with our team and see how AI Analysis Tool can change your trading career.

FAQ Section

What is Swe CSM?

Swe CSM is an investment company allegedly from Luxembourg that has been active since 2023.

Is Swe CSM a Legit Broker?

Unfortunately, Swe CSM brokerage is far from legitimate. They are misleading traders to believe they are regulated. However, CSSF (Luxembourg) denied that statement.

How to Withdraw Profits from My Swe CSM Account?

Without a transparent withdrawal policy, withdrawing profits is possible only through alternative methods. Such as refunds and chargebacks.

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