SimplerTrading Review: Can You Trade Simpler With This Company?

SimplerTrading Review

In 1999, John F. Carter, founder of Simpler Trading got tired of talking to his goldfish while trading alone in his office, so he launched Trade the Markets to create a place to post his trading ideas. These are the first sentences you read as soon as you visit the SimplerTrading login page. 

However, we can’t help but wonder, is this the truth? Our SimplerTrading review is here to discover that. Keep reading to learn everything about this company and make sure to read our Ziggma article for a great platform recommendation. 

Who Is SimplerTrading?

Simpler Trading is an educational platform that simplifies more than a century of professional trading knowledge into useful lessons. With their own money, top-performing industry pros provide trading ideas and alerts that you can access through the website.

By connecting you with experienced traders and creating an active trading community, the platform hopes to increase your profits. Mastering the Trade: Proven Techniques for Profiting from Intraday and Swing Trading Setups is written by John Carter, a successful trader who owns the company.

Overall, the company seems legit but our SimplerTrading review needs to dig deeper to find anything that would present as an issue to traders. So keep reading to learn more and we will recommend an amazing AI tool that can help elevate your skills at the end of this article. 

Company Type Trading Education
Legal name Simpler Trading
Regulation Not expected
Registered in 8911 North Capital of Texas Hwy Suite 4200 #1005 Austin, TX 78759
Established N/A
Website www.simplertrading.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If Active on Social Media: Yes
Investor Protection: No
Activity areas United States, India, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany
Main threats Expensive
Main perks Lots of free material 

Regulation Info

Simpler Trading doesn’t offer investment advice or any type of financial services. They mainly serve as an educational platform where you can learn about trading. In cases like this, regulatory oversight is not required, although some companies offer it. 

This platform can serve as the beginning of your trading journey and after you learn what you need to know, you need to choose a regulated broker. Regulatory oversight is required whenever a company offers any type of financial services or handles your money directly. 

The majority of clients for this firm come from the US, Canada, and the UK, so if you are from any of these nations, it’s vital to choose a regulated broker. The authorities you should look for that provide regulation include the SEC in the US, IIROC in Canada, and FCA in the UK. 

SimplerTrading Features

SimpleTrading offers a variety of features for traders, including Asset Trading Rooms, Options, Strategy Trading Rooms, Simpler Essentials, Small Account Mentorship, Strike Zone, Tr3ndy Trading, BIAS, Sector Secrets, Moxie Indicator, Compounding Growth, Chart Patterns, and Voodoo for trading strategies. 

Learning resources include courses, 101s, and live and on-demand classes. Research reports like MEM Edge Report and Top Tier Outlook, and a variety of tools like indicators and The Scanner, complemented by insightful commentary, daily videos, and newsletters including Simpler Insights, Five Star Trader, Countdown Trader, Profit Pilot, and Focused Trades.

In addition to a bunch of free educational material, you can also buy a membership to gain access to even more courses, videos, tutorials, and trading strategies. 

SimplerTrading Plans

We were disappointed to see that the company doesn’t offer a free trial, instead, you have to pay $7 to try them out for 30 days for free. If you like the service, you can purchase the membership for 3 months for $597. It’s not cheap and several traders complained it’s not worth it. 

The annual membership can be yours for a price of $1,997. There is lots of material that’s provided for free, however, it isn’t enough to start trading, especially if you have no prior knowledge. There are much cheaper alternatives, so if you are not ready to pay so much for a membership, we suggest you avoid this company. 

Traders Share Their Experiences

SimplerTrading reviews on Trustpilot are impressive. With over 400 comments, they are rated as a 4.1-star company. The majority are 5-star reviews and there are some who are neutral as well. However, we had to delve into almost 20% unfavorable comments. 

One trader complained how the futures room had become the Walmart of “master classes” and indicators. The others experienced issues with huge and unexpected losses, which is something to worry about. Additionally, the educational material they provided didn’t seem to help several traders. 

This reminds us of the Online Trading Academy, an educational platform that offers overpriced courses that traders don’t benefit from. Proceed with caution if you come across this company. 

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  1. Mobile app
  2. Free educational material 
  3. Impressive reviews 
  4. Variety of tools and strategies
  1. No free trial, it costs $7
  2. The platform is expensive 

Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

Education is crucial if you want to succeed as a trader. While many companies will tell you that you don’t have to have any prior knowledge, however, it’s still important to have the base before continuing to build. The same thing applies to trading, the more you know, the better. 

That said, to make trading simpler, there are various tools to choose from, including AI.F. This potent program can gather billions of data points, including historical data, indicators, and fresh news about the market. AI.F. finds patterns in comparable historical events and keeps up with the most recent information, both historical and contemporary.

The basic plan is only $9/month, however, before you commit, you can try AI.F for 14 days for free. Your taxi to the future of trading is here to take you into both historical, present, and future moments. So what are you waiting for? Reach out now and start your profitable trading journey! 

FAQ Section

How Much Does Simpler Trading Cost?

There is no free trial, instead, you can pay $7 for 30 days, $597 quarterly, and $1,997 for an annual membership.

Is SimplerTrading Free?

While they do offer a lot of material for free, you still have to pay for a membership to expand your options.

Who Owns SimplerTrading?

To share his trading concepts, John Carter founded TradetheMarkets.com. Since then, the business has changed to become Simpler Trading.

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