Skill Genic Review: In-Depth Evaluation of the Courses and Pricing

Skill Genic Review

Before committing to any service, research is required to make sure that the company will suit all of your trading needs and preferences. However, even doing simple research can sometimes appear as a difficult task, which is why we recommend reading our Skill Genic review before committing.

Skill Genic is an educational platform offering traders a variety of courses about stock trading and advanced techniques and tools. It offers different plans that can cater to different needs, however, the platform is rather expensive. Keep reading to learn more and check out Orbex.

About Skill Genic

An online educational resource, Skill Genic education is provided to traders of all experience levels. They give a variety of courses aimed at improving your comprehension of the stock market, sophisticated trading methods and resources, and insights into market behavior and psychology. 

Before purchasing the annual plan, traders can take a quiz to check their knowledge to better determine which group of students they belong to. There are courses and plans for both novice and seasoned traders but also investors who are in the middle with the knowledge.

The company was established only recently, in 2022, which is something to consider when deciding on their compatibility with your needs. The reviews about the platform are also not the best, indicating potential issues. However, keep reading our Skil Genic review and learn more.

Company Type Educational platform
Legal name Claritera Group Kft.
Regulation Not expected
Registered in Northside Business Centres, second floor, BC91 Office building, Vaci ut 91, Budapest, Hungary

Mexikoi ut. 65/B Fsz. 2. ajto, 1145, Budapest, Hungary

Established 2022
Website skill-genic.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If a withdrawal is possible Refund is available;
  • €250 Framework Plan
  • €1000 Stoutness Plan
  • €2500 Blowout Plan
If Active on Social Media:
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands;
Main threats Unfavorable reviews;
Main perks A variety of courses;

Skill Genic Courses

Stock Market: Overview of the stock market, using stock charts to predict future movements, recognizing market direction, interpreting volume and trend patterns, and recognizing patterns on charts such as symmetrical triangles, flags, pennants, and ascending triangles.

Advanced Stock Market Trading – Level 1: Trading psychology, professional technical analysis, intraday trading, trading arbitrage, market indicators, trading methodology, round numbers, trade setup, risk management, and stock selection.

Advanced Stock Market Trading – Level 2: Trading IPOs, day trading, swing trading, institutional strategies, hotkeys, time & sale, maintaining watch lists, fixed quantities, spotting trade traps, failure patterns, and NRB and WRB candles.

Advanced Trading Tools and Techniques: Basics of the commodities and currency markets, trading global indices, trading market news, and trend trading strategies are all covered in this introduction to MT5 Skill Genic course.

Top Trader: VWAP techniques, advanced technical analysis and trading, game theory-based trading, trailing stop and pivot point tactics, and trade management.

Skill Genic Price

With its free Trial Plan, the Skill Genic academy introduces traders to the academy, mentors, and the learning process through one video lesson. The €250 Framework Plan is intended for inexperienced and self-taught traders who want to organize their knowledge and prevent needless losses. 

This plan covers things like looking into cryptocurrency trading platforms, spotting trend reversals, knowing which way the world market is going, trading in levels, lowering risks, and choosing which coins to trade. 

The €1000 Stoutness Plan is designed for beginning traders who do not yet have a trading strategy or effective risk management but want to advance professionally and make consistent monthly gains. 

The subtleties of technical analysis, the creation of successful strategies, asset selection, risk management, market psychology, and efficient portfolio management are all covered in this course. The €2500 Blowout Plan is intended for seasoned traders who understand technical analysis, risk management, and psychology but make consistent mistakes.

Skill Genic Reviews

With a TrustScore of 4 out of 5 on Trustpilot, Skill Genic has a generally good reputation. Out of the 40 reviews, 55% gave it a 5-star rating and 18% gave it a 1-star rating. Numerous unfavorable evaluations emphasized problems, cautionary tales of fraud, and challenges with money withdrawal. 

A reviewer labeled their experience as a “hyped scam,” claiming that they lost money from their bank account after depositing $250. A further reviewer provided a warning regarding the platform, describing a scam in which people were forced to install a remote control application, which led to bank account transfers that weren’t approved. 

There have also been complaints alleging theft and deceit, connecting Skill Genic to Gavin Burns and other fraudulent acts. Even though Skill Genic has gotten great evaluations, some customers have left notably bad reviews, mostly about potential scams and issues with withdrawals and refunds.

Payment Options and Process

Before paying, traders are required to register at the Skill Genic login page. Many payment providers are accepted and the only payment method is a credit card, which includes all major cards. Payment providers such as Stripe, Interac, Bancontact, Giropay, Sofort, iDeal, and more are available with Skill Genic. 

A refund is only available within the first 30 days from the start of the membership, and the only condition is that you haven’t used more than 50% of the material. The payment will be returned to your card within 2-5 business days, however, it may also depend on your bank.

Final Words…

Overall, Skill Genic appears to offer interesting courses about stock trading and the fundamentals, however, several complaints from Trustpilot are concerning. The Skill Genic affiliate program is a great way to earn additional funds, however, complaints were found about it as well.

From accusing the firm of fraud to losing money when leaving their card details, several traders complained about the operations of this firm. However, it’s still better to have some reviews rather than having none like Tradeview.

Even after reading our review, traders are encouraged to conduct their own research and due diligence before subscribing. It’s important to make sure the firm you’re paying for suits all of your preferences before blindly leaving your funds and committing to its services.

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FAQ Section

What is Skill Genic?

Skill Genic is an online platform offering comprehensive educational courses for traders of all levels.

Is Skill Genic Legit?

Yes, Skill Genic is a legitimate platform dedicated to providing quality education and resources for traders.

How to Choose a Good Brokerage?

To choose a good brokerage, consider factors such as reputation, fees, customer service, and the range of products offered.

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